How To Train Your Dog To Stop Begging

The life of a dog revolves around two things, that are food and games. They cannot live without either of those. Some dogs even have a huge appetite as compared to others.

Assume you are eating or making something in the kitchen. The dog comes in and makes adorable expressions, which says ‘Give me food.’ Naturally, most dog owners fail to refrain from giving food to their furry pal at that moment. This is the step that will lead your dog to develop a bad habit of begging. But being a pet owner you need not worry about your dog’s begging habit. You can train him to stop begging by following certain methods.

In this blog, we will share some steps, which will stop the dog from begging for food. The basic method is to change the habits of the dog.

Why do they beg?

There are multiple theories when it comes to begging for food. The first one is that the diet of the dog is improper. Many a time, due to the lack of nutrition in the diet, the dog tends to look for more food. As a domestic dog, it has the only option to approach you.

It can also happen, as your dog is a foodie. If a dog is a foodie, then they tend to overeat usually. Thus, even if you have to feed them, they will look for more food around them.

Lastly, it can happen because the dog has developed some bad habits. Maybe the dog thinks that he can eat from your plate.

Should you give them food for begging?

In short, no, absolutely not. Many owners, due to care give food to the dog on begging. However, you must never do it. Why? It is because it will encourage the dog to develop bad habits. For instance, in the long run, the dog will start jumping on the overweight or digestive issues will significantly increase.

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What are the solutions?

Below, we have mentioned the most effective methods to stop the dog to beg for food.

First of all, you need to make sure that you feed the dog first. Many dog owners feed their dogs after eating themselves. You need to understand that the dog is hungry. If you are eating before them, then the dog may think that it will not get any food. Serve the dog first. Let the dog get busy eating its own food. If you do so, then the dog will not have the opportunity to beg for food.

Go through the diet of the dog again. As mentioned earlier, the dog may be begging for food, due to improper diet. You need to make sure that you change the diet of the dog. Try adding more nutrition to the diet. You can also consult a vet for the perfect diet.

If your dog is begging though you have changed the diet, then the issue may be worms. There are instances, where worms in the stomach increase the appetite of the dog. Thus, you need to immediately consult a vet and start medical treatment for the same. Usually, after this, the dog does not beg for food.

The next method is to make a separate eating place for the dog. Never let the dog eat on the same table as you. Why? Well, it encourages the habit of stealing and begging for food. The best way is to let the dog eat in a separate room. They also must have the bowl on the ground.

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In the beginning, you can leash the dog while eating. Since they are eating in a different room, you will not observe them begging. Make sure that the leash is not tight. It should be long enough such that, the dog can roam a bit and lay down. You also need to leave some toy to engage the dog. For instance, you can leave a bone to chew, or a ball to play. If the dog remains engaged, then it will not think about food.

The last step is to train the dog not to beg. Let us understand this with an example. Suppose, the dog starts begging. Now, you must ignore the dog. Do not give food at any cost. This will give the idea to the dog that begging is not an option. Alright, the dog is begging. You may even observe them crying a bit. In this situation, you must command them to ‘Sit,’ or ‘stay.’ Yes, you will have to train them for this and it will take time. Usually, a dog learns these commands within 2 weeks. Moreover, if the dog obeys your command, then you must treat the dog. Thus, the dog will know that obeying is the only way to get food.

What if your dog still begs for food? In that case, you need professional guidance near you. Through that, you will be able to identify the real issue behind such behavior of the dog.

Tips for training

Here are some tips to train the dog to obey basic commands like ‘sit,’ and many more.

  • You need to start at an early age. The best time to start is when they are in puppyhood. You need to ensure that you are patient and consistent with the dog. Never scold or hit the dog, if they do not listen to your command.
  • The next most important thing is to have a delicious treat. A dog will not be wooed if the treat is not delicious. For instance, a portion of dog food is a great choice as a treat. However, as per the liking of the dog, you can change the treat.
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Wrap up

In conclusion, proper training and a few changes in habit can stop the begging easily. Make sure that you remain consistent with the tips already discussed. Moreover, as per the breed you have, the training procedure will change slightly. You need to follow a regime, which is designed specifically for your breed.

If none of the solutions work, then you need to consult a vet immediately. Now, you know the correct way to stop the begging. What are you waiting for? Start training the dog immediately.

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