15 Tips For A Happy Labrador Puppy

Labrador puppies are very intelligent, energetic, loving, and playful. They are considered to be ideal pets for first-time owners because of their gentle nature and friendly temperament. Labrador puppies are great family dogs and prove to be stress busters. They require a lot of attention and affection from their owners. Labrador puppies are friendly with kids too.

You should take Lab puppies for a walk regularly and keep a keen eye on their diet as they tend to gain excessive weight which can lead to obesity. It is better to commence their obedience training at an early stage.

These cute little furry pals will give you immense and unconditional love. If you are owning a Labrador puppy, then the joy of returning home to see his cute face and mesmerizing eyes eagerly waiting for you is incomparable. 

In this blog, we will see how you can keep your Labrador puppy happy by following certain things.

15 Tips to keep your Labrador puppy happy

There are a lot of things that you need to do to keep your Labrador puppy happy and contented. Some of them are mentioned below for your ready reference:

Measuring meal sizes is the first step

You should feed your dog twice a day. Also, go through the instructions provided on the box to know the recommended quantity of food for your pet according to his weight.

It is always advisable to give short meals to your puppy instead of providing him one large meal at one go. It would be better to choose a good quality food for your dog which is inclusive of required minerals and vitamins. You can also consult a vet in this regard.

Giving proper care and attention is vital

It is very essential to give a lot of attention and proper care to your Labrador puppy. Apart from food, these puppies love playing, cuddling, and following you. Hence, do not neglect your puppy otherwise he will be emotionally hurt.

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Petting gently to show affection

Labrador puppies express their affection with their mesmerizing eyes and cute faces. However, they also need petting from their owners. Many dog breeds dislike being petted on the head hence pet them in the direction of hair growth. Avoid hugging your puppy around the neck and refrain from touching your pet’s face.

Playing games to keep occupied

Playing games

One of the most effective ways to keep your Labrador puppy happy is to play his favorite games such as ‘tug of war’ and ‘go and fetch’ with him. It is an interactive and effective exercise that will keep your puppy happy and engaged. Moreover, it will enable your puppy to release his energy to a great extent.

Grooming regularly

You should follow a regular grooming routine for your puppy. A natural or nylon bristle brush is ideal for brushing your puppy once a week. However, if you do brushing daily, then it will keep the coat of your puppy clean and sparkling.

Labrador puppies do not require bathing quite often. You should bathe them every 15 days or when they get dirty. If you give them frequent bathing, then their skin will be dried up. 

Training to stay alone at home

Sometimes, your Labrador puppy needs to stay alone at home. However, leaving him alone for a longer period is not recommended. Your puppy should get himself adjusted in your absence if you are a working professional and have to be out of home for a specific period.

It would be better for him if he should adopt this practice in his early stage only. For this to happen, you need to soft train him.

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When you are about to leave home, then sit with him next to his crate and allow him to go inside. Once he is in the crate and settled, then you can leave him alone for a shorter period.

Commencing training at an early stage

The training of your Labrador should be initiated at an early stage so that he can obey your basic commands and get socialized. When you spend time during the training with your furry pal, then you will be able to enhance his social behavior and make him more responsive towards you.

Engaging with varied toys

Playing games

You should buy varied kinds of toys for your Labrador puppy to keep him occupied and happy. When he will start playing with these toys, his focus will not deviate from them and will get engaged for a longer period.

You need to offer some specific kinds of chewable toys to your puppy if he is going through the teething phase.

Offering treats to applause

It is often recommended to offer some treats to your furry pal if he obeys your command. This will not only boost the confidence of your Labrador puppy but also motivate him to be obedient and socialize further.

He will also be able to differentiate between right and wrong. Usually, treats are given to these pets at the time of training to make it stimulating and convenient.


It is also advisable to give your Labrador puppy calcium bones or dental sticks to keep him engaged. When you think your puppy is going to misbehave then occupy him with these chews.

Going for a health checkup

It is very essential to visit the veterinarian doctor for the health checkup of your puppy periodically. The vet will provide you with the vaccination chart and information about the deworming process. In this way, your puppy will remain healthy and happy.

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Caring centers for four-limbed

When you are not at home and that too for a longer period then drop your puppy at dog care centers or boarding. This is the best place for them when you are traveling or need to leave them for a longer period.

These care centers offer various activities for puppies to play and help them not miss your presence.

Regularizing walking to its optimum

Labradors are a very energetic breed, hence you should take your puppy for walking regularly to release his energy. Sometimes, even after a long walk, you will notice that your puppy still possesses the energy to be released.

This might be a challenging situation for you. Hence, in this case, you can make him do some more physical activities or exercise.

Teaching to walk with other dogs

You should also teach your Labrador to walk with other dogs. In this way, he will get socialized with them and in turn, help enhance his social behavior.

Monitoring behavior judiciously

You should monitor the behavior of your Labrador puppy and see the way he acts. You should immediately take him to the vet if he shows signs of restlessness or sudden aggressive behavior.

Wrap Up

Labradors are excellent family pets as they love to be around people. They are adorable and hardly aggressive. You have to decide what is in the best interest of your puppy so that you can make him happy.

You will enjoy spending quality years along with him by taking his utmost care. He will not only be your loyal friend but also of your family members as well.

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