Difficult To Train Dog Breeds

20 Most Difficult Dog Breeds To Train

Dogs are diverse in their nature and breeds. Some are not really easy to train. They are daft – for the lack of a better term – and subsequently, take too long to grasp the necessary concepts. You want to know more about 20 most difficult dog breeds to train to be able to stay away from them as much as you can, don’t you?

20 Most Difficult Dog Breeds To Train

#1: German Shepherd

The German Shepherds are probably the hardest to train of all that may be. They are generally rough, aggressive, and largely difficult to handle to size. For these reasons, this breed is largely employed in areas and applications that are similarly strenuous and quite complicated. The police and the military are the key users of the dogs.

#2: Boston Terrier

Its name implies that this dog originates from the Boston area of the eastern United States. Though intelligent, the breed is nonetheless stringent and largely conforming to well laid down rules and regulations. To train it hence, you have to clearly demarcate what you want to achieve and set out for the same.

#3: Dachshund

Just like the German Shepherd, this one too has German roots. Its legs are short whereas its overall body is longer. The breed is largely intended to hunt the small burrowing animals and doubles up as a member of the hound family. Hunting techniques are never really easy to inculcate hence the difficulty in training.

#4: Siberian Husky

Originating in the Northeastern Siberia, this is primarily a hunting dog. Its coat is thicker whereas its furs are warmer. The mix of these two adds to protecting it from all the harsh external weather elements that may be leveled against them. This dog demands the excessive discipline to be able to train.

#5: Jack Russell Terrier

Originally bred by John Russell, this breed enjoys hunting and generally focuses exceedingly on its prey. To be able to equip it with the necessary hunting skills, you really have to devote plenty of time, focus, and effort. Those are things you can never achieve instantly or overnight.

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#6: English Mastiff

Also called the ‘gentle giant,’ this is a large and strong dog breed. It responds well to commands but has difficulty in following or grasping concepts that are too complicated to the normal dogs of its stature. Prepare yourself hence to be able to put in extra effort to generate the desired end results.

#7: Basenji

Basenji is one of the oldest breeds of dogs we have around. It has consistently been used for matters of hunting. Compared to the many hunting dogs we have around, this one grasps concepts and prompts faster. Nonetheless, it easily shrinks whenever it is subjected to some punishment and rarely picks up.

#8: Dalmatian

The amazing Dalmatian is a beautiful white dog that possesses distinguished black spots. This breed is largely known for its high energy and strong behavior. It has to be administered proper training to be able to retain its obedient nature, failure to which it becomes heavily disruptive. That takes a toll on any dog owner.

#9: Bloodhound

Making its first appearance in the middle ages, this species of dog has nonetheless spread far and wide. It possesses a distinctively fresh scent that sets it apart from the others. Its difficulty in training is largely brought about by the fact that it follows scents too much.

#10: Afghan Hound

Of all the hounds, it is the Afghan Hound that is the most difficult to train. That is mainly because it is physically and emotionally sensitive. This sensitivity makes them quite hard to alter their moods and feelings as need be. You really have to employ too much skill to achieve the right outcomes.

#11: West Highland White Terrier

Better known as the “Westie,” this breed has its roots in the 20th century and remains largely popular in the United Kingdom. Though small and intelligent, training this dog might never be easy. It demands a rigorous and consistent regime that has to be complemented with rewards from time to time.

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#12: Chihuahua

Chihuahuas originated from Mexico and have spread their tentacles far and wide. This breed largely comes about as a ‘blank check’ in that it requires you to train it just about everything it needs to know from scratch. That is not really something that you would conveniently want to do.

#13: Pekingese

Like the Chihuahua, the Pekingese is a small lap dog that is nonetheless incredibly loyal but very stubborn. It emerged in China and has since spread far and wide. For you to train it, you have to instill a very respectful regime that is stringent and extremely time-wasting.

#14: Fox Terrier

From its name, the breed resembles the foxes, typically owing to its sheer massive size and ferocious stature. Training it, is never really a walk in the park. That is due to the self-confident nature of the dog coupled with the unbridled curiosity it displays from time to time. You must be truly patient and focused to handle it.

#15: Pug

Primarily originating from Asia, this breed of dog is historically known for the monks and the members of the royalty alike. It easily gets boring, a fact that makes the training exercises quite strenuous to undertake. You have to keep it thrilled and excited all the while to obtain the necessary ends.

#16: Pomeranian

Derived from a large breed of arctic working dogs, this breed has largely been popularized in northern Germany and Poland. For you to train it, you have to make it to socialize otherwise it may turn aggressive or too shy to be able to accept the necessary commands and prompts from you.

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#17: Pit Bull

Pit bulls are powerful and strong breeds of dogs. They are generally bred and trained to fight fierce battles. That makes the task of training a bit difficult. Few people have the guts to train them let alone bear their ferocious countenance. Also, they become too bored too easily and have to be fanned every now and then to stay alive.

#18: Chow Chow

In a nutshell, this is a sturdy and regal-looking dog that resembles the lion. It can also get as strong and aggressive as the lion itself. Thanks to the mix of sturdiness and aggressiveness, this breed demands an excessively high level of attention and courage from you. Not any other person randomly may do that.

#19: Basset Hound

Much like many of the leading dogs, we have around the Basset Hound traces its ancestry from France and Great Britain. It is largely bred for the matters of hunting and has to be trained for very that. To do that, you have to employ and maintain patience and consistency, failure to which you will basically be wasting your time.

#20: Beagle

The Beagle rounds up the list of the leading dogs that are difficult to train. It is largely employed to hunt, detect contrabands, and for companionship. Training them is never really a walk in the park. You have to develop and adhere to a stringent regime. The failure to uphold this consistency may often lead to chaos.


Our look into the 20 most difficult dog breeds to train has truly opened your eyes to the breeds to stay away from. You do not want to undergo stress and unnecessary struggles in the course of raining your dogs, do you? Be on the lookout for the ones above and stay away from them as much as possible!

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