10 Naughty Dog Breeds

You entered the house after a long day at work, and your furry best friend welcomes you with an affectionate hug and licks your face in the same way he has missed for the entire day.

Your stress gets eliminated from your system immediately, and you get into a fair and relaxing mood.

Neither of us can deny that among all the creations of God, the best one is our dear dog.

No matter how naughty they are, we can’t punish them. They are loving, fun, mischievous, and can be silly at times as well.

Whatever it be, they have a pure, significant, and considerate heart like none other.

Different dog breeds feature different nature and personality traits. Almost all dogs are silly. However, some breed features are the naughtiest of all.

Did you know recent research conducted in Britain revealed that dogs named Max are the most notorious of all? Unlike or like you, I am quite often left wondering what my dog is plotting to do next. When I cannot hear him, he is up to when I worry the most.

Without further ado, let’s hop straight into discussing the ten most naughty dog breeds. If you are a pet owner for the first time, this list will come real handy.

1. Siberian Husky

Just a single glimpse of this four-legged furry friend’s face, and you attain the assurance of how naughty they are. Its eyes and smirk are all it takes to understand this breed’s intentions. Petting this do is no child’s play. It requires a lot of hard work and a strict master to pet a Siberian Husky entirely.

Your Siberian Husky demands to stay engaged at all times. Mental stimulation is what keeps them at peace. The moment they feel like they have nothing to do, they can become extraordinarily naughty and start playing their pranks. Did you know that this breed often tags along with strangers they find to be attractive?

This breed loves being active for long hours, thanks to their energetic nature. They are not lazy and not a big fan of being lazy either. Together with their all-time vibrant personality, their sharp intellect makes them one of the most notorious breeds. 

2. Dalmatian

A Dalmatian is a chilled out dog breed. They are exceptionally aware of their good looks and their constant fame. If the master is not right, they don’t bother respecting their orders. Dalmatians are comical dogs who are high on entertainment. If you have guests over, this breed can keep them happily entertained for a prolonged time with its mischievous personality.

Playing in the mud or scuba-diving in the puddle is one thing they enjoy the most. This breed is always high on energy. No matter how rowdy or hyperactive you are, this breed can still leave you panting for some air when chasing or trying to train.

3. Yorkshire Terrier

This breed is one of the most cute-looking dog breeds. The saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ suits perfectly with this dog breed. The Yorkshire terrier breed looks small, cute, and adorable but is big in volume when it comes to being naughty.

Did you know that this breed got found in the 19th century? ‘Yorkie’ was the name used to acknowledge this breed in those times. This practice continues to this date. Your Yorkie is superficially active throughout the day. He/ she can drive you crazy, having to chase him/ her all the time.

Another feature that boosts this breed’s mischievous quality is its small size—enabling it to fit and enter almost anywhere. This cute little breed can leave you feeling puzzled and confused when chasing them.

Make sure you keep those valuable items locked up and keep out of trouble every time your Yorkshire Terrier switches its mischievous mode ‘ON.’ 

4. German Shepherd

This one is a protective breed. German Shepherds are most popular as guard dogs. Serving you is one of their most attractive traits. These are military dogs. Protecting you and helping you is in their blood. However, they can be extremely playful and naughty at times. Their insanity can drive your insane at the same time.

They are not stupid, relatively an intelligent breed. If you train your German Shepherd well, they abide by your rules and whatever you ask them to do. They are incredibly obedient to the orders of their masters. There are times when they are in a mood, and they can become too naughty. Their transgression is of a different level, a level that the other breeds cannot match up.

A German Shepherd’s hyperactive nature, together with their intelligence, and urge or curiosity, makes them one of the most notorious breeds of all. 

5. Labrador

Labrador is an amiable and affectionate breed. Almost all pet owners are fond of Labradors. They are family dogs and the right choice for families with newborn kids or small kids. They are diligently playful in whatever they do.

This breed has the power to put you in a good mood instantly. They can understand your bad days and serve you to be your best companion in situations like such.

The loving nature is not all that this breed has got. Quite often, they get into their mischievous mode and can drive everyone crazy at the house.

Most Labradors have the quality of jumping on household furniture and tearing up stuff with their sharp teeth. This breed dually enjoys the indoor as well as the outdoor.

When outdoors, they run, play, and jump uncontrollably. Getting dirty and playing in the mud is one of their favorite mischiefs.

6. Jack Russell

This breed is a formidable prankster. They are intelligent, active, lovable, and, additionally, curious beings. You will often notice them spending some ‘me time.’ however, don’t conclude by seeing this breed’s peaceful nature. Your Jack Russell loves spending time on its own, but what follows next is their extreme mischiefs.

They are pranksters of a different level. Jack Russells are very compassionate and affectionate towards their pet owner. At times of crisis or during difficult times, you will always have your Jack Russell by your side no matter what. This dog is a giver and can loathe you in their love. Its kind and good nature also make it a very lovable breed. 

7. Beagle

As per numerous research, the Beagle breed features as one of the most notorious species of all. You must already know that this is not very big in the size dog breed. Its size varies from small to average. They might not look that big and full, but they can beat anyone when it comes to the level of mischief.

This breed is hyperactive throughout the day. Individuals who have petted a Beagle at some point in their lives suggest that you should pet-proof your house before adopting this breed.

That is not all, be aware of not leaving any food out in your home. This breed is known to create a mess out of almost anything, and creating a nasty bunch of any food left astray tops their priority list.

This breed is lovable in all possible ways, but you can be left frustrated at times when it comes to their mischief. 

8. Shih Tzu

Your Shih Tzu may look small, cute, and adorable, which he/ she is undoubtedly, but this doesn’t necessarily tell you how naughty he/ she is.

This attractive, small breed can be as playful as hell. They are dually helpful and affectionate towards its owner. You can dress them up or style their long furs just the way you wish to. Shih Tzu is a pretty looking breed. Females love petting a Shih Tzu.

Did you know that this breed originates from either China or Tibet? They are exclusively popular among human beings. The reason behind their extreme mischievousness is their immense curiousness towards anything and everything. When you have a Shih Tzu at home, do not forget to keep your important stuff and documents locked up in the case.

Don’t get convinced by your Shih Tzu’s adorable puppy eyes when they beg for pardon. Trust me; it would be a matter of time for them to repeat their mischievous activities.

9. Boxer

A boxer is a highly-spirited breed. They look handsome with their short fur, muscular body, and medium-size. Your Boxer boasts excellent stamina, and they can never run out of energy. Similarly, they are a very notorious breed.

Your Boxer behaves correctly only when their mind is engaged, or they are busy. The moment they have nothing to do is when their mischievous switch gets turned on.

So, keep your essential documents and valuable assets in secure places. To calm this breed down, take them outdoors, for a run, or only for a jog, which can significantly reduce their mischiefs.

10.Golden Retriever

This breed features to be loved by almost every dog lover. Your golden retriever is big in size, athletic, and very good at sports. They feature to be a good companion for kids and teenagers at the same time.

For individuals who live alone, this breed can serve to be the perfect companion. A golden retriever is very loving towards its owner and follows orders obediently. They can help you optimally both indoors as well as outdoors.

This breed is naughty too. Your Golden Retriever enjoys chewing almost anything they get their teeth on. That is not all; they enjoy staying in the water also. I would personally advise you to keep your favorite pair of shoes locked up in the cupboard, or it won’t be a matter of time when you will find your golden retriever happily chewing on it. 

If you have petted a mischievous yet lovable breed, I understand exactly how you feel. The best way to control your furry friend’s personality is to keep him/ her engaged. Also, never ever laugh or encourage their mischief; this will only boost their notorious behavior. Love your pet, and be strict towards them when needed.

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