30 Small Dog Breeds

Reside in a cramped up apartment or condominium and wish to own a pet? Your answer rests in the acquisition of a small dog breed. To help you in making a purchase, we have seen it proper to compile this list and explain it to you.

30 Small Dog Breeds

#1: French Bulldog

The French Bulldog stands out as the premier species. Though small, this species is tough, playful, and powerful enough to be able to tackle many of the common household chores. Its temperament is not left out either as it is adaptable.


This is a scent dog in the sense that it has potent olfactory faculties. As such, it performs truly great and awesome in matters of hunting and the rescue missions. It does get along well with the others and hence lives in packs.

#3: Poodle

Poodles are generally aristocratic in the sense that it has been used time and again in the royal courts and by rulers. Though royal in stature, this breed also has a reputation of being quite dumb and harder to train.

#4: Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies, as they are commonly called, are cute dogs that are mainly used for matters of aesthetics. You want to pick one for yourself if you similarly have some aesthetic goals and ends to care for. With a weight of only 7 pounds, you will carry it easily also.

#5: Dachshund

In summary, the Dachshund is friendly, curious, and spunky in one comprehensive packaging. It is hence a breed you would want to tap into if you just want a friendly companion at home. What’s more? It also lasts longer (12-16 years) on average.

#6: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

“Fans of the Crown” as they are popularly called, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is generally affectionate, smart, and alert. Consider it useful and handy for a number of your common everyday search and rescue missions. Moreover, it also doubles as a powerful herder.

#7: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Have an inkling for the matters of old age and antique? The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed could be the one you have been seeking by virtue of being a century old. It does have potent athletic capabilities and is hence a sporting companion.

#8: Miniature Schnauzer

From the designation of this dog species, you can straight away tell that it is the smallest of all. That makes it great and awesome for the similarly squeezed spaces like the condominiums. A friendly, smart, and obedient character awaits you here.

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#9: Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu literally translates into the “lion dog.” It is generally famed for the sweet character and great love for the small children. Though it draws its roots from China, it has nonetheless spread its tentacles to almost every corner of the world.

#10: Pomeranian

Invariably called the Pom, this breed is the smallest of the Spitz series of breeds. It doubles up as the most visible toy breed in the world thanks mainly to the foxy face and the double coat. Moreover, it trains easily and picks new concepts with ease.

#11: Havanese

Havanese is on the whole funny, outgoing, and intelligent in one swoop. It traces its roots to the Cuban capital of Havana. The dog is truly social and wonderful to possess. Further to this, it also blends well with the urban city life.

#12: Cocker Spaniel

Are you a hunter or aspiring to be a hunter? Pick and incorporate the Cocker Spaniel in your hunting tasks and undertakings. It is great and works well with the hunters. Also, it doubles up as one of America’s popular species.

#13: Chihuahua

Chihuahua is by far one of the smallest dog breeds we have around. When fully grown, it gets to only 5-8 inches tall and weighs no more than 6 pounds. Being one of the oldest in Central America, you want to use it for the matters of trail hunting.

#14: Miniature American Shepherd

As its name implies, this one is smaller than your average American Shepherd dog. Because of this, expect it to take up limited spaces and also be able to handle many of your indoor and backyard applications. With a lifespan of 13 years, expect to leverage many benefits.

#15: Maltese

Love some charm, playfulness, and gentleness? Make do with this breed as it incorporates all the three traits we have spoken of above. Also, it is quite friendly and well able to blend well with the members of your households.

#16: Basset Hound

Basset hounds are also called the ‘puppy dogs.’ They are generally bred to hunt and track down rabbits and other smaller prey. These they do principally by following their scents and footsteps. If you operate in the wild, this could be it.

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#17: West Highland White Terrier

‘Westies,’ as they are popularly called, are shorter and are largely meant for underground hunting of the rats, and rodents. Standing at a maximum size of about 11 inches, the dog is nonetheless full of sweet personality, is stronger and quite tough.

#18: Shiba Inu

Originating from Japan, this breed is small, old, and truly experienced all that the Spitz family has to offer. It is also intellectually agile in the sense that it can easily pick new concepts and accept any kind of training that may be leveled against it.

#19: Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise has a pretty awesome face that is truly breathtaking to behold. Also, its fur is fluffy and is also white in color. Thus, the breed is great for the matters of aesthetics and general beauty. Need we add that it is also affectionate, happy, and irresistible?

#20: Papillon

Papillons are a member of the group of toy dogs. They measure around 8-11 inches high when fully grown while weighing 5-10 pounds on average. Their most outstanding features are the big and the wing-shaped ears that have excellent hearing capabilities.

#21: Scottish Terrier

From the 1930s, the Scottish Terrier has ranked among the most popular breeds in the United States. This breed is also responsive to training and easily picks new concepts. You will find the breed confident, independent, and highly-spirited in nature.

#22: Cardigan Welsh Corgi

These dogs rose to fame by mainly serving as Queen Elizabeth’s most favored dog species. This happened in the 1940s and has persisted till now. The Corgi is affectionate, loyal, and truly smart. Its smaller stature makes it good enough for common everyday use.

#23: Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terriers are fearless hunters of the foxes and the smaller prey. They spend much of their time outdoors while also dig around when left loose. Though native to Scotland, the breed also has a large presence in other parts of the world.

#24: Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher is as smaller as its name implies. Due to this smallness, it is great for use in areas that are too squeezed and largely crowded. It is truly fun-loving, fearless, and proud of its stature. Its playful nature earns it the designation ‘Kings of toys.’

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#25: Lhasa Apso

Tracing its roots from China, this breed has been renowned for millennia to be great, confident, and comical. As a matter of fact, it has been relied on for ages to offer companionship to the many people who use it in their households.

#26: Chinese Crested

This also belongs to the toy group i.e. a category of dogs that are largely bred for playing games and companionships with the small children. It is truly affectionate and able to blend well with the members of your typical household.

#27: Coton de Tulear

By all measure, the Coton de Tulear is a tiny dog breed whose fur and coat feels as soft as cotton. It is christened the “Royal Dog of Madagascar” owing to its origination from the Indian Ocean island nation. On the whole, it is charming, happy-go-lucky, and bright.

#28: Russell Terrier

Russell Terriers are alert, lively, and highly inquisitive. They have traditionally been bred as fox hunters in England. On the whole, the species is active and highly energetic in nature. It weighs a paltry 12-15 and measures only 12 inches give or take.

#29: Basenji

Other than being small, the Basenji does not also bark as many other dog species do. Also setting it apart from the others is that it originates from Arica rather than elsewhere. It is not silent though and is also very playful.

#30: Border Terriers

Want to enjoy the company of an affectionate, happy and plucky dog? Choose to work with this breed as it incorporates all the traits above in one comprehensive packaging. Its head is shaped uniquely and makes it stand out from the pack indeed.


A careful reading of the list above will no doubt usher you into the awesome world of the leading dog breeds. Be careful as you read the details as the information contained therein will certainly make or break your choice of the right dog for you.

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