Boston Terrier Vs French Bulldogs Difference

So probably you might have mistaken a Boston Terrier to be a French Bulldog or vice versa. You have not gone wrong. The French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers look so similar. But, they have different temperaments, history, and other characteristics. However, no wonders if you have mistaken one for another.

What are the differences between a Boston Terrier and a French Bulldog? There exist a lot of differences between these two breeds, although they look very similar. The French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers are from different continents. And thus, their temperaments, energy levels, and training techniques are quite different.

Are you confused about which one to take to your home? You actually need to know a lot about these two breeds before making a decision.

And yes, this article is all about the differences between the French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers.

Now let us dig onto the topic.

History Of French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers

As said earlier, the French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers are from a completely different origin.

The roots of French Bulldogs stay up in England. Frenchies were created as a toy-size version of Bulldogs. They were common among the lace workers of Nottingham in England. And the breed was brought up to France when the lace workers of Nottingham emigrated to France.

The charm of French Bulldogs was celebrated in both England and France. It was in 1986 during the Westminister Kennel Club Show when the Americans discovered this super adorable furball.

And then, the French Bulldogs quite fastly gained popularity in the United States and was nicknamed as ‘Frenchies.’ They are still popular, and one of the dogs breed mostly in demand in the United States.

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The Boston Terriers have a very different origin and history.

The origin of the Boston Terriers is often associated with a dog named ‘Judge.’ Judge is a mix of white English Terriers and Bulldogs. Liverpool is where Judge was born. But, it was then brought to Massachusetts of Boston.

Several years of selective breeding of the Judge’s descendants converted the breed into great companion dogs. The breed was then named as Boston Terrier due to their developmental journey in Boston.

Boston Terriers are also popularly known as Round Head, Bullet Head, and Bull Terrier in the United States. They are now the official dogs of Boston University and Massachusetts.

Size And Appearance Of French Bulldogs And Boston Terriers

Both French Bulldogs and Bosten Terriers come in a similar size.

But, we can conclude that Boston Terriers grows a few inches higher than the Frenchies. The height of the French Bulldogs can be anywhere between 11 to 13 inches. Meanwhile, the height of Boston Terriers goes around 15 to 17 inches.

However, the French Bulldogs score in terms of the weight. The average weight of Boston Terriers is around 12 to 25 lbs. And, the weight of Frenchies usually goes up to 28 lbs.

However, both of these breeds appear as same. When intensely differentiated, you will find French Bulldogs to be chunkier than Boston Terriers. And, Boston Terriers are usually a bit taller than the French Bulldogs.

And here is a tip for you to easily differentiate between these two breeds. You will find the body of a French Bulldog a bit wider towards the middle.

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The eyes of the French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers are a lot more similar. But, the eyes of the French Bulldogs usually are more rounder.

Also, you can see a variety of colors in the eyes of Boston Terriers ranging from green or gold to black color. However, the French Bulldogs usually exhibit a darker eye color without much variation among individuals.

You can easily discriminate between the French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers by looking on to their ears. The Boston Terriers possess upright and rigid ears that stay straight up. Also, you will only find a small space between their two ears.

Meanwhile, the French Bulldogs also possess upright ears, but their ears don’t stay straight up. Also, the space between both ears of a French Bulldogs is much wider than in Boston Terriers.

The Boston Terriers don’t possess many facial folds as French Bulldogs do. Therefore, you will find the nose of Terriers a bit more emphasized out. However, both the breeds have a small and stubby nose.

Personality Traits And Temperaments Of The French Bulldogs And Boston Terriers

It is essential to understand the temperaments and personality traits of the breed of dog before owning one.

So, here we are going to evaluate the differences in temperaments of the French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers.

  • The temperament of the French Bulldogs are far more predictable, but that of Terriers are very difficult to predict. It is actually one of the reasons why Boston Terriers haven’t yet gained popularity as French Bulldogs.
  • Both Frenchies and Terriers get along well with kids.
  • The French Bulldogs, as well as Boston Terriers, make companions for humans. Both the breeds are loyal, loving, and affectionate to their master and family.
  • The Boston Terriers don’t require any amount of exercise, whereas, Frenchies would require a little exercise daily to keep them away from weight gain. Actually, Terriers will run and play around themselves, while Frenchies would always prefer to stick on to your lap.
  • The French Bulldogs are free thinkers and stubborn. The stubbornness of Frenchies makes them a bit difficult to train. However, Boston Terriers enjoy training and are comparatively easier to train.
  • Both breeds are prone to several health problems, including breathing difficulties.
  • The Boston Terriers have a longer lifespan than that of French Bulldogs. The average life expectancy of the Frenchies is between 10 to 12 years, and that of Terriers is around 11 to 13 years.
  • Both the French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers find difficulties in childbirth, and most individuals require a cesarean for giving birth. Hence, Boston Terriers, as well as, the French Bulldogs are expensive than any other normal dog breeds in the market.
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Yes, both the French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers look very similar. But, that is not the case of their history and temperaments.

So that is a bit of information about the French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers. We hope the information in this article would be helpful for you to find the right breed of dog for you.

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