12 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Avoiding Food But Drinking A Lot Of Water

Dogs are the friendliest creatures that you can have as a pet. However, they are not the most expressive when it comes to their wants and needs. Hence, you need to pick up on subtle signs that may indicate an underlying issue. Dogs are known to display strange and unpredictable behavior when depressed, sick, bored, or hungry.

If your dog is not eating properly and drinking a lot of water, it may indicate a serious health issue. Consulting your vet is absolutely essential. Some of the reasons that can be the probable cause of such behavior are stomach issues, stress, change in surroundings and so on.

1. Stress

Stress could be a possible reason for unpredictable behavior in both humans and dogs. If your dog is not eating properly and drinking water, you need to pay attention to stress-inducing factors. Be vigilant towards the minor changes around your dog to understand the root cause of stress.

Dogs are very attached to their humans. Hence, a small change in human behavior can upset them. Also, stress could be induced by a family member moving out or going on a trip.  

2. Health issues

The loss of appetite can be directly linked to health issues. Dogs generally become passive and inactive when they are hurt or ill. Hence, a possible health issue can be the cause of your dog not having food. These issues are not always severe or life-threatening. It can be something as trivial as getting hurt while playing or running.

Examine your dog carefully to look for any fresh wounds etc. In any case, consult your doctor to rule out the possibility of any serious issues.

3. Vaccines

Vaccines are essential for a dog’s health and to prevent serious health issues in the future. However, it can have a few side effects as well. These after-effects are not serious most of the time, but a change in mood and appetite is quite common. If your dog had a recent vaccination, this could be the cause of his loss of hunger. If the situation persists even after a couple of days, you must visit your veterinarian.

4. Change in surroundings

As we mentioned earlier, dogs may exhibit passive and lethargic behavior when they are sick, upset, bored, or even nervous. They may even become aggressive and irritated. A change in a dog’s environment may cause nervousness or even fear. This could be a reason for the sudden neglect of food.

If you have shifted to a new home recently or on a mini-vacation, your dog might not react very well to the changed circumstances, and this could be the possible cause of such behavior.

5. Picky eaters

Dogs are quite flexible and adaptable. However, sometimes they can be a bit picky about their food choices. They may like a certain kind of food or may get habituated to a particular brand of food. In such a case, they may ignore something that they do not like. It may be a minor change that you may not have noticed at all.

If your dog is not eating but drinking a lot of water, pay close attention to any changes in its diet. The best way to get around the situation will be to mix what they don’t like with something that they do to make an easy transition towards new food.

6. Stomach issues

Dogs are curious little creatures, and they have a habit of putting every object in their mouth. This can be unhygienic as the gems on the surface of the object may infect your dog. Just think how many times you have caught your dog licking something unhygienic. This may cause certain stomach problems, which can make them, ignore food and drink a lot of water.

7. A change in the routine

Aren’t we all a little resistant to change? Dogs are not any different. If your dog has developed a routine of having food and taking a walk at a particular time, any change can make them nervous, and they may stop eating their food.

Look for any recent changes in your dog’s routine that you may have made. If you are trying to change its feeding or walk time to fit your schedule, a more convenient way is to make a slow transition into the new habit.

Minor changes may get unnoticed, and slowly your dog will be feeding at your desired time.

8. Isolation

We all know that dogs love attention, and they hate being left alone from time to time. However, they may not react nicely to such isolation. They may get depressed or nervous, especially when they are left alone for the first time. They may start exhibiting passive-aggressive behavior. You need to train your dog patiently to be alone for some duration without getting upset. 

9. Older dogs. 

As dogs become old, they may refuse to eat, or there may be a reduction in the quantity consumed. Most of the time, there may not be any serious issues. However, you must consult your doctor.

Health issues in older dogs are common. Also, they may suffer from dental problems, which can cause them to avoid food. Older dogs need more attention, and finding out the root cause of such behavior in the case of senior dogs is essential.

10. Other pets

Pet rivalry is nothing new in the case of dogs. Dogs love their humans and crave for their attention. In such a case, when they find a new pet getting accepted in the family, they may start exhibiting strange behavior. They may get jealous and can avoid eating to display their displeasure or as an act of revenge. They may also do this to get attention. The best way to deal with the situation is to give utmost love and care to your dog so that they don’t feel ignored.

11. Constipation

Constipation in dogs can cause severe pain, dehydration, and loss of energy. If your dog is avoiding food but is drinking a lot of water, constipation can be a probable cause. If your dog has become lethargic and is whining, you must consult your doctor to rule out the possibility of constipation.

12. Neutering 

If your dog underwent neutering recently, it may experience a loss of appetite. The possible cause can be the pain or nauseousness due to anesthesia. Things should get back to normal in a few days, and your dog will return to its old food habits. However, if the issue continues, feel free to consult your doctor.

These are some of the issues that may cause your dog to avoid food and drink a lot of water. Pay close attention to your dog to help him with the possible cause. There is nothing that can’t be cured with a little love and affection.

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