25 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

If you are thinking of bringing a pet dog in your home, then you are just a step away from making a decision that would change your life for good. Dogs as pets are the true companions that bring colors of endless love, affection, loyalty, and joy into the lives of their owners.

However, many people are highly allergic and cannot resist dog allergies that are mainly caused by non-hypoallergenic dog breeds. If you are hypersensitive or prone to allergies, then it is advisable to bring a hypoallergenic breed into the family as they shed very little or no hairs as compared to the non-hypoallergenic ones.

In this blog, we are going to shed light on the 25 best hypoallergenic breeds found across the world to help you out in making a right and unregretful choice!

1. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terriers are affectionate, courageous, playful, confident, and possessive. This dog breed loves to socialize with other people and animals. They are complete attention seekers and do not like to stay alone for too long.

Their height varies between 8-9 inches and they weigh around 7 pounds. Yorkies have a silky coat that without any undercoat and they do not shed hairs. They require frequent grooming along with regular brushing for maintaining the texture and quality of the coating.

2. Havanese

Havanese is touted to be a joyful, intelligent, and lively dog breed that likes to get along with everyone well. Although, this breed might bark aggressively when they are left alone but they are extremely loving and brilliant watchdogs.

The height of this breed ranges between 9-11 inches whereas they weigh around 10-16 pounds. They have a long, soft, and silky coating that requires regular grooming and brushing sessions to keep the furry coating well-maintained.

3. American Hairless Terrier

American Hairless Terrier

This Louisiana native dog breed is generally smart, courageous, inquisitive, alert, curious, and energetic. These playful furry companions come in two variants, such as coated and hairless breed.

The height of this breed ranges between 12-16 inches and their weight varies around 12-16 pounds. The hairless breed possesses whiskers and eyebrows whereas the coated breed has a short, soft, and shiny coat.

4. Affenpinscher

This hysterical dog breed is well known for his adorable looks. These furry companions are fearless, affectionate, and loyal. Besides this, they are quite friendly and confident too.

The height of this breed ranges between 9-11.5 inches and the weight varies around 7-10 pounds. They have a dense coating that comes with a neat and shiny texture along with color variations. Their coating does not require intensive grooming sessions.

5. Afghan Hound

This breed has garnered much popularity due to its mesmerizing appearance. The Afghan Hounds are touted to be extremely loyal, active, devoted, aristocratic pets along with a dignified persona.

The height of this breed varies around 25-27 inches and the weight ranges between 50-60 pounds. They have a thick, flowing, and silky coating that has always been the center of attraction for the pet lovers. This breed has adorned with charming eyes along with a beautiful coat.

6. Barbet

This dog breed is famously known as the medium-sized rustic furry companions that are friendly, vivacious, and loyal. This breed relishes playing in the water and they are good at socializing too.

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The height of this breed is around 19-24.5 inches and the weight varies between 35-36 pounds. They possess a dense coating comprising of curly hairs complemented by a distinctive beard. These furry pals are quite active with an agile personality.

7. Bichon Frise

This breed resembles a toy-like charming appearance and is amongst the most adorable pets for the family. These furry buddies are short and sturdy along with an appealing persona. They are playful, intelligent, cheerful, and affectionate.

Their height ranges between 9.5-11.5 inches and they weigh around 12-18 pounds. They have a white-colored furry coating that comes with a velvety soft texture along with rounded hair on the head. They are popular for their happy-to-lucky personality that captures the hearts effortlessly.

8. Bedlington Terrier

This dog breed looks more like a sheep in terms of appearance. However, these furry pals love cuddling and are loyal, charismatic, and playful. They are great as attentive watchdogs and touted as versatile athletes.

Their height varies between 15-17.5 inches whereas they weigh around 17-23 pounds. They have been adorned with a curly and crisp coating along with an arch-shaped back. They do not require heavy brushing and grooming sessions as they do not shed.

9. Bolognese

This dog breed has been originated from Italy and is mainly preferred by the pet loves for their playful, faithful, loving, and easy-going personality. They are mainly calm and like to socialize with the surrounding people.

Their height varies between 10-12 inches and they weigh around 5.5-9 pounds. These enchanting furry companions have been blessed with a long, soft, and fluffy coating that is pure white.

10. Coton de Tulear

This royal dog breed of Madagascar is enormously charming, bright, and affectionate along with an optimistic personality. These adorable furry pals love to indulge in activities such as cavorting, tomfoolery and like to accompany their owners almost everywhere.

Their height varies around 10-11 inches and they weigh between 9-15 pounds. They are small but robust in appearance and build-up. They possess a white-colored and bountiful coating that is super soft, the same as a cotton ball.

11. Chinese Crested

This dog breed is mainly recognized for its comical appearance. They are affectionate, lively, joyful, and attentive. They are brilliant as companion dogs along with a playful persona and charm.

Their height ranges between 11-13 inches and they weigh around 8-12 pounds. This breed comes in two varieties, mainly hairless and coated ones. The hairless breed features soft and smooth skin along with tufts of hair on the body whereas the coated ones possess a silky and soft coating.

12. Irish Water Spaniel

This dog breed is popular as champion swimmers and considered highly courageous pets. They are hardworking, playful, and affectionate. They have been adorned with a crispy and curled coat along with a pointed rat-like tail.

Their height varies around 22-24 inches and they weigh between 55-68 pounds. They are blessed with a liver-colored coating that is waterproof along with a notched head crowned with a topknot of loose and long curls.

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13. Giant Schnauzer

This dog breed has emerged as a more powerful and superior version of the Standard Schnauzer. These furry pals are loyal, attentive, courageous, intelligent, loyal, and easily trainable.

Their height varies between 25.5-27.5 inches and they weigh around 60-85 pounds. These stellar companions possess a double coating that is complement with either solid black or salt and pepper in color.

14. Kerry Blue Terrier

This dog breed is famously known for its appealing blue-colored coat. These furry companions are smart, attentive, and highly adaptable. These pets are excellent as watchdogs and get along with the people very well.

Their height ranges between 18-19.5 inches whereas their weight ranges around 33-40 pounds. The coating of this furry pal contains hues of a blue and gray color. The texture of their dense coating is super soft and manageable.

15. Lagotto Romagnolo

This adorable breed is often addressed as the truffle dog of Italy because of its curly coating and appealing facial appearances. These little furry pals are great at sniffing. Besides this, they are affectionate and undemanding pets.

Their height is around 17-19 inches and they weigh between 28.5-35 pounds. These charming pets are blessed with a coating of wooly curls all over the body complemented with whiskers, eyebrows, and beard.

16. Maltese

This dog breed has originated from Malta and falls under the category of one of the most luxurious pets. These charming and adorable furry pets are gentle, loving, and playful companions with a toy-alike appearance.

Their height ranges between 7-9 inches and weighs around less than 7 pounds. This breed has been appreciated for its appealing and floor-length coating that is elegantly white-colored with a soft and silky texture.

17. Lowchen

This adorable dog breed is also known as a little lion that is much popular throughout Continental Europe for their courageous, affectionate, lively, and outgoing personality.

The height of these little furry pets varies between 11-13 inches and they weigh between 10-15 pounds. Their non-shedding coating comes in diverse colors and seems similar to the appearance of a mini lion with full tresses and plumped tail.

18. Peruvian Inca Orchid

This dog breed has originated from Peru and is also referred to as graceful sighthound. These sophisticated companions are loyal, affectionate, noble, smart, swift, and agile.

This breed comes in three different sizes namely small, medium, and large. Their average height and weight vary between 15.75-19.75 inches and 17.5-26.5 pounds respectively. They come in the hairless and coated variety available in different colors.

19. Miniature Schnauzer

This dog breed is amongst the smallest member of the Schnauzer family. These low-shedding furry companions are smart, friendly, obedient along with an outgoing personality with an appealing sporty look.

Their height and weight of this breed range between 12-14 inches and 11-20 pounds respectively. These portable size pets are adorned with humanly expressions, bushy eyebrows, and bread. They possess a hard and wiry coating that comes in three different color patterns.

20. Portuguese Water Dog

This athletic dog breed has gained much popularity as the fisherman’s assistant. They were mainly bred to perform water-related tasks with great efficiency. These pets are affectionate, adventurous, obedient, and bright.

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The height and weight of these furry pals range between 20-23 inches and 42-60 pounds respectively. This medium-size breed possesses a coating of a firm and low-shedding curls that can be groomed into two styles.

21. Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka

This dog breed is also known as Russian Colored Lapdog and was mainly bred to suit the apartment lifestyle. These furry companions are charming, playful, inquisitive, loving, friendly, funny, and intelligent.

The height and weight of this breed range between 9-10 inches and 4.5-11 pounds respectively. These adorable pets have been blessed with a coating consisting of long and silky tresses that are colored with hues to black, golden, and blonde mixed with white.

22. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

This breed is pretty much popular among the masses as an Irish farm dog. These adorable pets are joyful, friendly, devoted, and affectionate. However, at times, this breed is slightly stubborn.

The height and weight vary between 18-19 inches and 35-40 pounds respectively. They possess a wheat-colored coating that is low-shedding but needs meticulous care to remain well-maintained. The texture of the coating is silky along with hues of gold and shimmer.

23. Poodle (Toy)

Being a diminutive size dog breed, the Toy Poodle is considered among the finest aristocrats that come under the category of family pets. These adorable furry buddies are intelligent, agile, affectionate, and confident.

The height of these furry companions is less than 10 inches and they weigh around 4-6 pounds. These highly-athletic pets are adorned with a low-allergen curly coating that comes with a smooth texture.

24. Poodle (Standard)

This member of the Poodle family is known for his excellent athletic ability along with superior size and strength. These pets are active, smart, and curious along with a highborn appearance.

The height of these adorable family pets ranges above 15 inches and they weigh around 60-70 pounds. They feature a low-allergen curly coating that is easily manageable during all the seasons.

25. Xoloitzcuintli (Toy)

This breed is often addressed as the antique Aztec dog that is extremely loving, vigilant, affectionate, calm, and loyal. Besides this, they are brilliantly efficient as guard dogs.

The height and weight of these attentive pets range between 10-14 inches and 10-15 pounds respectively. This breed comes in hairless and coated variants. The hairless one possesses smooth and firm skin whereas the coated ones feature a flat and short coating comprised of dark colors.

Wrap Up

If you are a pet lover holding an undisputed passion for fostering a pet dog in your home but the fear of dog allergy is stopping you, then we have got you covered. The above-mentioned information on the finest and most preferable hypoallergenic dog breeds would help you in bringing a pet that would suit you most.

After all, pet dogs are nothing less than adorable furry angels that come straight from heaven to beautify the lives of the people around them.

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