Dogs Cough

Dogs Cough: Causes and Proper Treatment

You might have noticed several times that your dog starts coughing, and no matter how hard you try to calm him down but no luck. Coughs are a natural occurrence in any living being, but it becomes a matter of concern if he finds it impossible to stop. Dogs mostly stiff at least 5 to 6 times within seconds. So, there are high chances that he might have inhaled some dirt, dust, or undigested material. 

Why does my dog cough? As dogs use their nose and mouth to understand the world around him, inhaling unwanted particles is very common. Other possible reasons could be that he might have eaten something which is making him cough or from any undiscovered illness. It is disheartening to see when such an innocent soul cannot express his discomfort. And on the other hand, you are not able to understand what’s wrong. In those difficult times, we recommend you seek help before it is too late. 

We understand how important it is to understand your dog at his difficult moments so that you can help him properly or decide to take him to the veterinarian. In this article, we are going to talk about types of cough, causes, and treatment for better understanding. 

Various types of Dog Cough

You must understand the type of dog cough when you own one. Try to examine the root cause of the cough and determine whether to declare this as an emergency or not. Getting a clear overview of the situation will also help you to convey the problem to your vet

There are a few types of dog cough which you may come across:

  • Wet cough –See whether your dog’s cough is full of moisture or filled with phlegm. Understand how often it is happening and when.
  • Honking cough – In this type of cough, your dog may make a sound like a honk, which is making him feel uncomfortable.         
  • Hacking cough – This type of cough is usually understandable, as you will notice that your dog will try to cough dry. It will look as if she is trying to bring out something of the mouth or throat.
  • Gagging sound – Your dog will try to make a loud noise while having this type of cough. 
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Now when you have received a clear picture of different kinds of dog cough and how they are different from each other, make notes on how often your dog is coughing. Is it non-stop for a day or two or while running, barking, or while eating?

Analyzing the cough closely will help you to get your dog diagnosed better.

Understanding the causes of Dog cough

Though we will highly recommend you to visit the veterinarian for this type of continuous cough, it is good to have some knowledge regarding the causes of such cough so that you can ensure special care moving forward. 

Let’s focus on some of the factors: 

Kennel Cough

Maybe you are not aware of this term, but this is one of the common causes of dog cough. Kennel cough is also known for a deep and honking cough and is quite common among the dogs who stay in the dog care centers, and spend quite a lot of time with other dogs in the park or playground.

Your dog may be suffering from kennel cough if he has come in contact with a sick dog accidentally. This cough is highly contagious, but there is nothing to worry about if your dog is not that sick. A proper medication, a balanced diet, and ample rest can make things better. 

Swallowing some undigested object

Our puppies do not understand which food is right for them and which is not. They tend to swallow any object they can fit in their mouth. He might have gulped something which is stuck in his throat and his facing a hard time to get it out.

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Hence, it is recommended that you check your dog’s mouth when such a situation arises. If you can sense that something like that has happened, then it will be the right decision to take your dog to the vet or call him at home if possible. 

Heart-related issues

This can be one of the reasons for the consistent cough that your fluffy mate might be facing. Heart diseases are common among dogs and can end up serious if not taken care of on time.

Your dog might be facing dilated cardiomyopathy, valve leakage, etc. problems. Such issues can cause a moist cough, and it damages your dog’s lungs adversely.

There is nothing to worry about if you are getting your dog checked by a vet regularly. The doctor will be able to identify such diseases and will tell you to follow a proper diet following medicines.

Trouble related to lungs

When it comes to coughing, many of us think that he might be suffering from irritation in his lungs. One of the scariest predictions can be lung cancer, which is also common among dogs. These diagnoses do not end up with good results, but please do not worry at all.

Lung cancer can be treated with proper medication and proper check-up. The chances of recovery increase more if caught in the first stage. 


Irritation of lungs and airways can cause Pneumonia followed by a bacterial or fungal infection. Senior dogs can face such health problems resulting in consistent coughing. A proper diagnosis is required. 

Seeking proper treatment for your dog’s cough

Now when you have gathered quite knowledge of the top causes, it is essential to learn how to combat them.

Dog cough can be treated in the most effective ways.

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Contact a veterinarian

Your veterinarian will be the right person to enlighten you regarding the trouble your dog is facing. He needs to perform some tests based on which he will be able to understand the root cause of the issue. Once he identifies what is going on with your dog, he will prescribe you some balanced diet which you need to follow to recover your dog from the irritating cough. 

Some diagnoses may include x-ray, blood pressure measurement, fecal examination, collecting urine samples, and fluid from the lungs. 

If your dog is diagnosed with lung cancer, he might have to undergo chemotherapy, radiation. Heart diseases can be battled with proper antibiotics and under strict observation.

Take care of the food habits of your dog

Along with the treatment, you must focus on the food habits of your dog. Giving him the right type of food will not only help him to recover but also support his immune system. Superfoods like oats, sweet potato, and blueberries can be added in his daily food. You may also ask your doctor to prescribe good dog food, which contains all the essential vitamins, proteins, and fiber. 


Another way of treatment that you should follow is proper exercise. You can hire a professional who can help your dog to perform such exercises which will keep him healthy. There are also plenty of dog exercise tutorials available on YouTube. You can go through them and select the right one and start learning.

Our dogs are not less than a human child. So, we understand how much attention and proper guidance is required to keep him healthy. All we can recommend you is to do a regular health check-up and proper vaccination, which will prevent such health hassles in the future. 

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