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Why Does My Dog Open His Mouth When I Pet Him

Are you a responsible pet parent? Have you ever observed that your dog opens his mouth at the time of petting? Is this a cause of concern for you? There may be various reasons why your pet is behaving in this manner.

Why does my dog open his mouth when I pet him?

Well, the answer is, it is because when you pet your dog he relishes it. Dogs also open their mouth when they are in discomfort and anxiety. They may even act in this way to control their body temperature too.

This blog will list out a few reasons why dogs open their mouth at the time of petting. Besides this, it will also explore what do they showcase with the open mouth?

7 Factors causing your dog to open his mouth while petting

There are several causes to ponder why your dog is opening his mouth when you are petting him. You need to find out the exact reason. We have tried to examine various reasons behind the opening of a dog’s mouth while petting. These will help you out for sure.

1. Enjoying and feeling rejuvenated

Your furry pal opens his mouth while petting because he enjoys it. He gets lured by your loving strokes and shows his affection. Dogs also open their mouths while being playful or out of excitement.

You can make out from the body language of your pet whether he is happy or not. When your pet is happy and contented then he will wag his tail. You can see his relaxed face and mesmerizing eyes.

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2. Undergoing pain or discomfort

When you pet your dog, he opens his mouth and takes a deep breath. It happens when your loving pooch is in pain or discomfort. There are also other indications through which you come to know that your dog is in pain. If your four-limbed friend is restless, growls, and reduces his appetite then it is a sign of pain. It could lead to difficulty while moving.

You should keep a keen eye on the activities of your dog. If your pet is experiencing pain, then take him to the vet to ease his suffering.

3. Suffering from allergies

Allergies are quite common in dogs. When you pet your dog, he will open his mouth due to an allergic reaction. You should try to find out the reason for it. This could occur if you make amendments to your dog’s diet. Another probable cause is the introduction of new medicine.

Another sign of your dog suffering from allergy is lethargicness and breathing difficulty. In such cases, you should take him to the veterinarian for treatment.

4. Quenching his thirst

Your dog will open his mouth when you pet him because he might be feeling thirsty. You should always fill the bowl of your dog with enough water. They feel thirsty in the absence of adequate water. It could also lead to dehydration.

Dog open his mouth

5. Feeling anxious

When you pet your dog, he opens his mouth due to anxiety. You should notice the factors which are causing anxiety to your loving pooch. Take your pet to the vet to seek his opinion in this regard. You will help your dog to get better if you know the root cause of the problem.

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6. Facing respiratory problems

While petting your dog will open his mouth due to discomfort while breathing. If you suspect that your dog is suffering from pneumonia, consult the vet to seek his opinion. You should take proper care of your dog in this situation. Also, give medicines to your pet as advised by the vet to provide him with quick relief.

7. Cooling off

Dogs usually open their mouth at the time of panting. It is a cooling mechanism as dogs do not have a system of sweet glands like human beings. Though dogs sweat but very less and that too from their paw pads.

Dogs can also pant after a long duration of physical activity if not from overheating. Sometimes, you can see heavy panting in dogs. If that is the case, then you should place a keen eye on the condition of your dog. Take some immediate steps to keep your dog cool. Also do not expose him to extreme hot weather conditions. If the condition of your dog does not improve then take him to the vet to seek medical attention.

Pet my dog

What your dog showcases with his open mouth?

It is time to take a closer look at your dog when he is keeping his mouth open:

  • Hanging his mouth in a casual position means he is happy, relaxed, and contented.
  • A panting dog communicates the discomfort caused due to extreme hot weather conditions. In this case, you should offer him some water and shade for regulating his body temperature.
  • If a furry pal is pulling back corners of an open mouth, then he is experiencing fear.
  • Pushing forward corners of an open mouth by your dog means he is very much confident.
  • A pet showing his teeth with an open mouth indicates that he is aggressive. It also shows that he is afraid or threatened. In such scenario, contact a professional trainer immediately to regulate his aggressive behaviour.
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Wrap up

Our pets are like our family. It is quite clear from the above explanations that dogs love petting. Petting a dog is a system of initiating communication between you and your pet. The dog is interacting with you through his body language. Yet, not all dogs need petting in the same way. Some like gentle petting whereas others like vigorous petting.

When you are petting your dog, he opens his mouth for several reasons. We have already discussed the same in detail here. If your dog is opening his mouth due to health ailments, then you should treat him immediately. After all, the comfort of your furry pal matters to you the most!

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