20 Helpful Tips For Caring For A Blind Dog

Fostering a blind dog is one of the noblest acts one could ever do. When we talk about remarkable loyalty and unconditional love, dogs always come first in the list. These furry companions leave no stone unturned to bestow sheer joy and endless affection.

However, taking care of a dog, especially the blind one, is a challenging task. Be it a pure breed or a stray, you need to put in more effort to look after a blind dog to nurture him most healthily. The following are the most helpful 20 tips that would assist you in taking care of a blind dog.

20 Tips to nurture a blind dog in the finest way

Having a blind dog at home means an adorable furry pal that persistently needs your support and love to stay well. Some dogs are born blind whereas some lose their eyesight due to several disorders associated with vision loss. Nurturing a blind dog would require your patience, honest efforts, and time as well. The below-mentioned tips would help you out for the same!

A consistent routine

Dogs are very particular about their routine. You should never make alterations in the routine of your pet dog, especially if he is blind. Dogs never look at the clock to sense the time for particular routine activity.

Dogs, including the blind ones, possess circadian rhythms that are mental, behavioral, and physical changes in response to a 24-hour series. It assists them to sense the time of their routine activities like walking, dinner time, and many more. Any sort of changes in the routine can make your blind dog confused and anxious as well.

Proper training

You must train your blind dog in such a way that he obeys all your commands properly. For this, you can start by teaching basic commands to your blind pet such as “sit”, “stop”, and “stay”. Even though your dog cannot see; you can give directions to your pet through commands. Other than this, you should also give training for pee and poop to your blind dog by setting a particular place for the same.

Noisy reminders for detecting the presence

It is quite difficult for blind dogs to detect the presence of people from a distance. Although most dogs have a great sense of smell, it is still advisable to keep noisy reminders to help your blind dog detect your presence. A particular sound can guide your blind dog in a specific direction.

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Keep the home well-organized

When you are having a blind dog at home, it is very important to dog-proof the house and surroundings as well. You cannot leave things messy as a blind dog can accidentally ingest any hazardous object lying on the floor. Keep all the objects aside to a safe place that can be injurious to your blind dog.

Using different scents for identifying commands

Blind dogs can identify commands and follow the directions with the help of soothing scents such as vanilla, rose, lavender, anise, and valerian. You can use these scents to guide your blind dog to a particular pathway. For this, you can even set up a specific scent for a certain area in or around your home, so that your blind dog can easily reach it.

Do not re-arrange your furniture

Generally, a blind dog can sense the directions and surroundings with the help of furniture as well. If you keep re-arranging the furniture in your home, then it can leave your pet in confusion. As a result, your blind pet might get mislead when it comes to finding directions.

Refrain from changing the place of your dog’s bedding

If the bedding of your blind dog is positioned in your room, then do not change the place of the bedding. It would help your blind dog to find the way to his bedding easily without any hassles.

Secure the vulnerable places of your house

You need to secure the vulnerable places of your house such as swimming pools, sharp edges, and stairs as these places can be unsafe for your blind pet. You can block the entrances to such places so that your blind dog can roam safely without any risks of injuries. You can even baby-proof the furniture with sharp edges.

Educate the guests/visitors, specifically children

A blind dog tends to get anxious when an unfamiliar person suddenly touches him. That is why it is quite necessary to educate the visitors and guests that arrive at your home. You need to convey them, especially to the kids about the blindness of your dog. Ask your guests to come around your pet and let him sniff them gently and then pat him.

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Tactile road maps for your pet

You can place texturized mats so that your blind dog can identify the pattern as a marking of a particular area in the house. It would make it easier for your blind pet to find directions by sensing the texturized patterns of the mats and carpets as well.

Communication is the key

Irrespective of whether your dog is blind or not, good communication plays an important role in nurturing and comforting your pet. Talk to your blind dog effectively as it strengthens the bond between you and your pet. It would also make it easy for you to teach your dog certain things and commands as well.

Do not touch or cuddle your pet suddenly

Make sure not to suddenly touch or cuddle your blind dog as he might get nervous and scared as well. You can go nearby your pet and allows him to sniff you and then you can cuddle your furry pal till he is comfortable with it.

Put a leash on when you take your pet outdoors

When you take your blind dog out for a walk or any other physical activity, there are probable chances of your pet getting deviated. To prevent your pet from getting lost or strayed, you should always put on a sturdy leash.

Getting toys designed specifically for blind dogs

There are pet-friendly toys that are designed exclusively for blind pets such as scented, noisy, puzzles, and interactive toys. Such sorts of toys would help you to keep your pet engaged in playtime.

Keep the atmosphere jovial at home

When you are having a pet at home, it is best preferable to keep things as pleasant as possible. A chaotic atmosphere at home can adversely affect the mental and emotional health of your blind pet. Refrain from hitting or yelling at your dog as it can worsen his well-being.

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Plant herbs in the backyard to give directions

You can plant herbs such as peppermint, basil, rosemary, and oregano. However, certain plants can be poisonous for your pet, refrain from the same for your pet’s safety. Your blind dog would be able to find his way to certain surroundings in or near the backyard by following the aroma of herbs.

Do not restrict your pet’s activity

Try to behave as normally as you can and do not restrict the basic activities of your blind pet such as walking, playing, and outdoor activities. Keeping your pet confined to a room can make him feel frustrated and lazy.

Leaving your scented belonging for the unaccompanied pet

If you are going out of your home for long hours, then leave a scented belonging of yours with your pet. A blind dog can get anxious when he does not sense you around for a longer period. By leaving a cloth or any other belonging of yours that has your fragrance will make him feel your presence, even though you are not at home.

Do not change the place for giving food and water

A blind dog can only sense and identify the place once he has become familiar with it. If you keep changing the place where you used to give food and water to your pet, it would become very challenging for your blind dog to reach an unfamiliar/altered place.

Play soft music for your pet

To comfort and reassure your blind dog, you can play calming pet-friendly music before the bedtime of your furry pal. It would help your furry companion attain a sound sleep at night. It also eases the fear and anxiety that a blind dog experiences quite often.

Wrap Up

Nurturing a blind dog can be pretty much challenging at times as you need to be there perpetually as a strong support system for your pet. Apart from this, your furry pal would also need your guidance to live a healthy and happy life. All you need to give is extra care, attention, and endless adoration to foster your beloved blind dog.

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