When Can Puppies Go Out For The First Time?

Are you eager to go for a walk with your puppy? But do you really know when it is safe to take your puppy outside? Even though you are eager to take your puppy outside for the first time, there would be many queries and fears deep inside about it. But, socialization at the right time is very crucial in the development of your puppy’s character.

You definitely need to know when it is safe to go out with puppies for the first time. So, when do you think puppies can go out for the first time? You can go out for the first time with your puppy one week after completing his/her first round of vaccinations. Puppies usually complete their first round of vaccinations when they are around seven weeks old. But, you have to be careful with the socialization of your puppy until they are 16 weeks old and done with the first series of vaccination.

You will be probably wondering why puppies should not be taken outside before completing their first round of vaccinations. Here from this article, you can understand everything about taking your puppies outside for the first time.

When To Let Your Puppy Go Out In The Yard?

You can allow your puppies to go outside the home and play in the yard unless the weather is extreme. Even the newborn puppies can be taken to the yard and allowed to play. But, it is essential to keep an eye on them.

It would be better not to leave into the yard without proper supervision. Also, make sure your yard is fenced and has proper boundaries. A yard without proper boundaries and fencing is not safe for puppies.

Don’t take puppies outside on harsh weather, especially during peak winters. Puppies also should not be allowed to play in the yard for long hours in peak summers.

Puppies would always love to explore the outside world. So, allow them to play in your yard. However, it would be better to avoid soiled and dirty areas.

It is advised to keep puppies along with their litter at least up to 8 weeks after they are born. Also, eight to ten weeks after puppies are born is a crucial period for socialization. However, if you are planning to buy one, it would be better to buy a puppy of about 8 weeks old.

Although you can let your puppy go out in the yard before completing the first round of vaccinations, it would be better to avoid interactions with unknown animals and pets that aren’t up-to-date with their vaccinations.

When Can Puppies Go Out Of The House For The First Time?

Keeping your dog inside your house always is not a good idea even if you fear them getting caught by a disease. The seven to eight weeks after a puppy is crucial for socialization and development of their temperament.

You can actually take your puppies outside the home one week after completing the first set of vaccinations. But, you really have to take care of and set some restrictions while going out until your puppy is 16 weeks old.

Why Should You Not Go Out With The Puppy Before They Are At least 8 Weeks Old?

Puppies get antibodies from their mother’s milk, and that is what gives them immunity during the initial days of life.

You most probably get a puppy to your home by separating them from their litter and, of course, mother. Therefore, your puppy is not anymore getting the antibodies from its mother’s milk to build up immunity. So, the puppy most probably lacks immunity and can easily get infected with diseases.

Therefore, puppies are vaccinated to build up immunity. The first vaccination series of puppies takes bout sixteen weeks to complete. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to keep your puppy inside the home until sixteen weeks.

You really have to start socializing puppies before they are sixteen weeks old. It is firstly because seven to eight weeks have a crucial role in the socialization of puppies and the development of their temperament.

As said earlier, you can start going out with your puppy soon after they are seven or eight weeks old. However, you should be very careful about the socialization of your puppy until sixteen weeks.

You can find more about socialization after eight weeks and sixteen weeks in the upcoming sections of the article.

Socialization After 8 Weeks

By the time of eight weeks, your puppy would have completed the first round of vaccination. Therefore, you can now take your puppy outside your home.

But, remember that your puppy has not yet built their immune power completely. Therefore, you have to make sure that the exposure of your puppy with other humans and animals are safe.

However, socialization is very important for your puppy at the age of seven to eight weeks, and it is not really a good idea to avoid their exposure to people and animals.

So, you really have to control their socialization and exposure for the time being or until sixteen weeks.

Here are some tips to ensure safe socialization until sixteen weeks:

  • It would be better to socialize your puppy with known people, like your friends and relatives that come home.
  • Ensure that the dogs your puppy interacts with or plays with are healthy and vaccinated.
  • Don’t let your puppy roam around in an uncontrolled area until it is at least sixteen weeks old.
  • Try to pair up your puppy with another dog of the same age and size.
  • You should anytime expect an aggressive play when two canine meets. Therefore, always keep an eye on your pup.
  • It would be better to carry your pup in your hands in public places.
  • Keep your pup on a leash when you are taking it for a walk on a park or road.
  • It is not recommended to visit public dog parks until your puppy is at least sixteen years old.

Socialization After 16 Weeks

By the time of sixteen weeks, your puppy would have completed their first series of vaccination. And, yes, therefore, your puppy has built up immunity and is protected most of the diseases.

Now you can leave your puppy to play with other dogs without much tension. You can take them for a long walk with or without a leash.

Puppies can be even taken to dog parks once they have completed their first series of vaccination. However, keep a watch on your pup’s play with other dogs. However, you should get involved in the play and distract if you find aggression in any of the dogs.

Start socialization with baby steps. The puppies will go a lot of psychological and physical changes in the first few months of their life. Give your puppies time to get adjusted with everything around them.

Socialization is definitely an important criterion for the evolution of your puppy. Therefore, start small and work your wap up effectively.


Now you know when to take your puppy out of the house for the first time. We have tried to provide you maximum information on the topic.

However, each puppy can be different in health and some other factors. Therefore, we recommend you to seek the help of a veterinarian before you cross the important milestones in the life of your puppy.

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