Can German Shepherds Eat Eggs?

We all love our dogs and being the owner of one brings a lot of responsibilities. Handling a child and owning a dog is almost the same. You have to take care of their health, diet, and body hygiene. Like a small child, these lovely creatures cannot tell what they like and dislike.

Yes, German Shepherds can eat eggs as it contains nutrients that will help your pet to grow stronger and healthier. They can eat both cooked and raw eggs but cooked one is preferred the most.  Dog owners today are fearful of feeding their dogs with raw eggs due to salmonella. Although reports state that 1 out of 30,000 eggs contain salmonella which means risk is pretty low.

In this blog, we will find out whether we should feed German Shepherds with eggs or not.  

What are the benefits of feeding eggs to German Shepherds?

Eggs are the best source of nutrients for animals and this fits well with German Shepherds. Eggs will help your German Shepherd to grow faster and stronger. An egg has enough energy nutrients to provide for the betterment of your pet.

These are the nutrients one can look for in an egg.


  • Help your dog in metabolism and assimilation of iron in its body.
  • Assist German Shepherds in increasing their immunity to fight illness.
  • Supports in the formation of RBCs.


  • Keep joints and skins of German Shepherd healthy.
  • Reduces the chances of cancer in a dog.

Vitamin A

  • Helps in the growth of your German Shepherd, especially puppies.
  • Maintains the fur of your dog soft, shiny, and fluffy.


  • Regulate the body temperature of your German Shepherd.
  • Help in the formation of RBC in your dog’s body to make him more active and energetic
  • Play a vital role in enzyme functions as well.

Fatty Acids

  • For a growing pup, cell growth is important and fatty acids will help him to do so.
  • It is going to boost his immune system and will make his coat more lustrous and full of it.

Vitamin B12

  • Deficiency can make your German Shepherd lethargic. Thus, feeding him eggs will give him Vitamin B12 in abundance.
  • Keep your dog’s brain healthy and active.

Are there any risks involved in feeding your German Shepherd with eggs?

Feeding eggs to your German Shepherd can help you in many ways but there are plenty of risks involved with it. Feeding raw eggs to your German Shepherds increases their chances to catch diseases, such as:

Salmonella or E.coli

While eating eggs dogs are also at risk of contracting Salmonella or E.coli like humans. However, unlike humans, they have a better digestive system so the chances are rare. German Shepherds have a good digestive system that is powerful enough to digest a raw bone. Thus, these bacteria can hardly stand a chance to affect them.

Deficiency of Biotin

Feeding eggs to your German Shepherd can lead to biotin deficiency. For a German Shepherd or any dog breed, biotin is a necessary nutrient for healthy growth. However, eggs have an enzyme that does not allow assimilation of biotin in your dog’s body.

German Shepherd

How many eggs are enough for German Shepherd?

You should not feed your German Shepherd too much of eggs as it can lead to digestive and many health issues. Feeding them too much of eggs can increase their weight and risk of diseases as well.

One cannot specifically tell the amount you should feed. However, it is best recommended to feed them 3 to 4 eggs per week. You should not feed them more than 7 eggs in a week.

If your dog is not used to eating eggs, then start with 1 or 2 eggs a week. Gradually increase the amount and if any problem arises,  stop the feed for a few days and restart again with a lesser quantity of eggs.

If you still doubt about feeding eggs to your pet, then you should contact a vet to find out more about the issue.

How should you feed eggs to your German Shepherd?

When you decide to feed eggs to your dog for better health and body growth, a question arises on how to feed them. There are different ways in which you can feed eggs to your German Shepherd. But at last, it depends on how your dog likes it and has no side effects on him.

You can feed him eggs in the following ways:


Feeding cooked eggs to your German Shepherd will not carry as much nutritional value as raw eggs but that will leave fewer chances of him being sick.

Giving them cooked eggs will give you a variety of ways to serve it. You can give them a boiled egg or fried without oil or butter.

Completely Raw

Giving your German Shepherd raw eggs will provide them with high nutritional value. However, that will increase their chances of getting sick. You can crack it over their food or feed them eggs with shells on.

A Mixture of Both

Giving your dogs cooked egg white and raw egg yolk might be the best combination. It will cut the risk of them getting sick and provide them with high nutritional value.

Eggs with Other Foods

You can feed eggs to your dog by mixing it with their dry and wet foods. You can crack an egg over dog food or mix it with other meals. This is going to increase the nutritional value of the egg as well as their food.

Wrap Up

It is now clear that whether you should feed eggs to your German Shepherds or not. German Shepherds can eat both raw and cooked eggs and they are fine with both. Few important points to remember from this blog are:

  • Eggs are rich in nutritional values and will keep your dog healthy in various ways.
  • Chances of them contracting any disease through eggs are very less.
  • Cooked egg is preferred over raw to lessen the risk of illness in them.

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