12 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Dogs are generally playful domestic animals and are harmless for the family they live in. Irrespective of their size, they protect their families and are an epitome of loyalty.

However, dogs can become aggressive when subjected to a hostile environment. It is just their nature to defend themselves.

Therefore, any dog can become aggressive in a hostile environment. However, certain dog breeds tend to be more aggressive than other species.

The aggressive nature of a dog varies in between dog breeds. This is because of the simple reason that they were bred to be so. Also, some breeds are protectors and hunters by nature. This makes them display traits like aggressiveness. However, that does not mean that they are dangerous or not fit as a family pet. It means that you have to be careful around these dogs, as messing up with these breeds can cause a hospital trip.

Here is a list of the most aggressive dog breeds so that you can make a wise choice while adopting them.

While adopting a dog, you have to be careful about its traits and whether it fits your family. Having said that, the importance of training cannot be neglected. Proper training and care are essential for all dog breeds, incredibly aggressive breeds.

1. Pitbull

When it comes to aggressive dog breeds, pitbull is the first name that comes to mind. The boldness and ferociousness of Pitbull have been well known.

Their bite is known to be the worst of its kind. It was also believed that they could lock their jaws. However, it is proven to be a myth.

Pitbulls are dogs that originated in the United States. They are a mix of bulldog and terriers. Originally these dogs were bred for dogfighting and weigh around 30-55lbs.

In recent times, they are bred to be domestic dogs, but they still have the aggressive nature that comes from their ancestry.

These dogs have the strength and athletic nature that they receive from their bulldog parents. They also have traits like bravery and aggression that they receive from their terrier parents. 

None of this takes away from the generous nature of a Pitbull and its will to protect the family at all costs. However, they are one dog breed that you need to be extremely careful around.

2. Doberman pinscher

Doberman pinscher is a dog breed known for its extremely loyal nature. This breed is tough, strong, and known for its courage. They are excellent guard dogs and will go to any extent to protect the family and house.

If a property has a Doberman pinscher as a guard dog, any trespasser or intruder cannot trespass the property without getting severe hurts.

However, their efficiency as a guard dog is what makes them overly aggressive. Also, this breed does not react well to strangers and are quick to respond to unknown circumstances. Therefore it becomes imperative to train and socialize a Doberman pinscher.

It would be best if you were extra careful in case of this dog breed, especially when you have children around. Children are unpredictable, and the Doberman pinscher is quick to react to sudden movements.

Also, ensure the dog considers the child as part of the family as these dogs are extremely loyal towards the family they are part of.

3. Boerboels

Boerboels literally translates to farmer’s dogs in Afrikaans. These dogs originated in South Africa and are one of the most aggressive dog breeds. 

Originally bred as guard dogs, these dogs are extremely territorial and protect the property at all costs. These dogs resulted from interbreeding of African breeds with breeds from France, Dutch, and Britain.

Some of the major characteristics of this breed are their calm composure, strong and agile body, and courage, and bravery. This breed is extremely stable and calm and was used as the first line of defense against predators. 

They are great as farmer dogs and guard dogs, provided they are provided adequate training to make the best use of their aggression. This dog breed is known for dedication and loyalty towards their master and their devotion as guard dogs.

4. Presa Canario

Another dog breed known for its aggressive nature is Presa Canario. This breed originated from Canary Island and is yet another excellent guard dog breed.

Originally bred as hunter and fighter dogs, these dogs display aggressive nature and can cause serious damage to their opponent.

Hence, training and socialization of these dogs are not only essential but necessary. Through training, these dogs can learn to control their aggressive side and become obedient.

Due to their ancestry, these dogs are aggressive towards other dogs. Hence, training and socializing become extremely important, especially if you have other pets at home.

Also, socializing at the early stages can help them with their reaction towards a stranger. Training for a Presa Canario is extremely important, and it’s their strong character that sets them apart from other breeds.

5. Alaskan Malamute

These strong and enthusiastic dogs are another aggressive dog breeds. However, their aggression is heightened due to boredom.

Hence, if you have Alaskan malamute or plan to adopt one, you need to provide them with adequate care and control.

This dog breed looks strong and cute at the same time. They are very versatile as well and can manage to do a lot of different activities.

Herding reindeer, pulling sleds, and being an excellent watchdog are few of the many things they can do.

Therefore, you have to keep your dog occupied with many different activities and provide them with proper exercise to take the edge off them.

This dog breed remains quite when occupied by other activities and becomes aggressive only when they have nothing to distract them.

Also, training them is quite a daunting task, and you may need to take the help of a professional. However, they are very loyal and have great survival instincts.

6. Boxer

This dog breed from Germany is playful and energetic. They are strong athletic dogs with a weight of around 50-70 lbs.

Despite their size, these dogs are extremely playful. They are not aggressive as such, but lack of training and socializing can make them appear so.

The most dangerous trait of these dogs is their unpredictable nature. They can attack at any time when subjected to a hostile situation.

Hence, training a boxer is very important. However, training this dog breed is not easy at all. They are stubborn and take their time following instructions.

They are not friendly towards strangers. However, early socializing can help tackle the situation. Breeding a boxer should be done with caution, and under no circumstances you should tease or mess around with a boxer.

They are extremely quick and strong and can severely hurt their opponent.

7. German shepherd

Another active breed known to be ferocious and aggressive is a German shepherd. This dog breed originated in Germany and was initially originated to guard sheep.

However, in recent years these intelligent and strong creatures have made a mark as a police and military dog.

Their strong sense of smell has also made them an integral part of airport security. They are quick to sniff and recognize illegal substances such as bombs, drugs, etc.

They are also great as family pets and are courageous and loyal. They are reliable and obedient and are very sensitive towards their owners as well.

These large dogs weigh around 70 -100 lbs and are strong protectors. Their intelligence and obedience have made them a great family pet, companion dog, and aid for law enforcement agencies.

However, if you plan on having a German shepherd as a pet, make sure you exercise them regularly; else they can become aggressive due to pent up energy.

8. Rottweiler

Just like German Shepherd, Rottweiler also originated in Germany and are large dogs. They weigh around 85 110lbs and are strong and powerful.

This breed is also known for its aggressive nature and has strong jaws that make its bite very dangerous.

Originally, a guard dog, these dogs are obedient and loyal. They are generous as well. However, they are territorial and do not like strangers at all.

They also do not react well to other dogs. These reactions are a result of their territorial nature, and they see strangers and other pets as opponents getting into their territory.

However, these traits also make them a great choice as a dog for guarding purposes. They are obedient and loyal and need training and socializing to tame their aggressive nature.

9. Chihuahuas

These small-sized dogs are the oldest dog breed to have originated in Mexico and are known for their small size and aggressive nature.

Chihuahuas are cute little dogs but are very stubborn. They are highly intelligent, which makes training these creatures really important.

They are strong-headed and display their stubbornness even during the training process, making the process extremely difficult.

Not following instructions, barking continuously, and biting their prey are common Chihuahua traits that need to be controlled.

Training these little creatures is extremely important so that their intelligence and aggressive nature can be put to good use. If you plan to adopt a Chihuahua, be ready to dedicate the time and energy required to train them.

10. Dachshunds

Another dog breed to have originated in Germany are dachshunds. They are small-sized and strong-willed but are aggressive.

This breed originated as a hunting dog bred to hunt badgers and small animals. Their aggressive nature has resulted from their hunter instincts. They are aggressive towards people as well as other dogs.

Their inappropriate traits include jumping, snarling, and barking. Even though a dachshund is a small-sized dog, these traits should not be ignored. Proper training is the key to controlling such behavior.

Also, if you have children at home, it is essential to train your dachshund to be around children and also be extra cautious.

Their hunter instinct is something that can make them unpredictable and aggressive towards harmless children as well.

11. Jack Russell Terrier

Another aggressive dog breed is Jack Russell Terrier. They are small-sized dogs; however, their aggression is not proportionate to their small size.

Proper control and setting boundaries are extremely important in the case of a Jack Russell Terrier. 

This dog breed is an old dog breed that originated in the 1800s. They were originally bred as hunting dogs. The aggressive nature is quite natural for a hunting dog breed, and so is the case with Jack Russell Terrier.

Despite their small size, they try to prove themselves as the leader of the household and may display aggressive tendencies. Hence, training these dogs becomes really important so that they understand their boundaries.

Apart from their aggressive nature, they are intelligent and fun-loving.

12. Dalmatian

These beautiful black and white dogs are popular for their cute looks. However, another dominant personality trait of a Dalmatian is its aggressive nature. They originated from Dalmatia in Austria. 

They are one of the oldest dog breeds. Although Dalmatians are friendly, they may display some aggressive tendencies. They are an intelligent and versatile breed.

They are playful and require training and control. When imparted with training and socialization, they can become a great family pet. They are natural protector breeds and very loyal towards humans.

So, these are some dog breeds that are aggressive and need to be controlled. The training in aggressive dogs is the key to set boundaries, establish control, and put their energy to good use.

Although its breed and ancestry influence the dog’s traits, proper training can make the most aggressive dogs obedient. However, most of these dog breeds are intelligent and active, making them a great pet.

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