How High Can German Shepherds Jump

German Shepherds are medium to large-sized breed dogs. They are originated from Germany and their life expectancy ranges between 9-13 years. They are loyal, brave, confident, and are good guard dogs. German Shepherds are also attentive, intelligent, and friendly. They are one of the dog breeds that are trusted by defense forces.

German Shepherds have won many gallantry awards working as guard dogs in police and defense forces. They are very obedient and can be given every possible training starting from basics to detecting a bomb.

From the beginning, German Shepherds have a reputation in society for being sporty, athletic, and very smart dogs. They are fast and can jump up to 4 to 6 feet high. If trained properly they can even jump up to 10 feet. Apart from their training, they also tend to jump when they are excited. When they are left unattended, they jump looking for attention also and show how excited they are. This makes their jumping practice strong and they tend to jump again and again. Jumping practice finally increases their jumping height and this can eventually go up to 6 to 8 feet easily.

This blog will shed light on how high can a German Shepherd jump.

How do they jump so high?

German Shepherds are amongst one of the highly energetic dog breeds. They were bred to be fast and sporty. They have a high head and their back portion of the body is tilted towards the ground. This allows German Shepherds to put pressure on their lower legs and help them jump as much as 6 feet.

However, there are a few things which tend to be like certain breeds and the same goes for German Shepherds. They relish jumping. If they are trained properly and a healthy diet is maintained throughout, they can jump up to 9 feet also.

Does their jumping help?

There can be a lot of reasons why your German Shepherd is jumping but the question is does their jumping nature help? To some extent it does. German Shepherds are known as guard dogs. Their 6 feet jump can easily cross a barrier in front of them and can catch the suspicious person or an intruder.

But this jumping nature can be harmful to the owner as well. German Shepherds even jump when they are playful or excited. They can even jump on you in excitement and can get you injured. In such cases, proper and timely training can help your German Shepherd to avoid unnecessary jumps.

However, excessive jumping is harmful to their body also. It is recommended that until the age of 18 months, your German Shepherd should not jump more than 6 feet. The reason being it can dislocate his bones or stop his growth. Also before making him jump higher, it is advisable to speak to his veterinary doctor once. All you need is just stick to his training and make it a fun-loving activity at the same time.

 Mentioned below are the measures that need to be followed.                                           

Training your German Shepherd

Training is an essential part of every well-mannered dog’s life. It can help your dog in learning the basics of sitting, standing, and shaking hands to lead a mannered lifespan. You can also train your German Shepherd to jump as high as you want. Your furry companion will jump when you would ask him to stay in a sitting position and then keep his treat above his face. He will jump in search of his treat. Regular practice of this can increase his jumping height.

Acknowledgment of his behavior

One of the most common and the biggest mistakes a German Shepherd parent can do is leaving him unattended. They try to escape from the crate when left unattended.  These furry companions are attention seekers. They require a lot of attention. Also, it is very important that you are making your German Shepherd do a lot of exercises. Indulge him in playful activities so that you can reduce his habits of jumping over again and again.

Balanced diet and vaccination

German Shepherds are highly active dog breed. A balanced diet and proper vaccination can help your pet to stay active and disease-free. An active German Shepherd can jump freely and enjoy the same as well. But if your German Shepherd is unwell and unhealthy, his body will not support him to jump freely. You should always feed him with a healthy and nutritious diet which will help him grow properly. You should make sure that you are following a proper diet chart plan recommended by the veterinary doctor.

Does your German Shepherd require fencing?

German Shepherds are known to be friendly dogs. They might dodge walls of your house to explore the external world. This can be harmful to the owner as well as the German Shepherd. To avoid such kind of situations, you can use fencing around the walls of your house. You can keep an 8 or 9 feet fence according to the jumping capacity of your dog. This will protect him from jumping out of your house.

Wrap Up

As discussed earlier, German Shepherds are born athletes. They are the best guard dogs. They are fast and can jump up to 6 to 8 feet. Jumping of your German Shepherd is in his blood.

If you want to reduce or increase the jump of your German Shepherd, you need to train him accordingly. Use treats for training as dogs respond to rewards quickly. Praise him when he follows you or obeys your command.

You can keep him in the fence to avoid his jumping. A 6 feet fence is sufficient if your dog is not habitual to jumping that high. Train him properly at the early stage so that you can avoid his jumping over the walls of your house or even on the mates.

So, German Shepherds can jump as much as 4 to 6 feet. Train them well, give proper diet, and love them unconditionally.

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