25 Best Apartment Dogs That Don’t Bark Too Much

Do you live in an apartment a d would also like to keep a dog as a pet? Well, the one you choose for the job has to be silent and less prone to barking. We have prepared a long list here of the many dogs that you may wish to try out.

25 Best Apartment Dogs That Don’t Bark Too Much

#1: Newfoundland

This dog species has a sweet disposition in the sense that it is soft, quiet, and lovely. Its stature appears like that of a Teddy Bear. It is hence less likely to bark or distract those who reside beside you in the apartment.

#2: Maltese Shih Tzu

If you are looking for an adaptable and intelligent dog, look no further than this one. It combines and incorporates both traits in one comprehensive packaging. Also, owing to quiet behavior, it is less likely to pose unnecessary threats and disturbances.

#3: Greyhound

The Greyhound is generally powerful yet still friendly and calm. Its temperament is wonderful and non-aggressive. Some subspecies have nonetheless been known to be too aloof to strangers. Take great care of them if you opt for them.

#4: French Bulldog

On the whole, this is a smart and loving dog. Many a time, it prefers to just spend a lot of time with its peers and the members of your household. Thus, it is highly unlikely to bark around and endanger the lives of others.

#5: Coton de Tulear

Though the Coton de Tulear may bark once or twice, it generally has a pretty calm predisposition. To add to that, the species is also playful, loves fun, and hardly gets aggressive not unless it is truly cornered with no way to escape.

#6: Chinook

Of all the leading dogs in our list, it is this one that possesses the coolest temperament. It is usually calm, enthusiastic to please people, and truly friendly to the strangers. If you have small children in your rooms, this is the one to look up to.

#7: Chinese Shar-Pei

Fancy Chinese things or everything to do with the Orient? This Chinese Shar-Pei could be the one to look up to. Its appearance and manner stem from the Oriental Culture. Additionally, it does not bark excessively as other apartment dogs do.

#8: Bullmastiff

Searching for a dog to use as a watchdog? This Bullmastiff is the one we would vouch for. It is silent, calm, composed, and generally stealthy. Moreover, it hardly barks even when pushed to the shove and is hence great for monitoring.

#9: British Bulldog

Like the French Bulldog counterpart, this one also works well in the apartments as it hardly barks anyhow. Being strong and huge, the dog is mainly useful for scaring strangers and would-be vandals. Place it at a strategic location for all to see.

#10: Basenji

Out of all the dogs that do not bark, it is the Basenji that is the oldest continuous domesticated. You want to choose it if you cherish the matters of antique and would also want to draw your inspiration from the days of yore.

#11: Yorkshire Terrier

Also known as the Yorkie, this is a truly affectionate dog species and doubles up as a truly great apartment pet. Being small and compact, it spends much of its time indoors without really having to stray out in the open.

#12: Toy Fox Terrier

It is a truly intelligent and comparatively simpler to train. For a large part, the species is mainly used as a toy. Considering their tiny sizes and statures, the species make great pets for the tiniest apartments. You have it for the taking for your condominium.

#13: Silky Terrier

As its name implies, this dog is wooly and silky in external appearance. Further to that, it is also loyal and develops a bond with its owners and the members of the household pretty faster. That is not to mention its comparatively calmer stature.

#14: Shih Tzu

In general, the Shih Tzu is bred and trained to be a great friendly lapdog. It hence makes and nurtures great companionship with the people who reside in the same household as it. Also, it is calm and less hostile to those who are around it.

#15: Shiba Inu

Originating from Japan, the Shiba Inu is generally renowned for its independence. It hardly has to form or get into companionship with other dogs or humans to be able to operate optimally. Its medium size is also a great trait.

#16: Schipperke

Wanting a dog that is simpler to train and nurture? Set your eyes on the Schipperke as it is smaller and easier to inculcate. Though playful, this breed is not that overly energetic. Consider it hence quite safer for your children and household.

#17: Pug

Greatly recognized for their squished faces, this subspecies is truly loyal and very playful. They stand apart from the others in the sense that they have to be in the close company of their owners and other members of the household.

#18: Poodle

Poodles come in three main sizes i.e. the toy, the miniature, and the standard. It hence gives you the leeway to select the precise form and size that is desirable to you. Besides that, the species is also intelligent and truly easier to train.

#19: Pomeranian

Love training and outdoor activities, we recommend this energetic dog for your consideration. It is a species that is truly full of energy and is also furry. On the strength of this, it allows for swift and expedited training outside the rooms.

#20: Pekinese

Once used as a companion for the Chinese royal courts, the Pekinese loves attention and affection. It barks at strangers though restrains itself whenever it is within an apartment complex. All you have to do is train it beforehand. Its added advantage is that it blends well with other pets.

#21: Miniature Pinscher

From its designation, you can straight away tell that this is a smaller species of dog. Thanks to this smallness, the species is also able to fit the most cramped up spaces available in the rooms. That notwithstanding, the breed is truly energetic.

#22: Manchester Terrier

As is the norm with many other terries, this one is also highly responsive and intelligent. Thus, it is simpler to train and inculcate new ideas. They are also small enough to fit the tiniest living quarters. That they bark not is an added advantage.

#23: Maltese

It has been hailed as a great companion dog for well over 2,000 years now. Unlike many domestic dogs, they lack the undercoats and hence do not shed their fur. This makes them good enough for those quarters that are too squeezed.

#24: Lowchen

In a nutshell, the Lowchen is a playful and gentle breed in equal stature. You will hence find it amazing if you are an energetic person who similarly likes outdoor matters. Though playful, this species does not demand great exercising.

#25: Lhasa Apso

When left in the wild, the Lhasa Apso becomes huge and gigantic. However, when bred within an apartment complex, it rarely grows taller than a foot high. Then again it does not bark and is truly friendly for your household.


Though many other species exist for your apartments, the ones we have exhausted above are truly the most outstanding and able to do a great job for you. You should hence prioritize the list in your search for the right one for your purposes.

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