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Champagne Labrador: A Guide To This Controversial Coat Color

Labradors always have been a favorite breed of family pets. Although black was the original color of Labradors, they are now present with a variety of coat colors ranging from pale yellow to silver.

Among the different Labradors, the ones with a pale-yellow coat are called Champagne Labradors. Champagne Labradors usually have a pale or lighter nose than seen among Yellow Labradors.

Are you wondering what controversy is behind the coat color of Champagne Labradors?

The coat color of Champagne Labradors is actually called ‘dilute.’ Some people believe that Champagne Labradors got their unique or diluted coat color as a result of their crossbreeding with another dog breed.

The dilution of the coat not only occurs in the yellow Labradors. The same process occurs in Black and Brown Labradors as well. And that is what paved the path for Silver and Charcoal Labradors.

Let us look more into the scientific facts that prove the controversy behind the Champagne Labradors.

Controversy Behind the Coat Color of Champagne Labradors

The coat color of the Champagne colors has been quite controversial for some time.

The controversy doesn’t occur just for the coat color of Champagne Labradors. It is there in the case of other dilute colored Labradors as well.

Yes, there exists a lot of controversy behind all the unusual yet, beautiful Labrador coat colors. The usual coat colors of Labradors are black, brown, and yellow. And the unusual coat colors of Labradors are the diluted ones; silver, champagne, and charcoal.

One of the important reasons for the controversy for these color coats is that they are relatively new. People were only familiar with conventional Labrador color coats; black, chocolate, and yellow. These coat colors didn’t actually show up until the 1950s.

So quiet normally, people believed the unusual coat colors to be a byproduct of crossbreeding.

And many breeders were accused of crossbreeding Labradors. The breed, Weimaraner, was the one which people believed to be crossed with Labradors to bring out diluted coat colors.

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While some people believe the dilution of coats to be a result of crossbreeding and claims that Labradors with dilute coat colors are not purebred.

At the same time, another set of people believes that Labradors with unusual coat colors are purebred and just like any other Labradors. They believed the unusual coat color to be a result of the appearance of recessive genes that remained hidden for many generations of the Labradors.

Genetics of Labrador Coat Colors

The standard Labrador color coats are black, brown, and yellow.

The Champagne Labradors possess a diluted yellow color coat.

Let’s say the gene that controls the coat color of Labradors is ‘D.’

Then, if an individual is ‘DD,’ its coat color would be the standard yellow one. The same happens in the case of individuals with ‘Dd’ also.

But, when an individual possesses ‘dd,’ the color of the coats gets diluted and becomes a pale yellow. Such individuals are called Champagne Labradors.

A Labrador offspring will only possess a diluted coat if it inherits the recessive genes from both of its parents.

Three Possibilities How A Dilute Gene Would Have Got Into Labradors

So, now you know that dilute genes are responsible for the unusual coat colors among Labradors.

Therefore, now let us find out the possibilities of how the dilute genes succeeded in getting into Labradors.

Here we are discussing four possible ways in which dilute genes would have got into the lives of Labradors and created all these controversies.

Mixed Breeding

The unusual color coats of Labradors can be due to mixed breeding. Someone might have tried to make a more rare line of Labradors. Mixed breeding can also be due to some curiosity or even for fun.

Thus, the Champagne Labradors would be a result of the mixed breeding that occurred between a standard yellow Labrador and another dog from a different breed.

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However, silver Labradors were popularly believed to be a result of crossbreeding black Labradors with Weimaraner.

But, genetic testing done for silver Labradors failed to have any relation with Weimaraner.

Therefore, mixed breeding cannot be considered as a possibility for unusual coat colors anymore.

Hidden Genes

Another set of people believes that the unusual coat colors are created when hidden genes in the Labradors get a chance to express themselves.

Several genetic diseases follow the same trend. The gene of the disease would be hidden for many generations and might suddenly show up in an individual. That is how some rare diseases occur due to the expression of hidden genes.

Likewise, the gene for the coat color of Champagne Labradors might have been hiding for generations. And when the hidden genes got expressed, an unusual coat color has been created.

Champagne Labrador

Inheritance of gene before the standardization of Labradors

The American Kennel Club standardized the Labradors in the year of 1917.

The dilute gene might have got into the Labradors before 1917.

Thus, the Kennel Clubs might have been unaware of the dilute genes while preparing the lineage or pedigree chart.


The mutation is the least possible reason for the unusual color coats of Labradors.

However, the dilute genes can be a result of some spontaneous mutation that occurred in the Labrador genes.

Are Champagne Labradors Rare?

Yes, the Champagne Labradors are rare when compared with the numbers of standard yellow-colored Labradors.

The Champagne Labradors are comparatively rare, as an offspring should inherit a recessive gene from both the parent to have a dilute color coat. And, an offspring rarely inherits a recessive gene from both the parents.

Temperament And Training Of Champagne Labradors

Apart from the coat color, Champagne Labradors usually don’t possess any difference from the standard Labs. The temperament and other features of Champagne Labradors are sam as that of standard Labs.

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The Champagne Labradors are great companions, loving, and gentle like any other Labrador. They make great family pets.

The trainability of Champagne Labradors is also like standard Labs. They are very easy to train.

The Champagne Labradors are active and make great assistance, military, or guard dogs.

Are Champagne Labradors Expensive?

Yes, Champagne Labradors are quite expensive than standard Labradors. It is mostly because Champagne Labradors are comparatively lesser in numbers. And thus, Champagne Labradors have a huge demand in the market.

The price for a Champagne Labrador puppy can go anywhere between $1000 to $3000.

However, remember that a huge price never guarantees you the quality or health of the puppy. Therefore, make sure you are buying from a trusted breeder and have done enough research about the same.

Why Should You Buy Or Not Buy A Champagne Labrador?

You should buy a Champagne Labrador because:

  • Champagne Labradors make great companions just like any other Labrador.
  • They are easy to train.
  • A chance to own a rare dog.

It would be better not to buy a Champagne Labrador because:

  • Champagne Labradors can be a result of crossbreeding. That means, your dog would not be purebred.
  • You cannot easily find a healthy Champagne Labrador from the market.
  • Champagne Labradors are prone to Color Dilution Alopecia.
  • Champagne Labs are expensive than standard Labs.


The Champagne Labradors are just like any other standard Labs. The only difference is in their coat color.

However, the controversy of their coat color still exists and is not proven yet with proper facts and reports. So, the unusual coat color of Champagne Labradors is still a puzzling debate among breeders and dog enthusiasts.

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