Do German Shepherds And Yorkies Get Along?

Whether or not German shepherds and yorkies can get along depends on a number of factors, including how they are introduced to each other and the amount of supervision they have.

German shepherds may see yorkies as prey animals, so it is important to make sure that introductions are done slowly and carefully.

Yorkies may also be afraid of larger dogs, so it is important to give them time to warm up to each other. With proper introduction and supervision, German shepherds and yorkies can get along just fine.

Do German Shepherds and Yorkies Get Along?

Can german shepherds and yorkies get along?

German shepherds and yorkies are two very popular breeds of dogs. While they may seem like unlikely companions at first glance, with proper introduction and socialization, these two breeds can actually get along quite well.

Yorkies may be intimidated by the size of German shepherds at first, but with proper training and handling, they can learn to trust and respect each other.

It is important for owners of both breeds to be aware of the potential for conflict and take steps to prevent it from happening.

With a little patience and understanding, German shepherds and yorkies can form a strong bond with each other.

How should you introduce them to each other?

German Shepherds and Yorkies can get along well if they are properly introduced. The key is to take things slowly at first and let them get used to each other’s scent. Once they have had a chance to sniff each other out, they will usually be fine around each other.

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What if the yorkie is afraid of the shepherd?

If you’re considering adding a German shepherd to your home but already have a yorkie, you may be wondering if the two breeds will get along.

After all, German shepherds are much larger than yorkies and can sometimes be intimidating. However, there’s no need to worry – with a little bit of patience and care, these two breeds can become the best of friends.

The key is gradually introducing them to each other. Start by letting them see each other from a distance – this will allow the yorkie to get used to the shepherd’s size and presence without feeling threatened.

Once they’ve had some time to adjust, you can start bringing them closer together while supervising closely.

Be sure to provide lots of positive reinforcement in the form of treats and praise when they’re around each other so that they associate being together with good things.

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