Are Boxers Easy To Train

Boxers are intelligent, highly energetic, and playful dogs that like to remain busy most of the time. Their temperament is usually a result of their breed. They like to stay around with their owners and are very protective. They are popularly known for their fierce attitude towards strangers.

Few Boxers bark too much. If a Boxer barks, then it is for good reason. Many Boxers are expressive and growl which is more of a dog’s way of expression.

Are Boxers easy to train? At an early age, they are very notorious and like to jump and move around a lot. As you all know it is always preferred to train your pet at the early stage and with the kind of bubbly nature of Boxer, it is hard to train him. And if you delay his training and let him grow, it will become even more difficult for you to train him due to his heavy and powerful body structure.

In this blog, we will try to explore a few more facts about Boxers and their training needs.

Understanding the personality of Boxer

Boxers are very intelligent dogs and can be a good family pet. They love and companionship of their owners and the people around them. Though Boxers are very playful and notorious in their early age, they become more calm and sincere as they grow and mature. But you should be careful and be vigilant to monitor the behavior of your breed as the temperament might vary depending on their bloodline and pedigree.

Boxers are a little stubborn and can only be trained with love and care. If you think that you can train him with strictness and your cane, forget it, he will rather become more aggressive. There is a misconception that dogs owned in a pair will workout very well. This is not true at all. Especially in the case of the Boxer, if you get the dog of same sex, there will be complete chaos as they will not stay comfortably together.

The trait of Boxers being protective towards their owner and their family makes them an ideal family as well as a guard dog. They are good with children too and can be socialized very easily. They will play with your kids and at the same time will be protective too.

How to train your Boxer dog?

While training a dog, obedience training is considered to be the best method. Boxer dogs enjoy this kind of training. This kind of training starts with commands like ‘come’, ‘sit’, ‘go’ etc.

For this, you can train your Boxer dog in the following ways:

Encouragement Technique

Encouragement or reward-based training is something Boxer dogs go well with. Train them by rewarding them with their favorite food. They are more emotional and need to be loved. Boxer dogs are really sensitive towards harsh comments and thrashing. That does not mean you should not correct them for their mistakes.

Clicker Training Method

The clicker training method was first developed for dolphins but due to its effectiveness, it is also used for dogs.

This is considered as one of the most positive, easy, and effective reinforcement training method. Clicker training is more effective than treat training but yes the treat is involved in clicker training too. Once your dog understands the meaning of clicks, he has to be immediately rewarded with a treat to motivate him and learn other commands fast.

Always remember to start the clicker training with basic commands and once your dog gets adjusted to it, you can proceed to the advanced training.  

Leash Training

Leash training of a Boxer dog can be difficult. They are powerful, healthy, and have a good weight. If you cannot hold them tight then it will be hard for you to stop them from chasing things.

Boxer dogs need to be socialized in their early stage. If not, they can turn out to be fierce attacking dogs which are hard to control. You should take them out to play with other dogs and socialize with people. They can only be tamed by your soft training.

Train them to stay around you and run away only on your command. If they try to pull you with a jot standstill. This will make him feel that it is not working and he will learn his way with it.

Indoor or House Training

Who would ever like his dog to pee and poop on their carpet or floor? I guess no one. We all hate it. Boxers are the easiest breed to potty train. One of the most followed ways is to fix a time for your dog to pee and poop.

Ensure that you take them out on a fixed time for pee and poop. Treat them well for their cooperation till they do things right.

You should also train your Boxer dog to live home alone as normally hate being left alone for a longer time. Leaving him in a crate in your house when you are not there will help in keeping your house clean.

Social Training

When it is about training your Boxer dog, it is very important that his social training is done in the right way. These furry pals require high attention and pampering. They like to play and live with their owners all the time.

As stated earlier also, Boxers like to jump all around and get excited very soon and especially when they see new things or people around. The key to making them friendly and comfortable with their environment is not to punish them or yell but to regulate their behavior.

To become authoritative and make your dog listen to your commands and instructions, you need to devlop a strong bond with him. And for that, you need to spend a lot of good time with him by playing and taking him out for a walk.

Wrap Up

We have briefly discussed in this article about the training of Boxers and the steps which you need to imbibe to train them properly. They can be trained easily only if the training is carried out in the right manner at an early stage. We have also shed light on different kinds of training that will make the best out of them. Boxers are always touted as one of the good pets to have in the family.

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