Are Boxers Hypoallergenic?

Boxers are generally very cheerful, courageous, loyal, intelligent, and affectionate dog breed. Besides this, these adorable furry pals are highly energetic and like to indulge in ample playtime to stay fit and healthy.

The question is whether Boxers are hypoallergenic or not? The answer is ‘no’.  Boxers are having a very short coat and do not shed in large quantities as other dog breeds with long shedding hairs. However, they are not hypoallergenic at all. Is there a dog breed in existence that is completely hypoallergenic? For the people who are dog lovers and suffering from allergies should completely avoid a non-hypoallergenic dog breed: that is none other than Boxers. However, it is possible to reduce possible risks with grooming.

This breed is recommended for families with kids as Boxers are friendly as well as protective at the same time. However, before bringing a pet into the house, it is necessary to evaluate whether the dog breed is hypoallergenic or not. In this blog, we would answer all your queries regarding the same.

What causes a dog allergy?

If you want to know the reasons for hypo allergy in dogs, it is very essential to get into its root cause. The people who are allergic to dogs might not get allergies from them but it is their dander that falls off your pet. Dander is a blend of skin and fur that is dead. It gets mixed up with the air particles and unintentionally ingested by the surrounded people and thus causes severe allergies.

It is a constant problem for pets as it is the natural cycle of the growth of their skin and fur that keeps on shedding and giving birth to the new one.  Boxers not only usually shed in the spring and fall but also throughout all seasons.

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Besides dander, the saliva of dogs can also cause allergy in human beings that can result in sneezing and itching in eyes, etc. While allergy through the saliva of the dog is very rare, allergy through the dander is severe even though your pet is hypoallergenic.

Boxers are clean pets but shed a lot. Therefore, grooming and brushing are required regularly. Inappropriately, this dog breed is not suitable for those having animal allergies.

Are Boxers a bad preference for allergic?

As per the American Kennel Association, no dog is completely hypoallergenic. Boxers are reflected as one of the breeds that cause minimal allergies as compared to others. Since boxers shed in a very less quantity in comparison to other breeds, regular brushing and grooming can help in keeping dander allergies to the lowest.

Boxer is not going to be the most appropriate and the perfect choice for you if you are suffering from a severe allergy to dogs or their dander. However, if a Boxer has been provided with good care, cleanliness, timely grooming, and brushing then it can become a good pet for those people suffering from minor allergies.

How to lessen allergies?

If you are already a pet parent of Boxer or planning to entertain one and suffering from an allergy to dogs, then you should keep certain factors into consideration:

Keep your pet off the furniture: You should focus on the proper cleanliness of your home and do not allow your Boxer on any furniture. If your pet will touch more, the dander on his skin, coat, and fur will spread. Thus, you should avoid what your dog has come contact into to lessen allergies.

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Regular grooming: It has been seen that regular grooming helps decrease shedding as brushing the coat of your Boxer will lessen the build-up of dander that will in turn reduce the level of allergens present in the fur. It is highly suggested to do the grooming of your pet outside.

Also, you should not overdo brushing as it could result in skin problems. But if there is excessive shedding then you have to do brushing every day to get rid of the dander.

The responsibility of grooming should be assigned to those who are not prone to allergies as dander and saliva might cause allergy to allergic people.

Bathing: It is ideal to let your pet take bath twice a month with an anti-allergy or anti-dander shampoo. It will help in getting rid ofexcessive dander from the fur of your pet.

Cleaning bedding of your pet: You should pay attention to cleaning the bedding of pets as well. 

Dusting your house: The proper dusting of your house will eradicate the allergens and keep the level of dander low. Also, emphasize vacuuming carpets frequently to take out dander.

Air Filter: You should also buy a suitable air filter for your home to get rid of the dander and allergens from the air.

Do you still prefer a Boxer?

If you are still preferring to own a Boxer, then look at their positive facts:

  • Boxers are one of the dogs that are fun-loving and playful. They love their owners a lot.
  • This breed is kind to kids and those people whom they are familiar with. However, they are also great guard dogs and get alert when there is any suspicious activity going around. The blend of all these characteristics makes them a good family dog.
  • The obedience training can be provided to Boxers to do anything that you want them to do. At times, they can be a little bit stubborn because it is a part of their personality trait but they pick up very well. Above all, they are very clever and obey your commands
  • This breed is blessed with a crinkly facial feature, diverse looking fur, and mesmerizing eyes that make them exclusively striking.
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Wrap up

Boxers, apart from being allergy-friendly, are a great breed with so much to offer. Any dog that you own will shed less or in excess and can cause allergies. Hypoallergenic dogs need more maintenance as compared to other breeds.

Regrettably, Boxers are not hypoallergenic. If you are pet-enthusiastic and determined on owning a Boxer, then you can work to minimize the root cause of allergies by the four-limbed!

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