What To Do If You Can’t Afford Or Keep Your Dog Anymore

Dogs are the most widely accepted animals as pets. People spend time with their furry friend, make it a part of their family, and bond well. However, there are situations when the owner has to make a tough choice about whether he should continue keeping it. There might be many reasons you would want to do that. People do this if they’re moving, shifting, or when they just can’t afford to keep it anymore.

You need to ensure that your dog continues to live a happy and healthy life even when you aren’t with it. It’s not as easily done as said. So, what should you actually do when you can’t afford or keep your dog anymore? There are several alternatives that you can consider for the better life of your pet after you leave. Just make sure you consider all the factors before making a choice.

To leave the baby that you’ve bonded with for so many years isn’t easy at all. It needs a lot of courage, mental toughness, and a strong reason to make such a decision. Here’s all that you need to do before you give up on your dog.

Look for alternatives, if any, to continue the bond.

Don’t decide to leave your pet straight away. Look for changes that you can make to your lifestyle to continue the pet-human bond. If there’s no one to look after it when you’re out for work, keep a maid. If there are financial issues and you think you can’t afford dog food anymore, but you have enough money to spend on partying, new cell phones and outings, reset your priorities. The pet-human relationship is hugely emotional for both the pet and the owner. Try and make changes in your life to keep it alive.

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Consider temporary home options.

If you think that getting rid of your pet entirely and permanently would solve all your financial and other problems, you’re mistaken. Several local home organizations help pet owners by providing temporary home options. If you’re moving out for a few days or a few months, you can seek help. Visit a local organization and talk to them. If they don’t offer this service, they’ll help you reach another one who does.

Look for animal rescue organizations.

One of the best alternatives for your pet would be handing it over to animal rescue organizations. Look for one in your immediate area. If you don’t find any, look for one outside your locality. Don’t worry about transporting your pet as there are organizations that offer this service as well.  Many rescue organizations work without borders and accept any dog and take care of them until they reach a new, reliable family.

Talk to your vet

Talking to your veterinarian might also help you. Let him know your problems and why you want to leave your dog. He might help you with donate care or discount care and eliminate abandoning your dog or dumping it into a shelter.

Be extremely selective with the shelter.

Once you’re sure that you have no other option than dropping your dog to a shelter home, choose on every carefully. Don’t just dump it in the local one assuming that it would feed itself being an animal. Please make a list of good shelters, visit them personally, and then decide. Strike off the once that euthanize. It would be better if you find a “no-kill” shelter. Again, if not in your locality, move out and look for a “no-kill” shelter outside your city’s borders.

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Seek help from family and friends

Seek help from family and friends

Reaching out to family and friends is the best possible thing to do. Capture good quality pictures and videos of your pet and share them in your family group and with your friends. Describe its friendly personality and let them make a connection with it through pictures. Ask if anybody is interested in taking the dog. And also ask them to spread the word to their friends and families. This way, you’ll be able to reach to a reliable and trustworthy family for your dog.

DON’T dump your dog on the streets.

This is the worst that you can do to your dog. Many owners have a mentality that because it is an animal, it will enjoy the freedom and will be able to survive itself. Or worse, they assume that some kind soul will find the dog, adopt it, and take care of it. This does not happen. What if the dog is not able to forget your love and adapt to the cruel world? What if no one finds it, and it continues to wait for you to arrive? Your dog, after staying with you, has become habituated to you and your love. Please don’t leave it to die on a dirt road.

NEVER advertise your dog

You’re always told to be modern and use technology. Sure, do that, but not to advertise your dog on Facebook or other listing sites, newspapers, or magazines. You never know if a person who sounds like an ideal pet parent is an animal abuser? Or works in an animal testing clinic? Instead, use your technology to locate nearby sanctuaries, shelters, and trustworthy organizations that would take care of your baby like their own.

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You would hardly find a person who would not want to keep a dog in his house. And why not? It’s cute, friendly, adorable, and, most importantly, doesn’t let you feel lonely even if you stay alone. You always have a baby to look after and a best friend to share your feelings with. So, people easily agree to adopt one.

The pet-human relationship is so pure that nobody can even think of abandoning his dog by choice. However, situations can make the person do so. Please ensure that you do not adopt a dog if you’re not entirely ready for that lifetime responsibility as consequences would be tough for both of you.

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