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How To Find A Good Labrador Retriever Breeders

Labrador Retrievers are one of the popular homely and cutest dog breeds among others in the world. If you are planning to own one soon, then you should be well prepared to get your new furry pal from an ethical and professional breeder. Mostly amateur pet owners fall prey to false marketing and unethical breeders.

Yes, finding a reputable breeder is indeed a challenging task but not impossible. You may find it time consuming and painful process when you start hunting for a good breeder, but in the long run, this exercise is going to prove very helpful for you and your puppy.

So, how will you find good Labrador Retriever Breeders? Don’t worry, you will surely be able to find one by following certain things while looking for a reputable breeder of Labrador Retrievers. One of the signs which a good breeder possesses is care and love for their breeds. A well-bred puppy will be competitive and healthy in all aspects.

In this blog, we will try to explore more on the subject to facilitate you find a right breeder and healthy furry companion.

How to zero down a good Lab breeder?

As stated earlier, Labs being a popular and in-demand breed, you will find a large number of breeders for them. This will make your task of finding the right breeder even tougher. Not all breeders are going to offer you the purebred Lab puppy as most of them are out there to make only money. Such kind of breeders are termed as ‘backyard breeders’ and one should stay away from them at any cost.

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Backyard breeders do not possess any knowledge about the breed or any breeding standards. They simply breed dogs without looking out for their health ailments, genetic status, and past medical history. These kinds of breeders are even not aware or concerned about getting the dogs registered in the respective kennel or breed club. Appended below are few tips which will help you zero down a good Lab breeder:

  • The ethical breeder will not meet or agree to sell their puppy outside their puppy kennel
  • The bred puppies can be seen kept in a clean healthy environment along with their parents
  • The puppy parents will be reachable and can be met at the time of your meeting with the breeder
  • The health conditions and medical history of pups’ parents will be handy for you to glance through
  • The breeder will be happy to share with you his clientele
  • Not handover the puppies which are less than 8 weeks old
  • Offer his services and guidance even after you take your puppy home
  • Seek permission to inspect the development and condition of a pup by visiting your place periodically
  • The breeder will interview you before handing over the puppy by asking certain important questions such as your financial condition, number of members in the family, previous experience with pets, and so on.

Why stick with reputed Lab breeders only?

If you are going to own your first ever pet in life, it is quite obvious that you will not give much importance to the place from where it will come. Your primary concern would be to get the pet which is economical and available nearby.

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This is not right though as some breeders will sell you the pup for a lesser price but are not responsible for their quality and health conditions. In the long run, you will end up paying more for such pets in their health care.

Unethical and unprofessional breeders are out there to earn profit by selling the breeds without adhering to any of the breeding guidelines. These kinds of breeders do not care about the bloodline of parents and reproduce any dogs freely to get as much as litters possible.

In such kinds of reproductions, you will end up getting the puppies with genetic and health disorders. If you accidentally get hold of any such pup, the breeder will not be ready to take it back from you. Also, he will be not willing to help you at all to handle the situation.

How to refrain from unethical breeders?

The hunt for a dog breeder starts the moment you decide to own a puppy. But in that process, you should not forget to refrain yourself from the unethical dog breeders. If you are one of those who are not much concerned about bloodline or pedigree of the breed, then the best thing is to adopt a dog from the nearby animal shelter.

Being a responsible pet lover you should not encourage yourself as well as others to buy a pet from a pet shop. Pet shops are profit-making establishments and do not care about mandatory guidelines of breeders.

You should always visit the breeder from whom you are planning to buy your pooch. Try to get details of its parents and their medical background. Also, speak with their existing customers and gather feedback about the breeder related to services and the quality of pups supplied by him. The breeder should be registered and accredited by recognized kennel club such as AKC.

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Wrap up

In the end, the basic point which emerges out of this blog is that you should always stick to a reputed Lab breeder regardless of whatever temptations an unprofessional unethical breeder offers you. You might get these little furry pals for the lesser price tag but in the future, you will be required to spend more on its health ailments.

The ethical breeder will always provide you all the required details of the pup to be registered in a kennel club. A dog without a proper kennel certification will not be considered as purebred and also be disqualified from participating in dog shows.

Hence, always try to follow the aforesaid tips to identify the right kind of breeder for your Labrador Retriever. These furry angels should not be allowed to bred unethically as it is not good for them equally as for us.

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