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Are French Bulldogs Hyper, High Energy, And Destructive

As a true pet lover, you must have relished watching the super humorous acts of the French Bulldogs, especially the pups. These furry pooches seem to be adorable and comical at the same time. Besides this, they are also considered among the easy-going and friendly dog breeds across the globe.

If you are thinking to bring home this compassionate furry companion, then it is necessary to access the temperament and behavior of Frenchie thoroughly. It would play a pivotal role in the upbringing of your beloved pet in the best possible way. In this blog, we are going to find out are French Bulldogs hyper, high energy, and destructive or not.

French Bulldogs are hyperactive and energetic as puppies and sometimes these behavioral characteristics can be seen in their adulthood also. They can also be destructive at times if they are not able to release their energy due to a lack of exercise. Although these pooches do sleep a lot, after waking up, they require plenty of stimulation and attention to stay active yet even-tempered.

There is no denying to the fact that French Bulldogs are highly-energetic dogs. Well, the most challenging part is to channelize their energy into the most productive manner. The following factors would give you a better understanding of their behavioral mechanism.

Treat them the right way

French Bulldogs can turn out to be the best pals if you treat them the right way. When it comes to the destructive behavior of your Frenchie, it could be because of the lack of love, care, attention, and affection. Generally, pets anticipate being treated in the most loving ways by their owners. When it does not happen their way, these pooches often feel neglected and as a result, they become destructive and impulsive.

Provide a welcoming atmosphere at home

It is often seen that those pets which are not treated properly at home, tend to become destructive. That is why it is very important to keep the atmosphere at home welcoming for your pet as it would help him to stay calm and contented. If you yell or behave aggressively with your Frenchie, there would be more chances of him copying your hostile behavior.

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Get rid of the misconception that Frenchies are lazy

There is a misconception among most people that Frenchies are lazy pets. However, as stated above, these adorable pets do sleep a lot but when they wake up, they would not rest in one place. They require stimulation to stay active but this does not imply that they are lazy.

When they are awake throughout the day, their energy is enough to lighten up a dull and gloomy day of yours. They are highly energetic pets; all they require is regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and oodles of love and affection from their owners.

Not fit for intense physical activities

French Bulldogs are brachycephalic due to their anatomy that consists of an inwardly pushed nose. Apart from this, they have nostrils with a narrow passage that makes it difficult for them to breathe properly. However, it does not make Frenchies less active.

They have got high energy levels in them but the only difference is that they are not suitable for intensive workout sessions. French Bulldogs get tired or exhausted faster than the other dog breeds if they workout more than their capacity.

Also, Frenchies cannot play or exercise outdoors for long during summers as it can lead to heatstroke. Besides this, if these furry companions are getting indulged in high-intensity physical activities for longer, then it can lead to breathlessness in them.

French Bulldogs are hyperactive pals

Frenchies are hyperactive and they would make you run behind them till they are left with zero energy. These adorable pets are extremely playful and often perform comical acts, even in their adulthood as well. When Frenchies are young, they are quite zealous about exploring their surroundings as much as they can. These lovable companions tend to chew and destroy things on which they are getting their hands on.

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Undoubtedly, Frenchies are the most destructive and hyperactive as well when they are small. The pups of French Bulldogs are full of energy and possess destructive habits also. Due to this, the initial 10-12 months of your Frenchie’s life are going to be super chaotic for you. During this phase, they become more inquisitive to explore the small world that sparks in their innocent eyes.

Not prone to ADHD disorder

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder. However, French Bulldogs cannot get affected by this clinical disorder. The hyperactivity mechanism in dogs is medically referred to as hyperkinesis. Frenchies can also get hyperactive because of their genes and characteristics inherited by their parents as well. Usually, the main cause behind the hyper behavior of pets can be a lack of attention and impulsiveness. This can be treated through proper medication and training.

Hyperactive in adulthood too

The hyperactivity and destructive behavior of a French Bulldog can be curbed through training and socializing. However, it is observed that when Frenchies step into their adulthood, their hyperactivity and hostile behavior tends to calm down. This does not mean that they do not remain active after growing up.

Generally, French Bulldogs are neutered when they turn around 4-9 months old. This results in curbing aggressive behavior and hyperactivity in them. As a result, Frenchies exhibit reduced hyperactive behavioral patterns.

The destructive behavior of French Bulldog

Generally, Frenchies are not much hostile. That is why most people prefer them as ideal family pets. However, there can be many instances; you would notice that your Frenchie would display destructive behavior. It never happens overnight. There are lots of reasons due to which a friendly breed such as a French Bulldog, can become destructive.

When Frenchies are younger, they are more hostile as compared to their adulthood. If you do not give them obedience training, then such habits can be inculcated in their adulthood also. Also, this breed requires constant attention and love from their owners. If you neglect them and keep them alone for longer, especially when they are young, they can easily develop destructive habits.

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Frenchies are extremely playful pets with full of energy. Due to this, regular workout and socializing are quintessential for them to release their energy appropriately. If your Frenchie would not be able to release his energy properly, then he would become destructive.

The Most Common Signs of Hyperactivity and Destructive Behavior in Pets

At times, most pet owners fail to identify the early signs of hostility in pets when they are small. It is important to identify those signs so that you can curb them at the earliest. The following are the most common signs that signify the hyperactive and destructive behavior of your Frenchie.

  • Jumping up with full zeal whenever they get excited
  • Chewing and biting aggressively during their teething phase
  • Pulling at the leash roughly while walking or socializing
  • Digging enthusiastically in the garden or backyard with full energy
  • Pee or poop indoors despite the several warnings
  • Crying when left unaccompanied for prolonged hours
  • Running or playing aggressively in the house

Wrap Up

Same like the kids, dogs are also hyperactive and often display destructive behavior when they are in the puppy stage. However, such kind of hostility can be easily curbed in pets if they are given proper training for the same along with plentiful of love, care, and attention.

French Bulldogs are not naturally aggressive pets. It is normal for them to be hyperactive and destructive at their early stages. They would become calmer as they step into their adulthood and maturity is bestowed upon them.

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