Does My Dog Need A Bed In His Crate?

Have you ever thought that your dog might need a bed in his crate? Many people think that dog crating is a sign of cruelty, but definitely, it isn’t.

A dog crate is like a small space for your dog to spend some alone time when he is sad or angry or when he does not like to be disturbed. 

After playing or exercise, your dog might need a place to rest. He might want to sleep so that his sleeping arrangement has to be comforting. You may invite your dog to your bed to sleep, but you might find this disturbing if he makes this a habit. 

Why does my dog need a bed in his crate? A dog’s crate is like a safe and secure place for him in the house. He feels protected in his little area. Similarly, a bed in the crate would be ideal for your dog, where he feels relieved and himself.

Also, a crate bed allows him to stay calm or stay away from any unwanted situation in the house. If your dog’s crate is empty, he might feel depressed. Most of the dogs like to lay on the floor while some prefer to get warm and cozy. For such dogs, a bed in a crate will be the best. 

It would help if you kept in mind that some dogs have the habit of chewing the corners of the bed. If your dog has such a habit, it may lead to an emergency. 

The bed in your dog’s crate should be a chew-proof bed so that your dog is not able to swallow any of it. You should also make sure it is water-proofed as dogs to face accidents frequently and quickly washed. Also, it would be best if you chose a warm and simple bed for your dog so that he does not feel hot over there. 

Choosing the right bed for your dog to be put in the crate

Like humans, dogs have different choices and personalities. You will find various beds in the market, which can be confusing. Picking the right bed for your dog is what will make him feel safe in his crate.

There are some points that you should keep in mind while choosing a bed crate for your dog.

If your dog is under constant medical observation, you can also consult your veterinarian, who can also suggest you look at some of the factors that you need to see. 

Let us check the factors:

1. Easy washing 

Dogs have the habit of vomiting, wipe any ointments used on them, scratch, or even throw food on the bed. Some dogs may even urinate on the bed, and washing such beds can be a hassle. If you are choosing a bed which can be washed easily, it is most convenient.

Every alternate washing of the beds is helpful if the dog is allergic. For allergic dogs, keeping their beds clean can help to control any allergies. 

2. Getting a good fit

It would be great if you look for the correct fit of the bed for your dog. If you choose something expensive and good in quality, but the fit is not correct, your dog may discard the crate and likely come to sleep on the bed with you or on the floor. 

Besides quality, getting the right fit in which your dog’s head or limbs are not dangling outside should be the ideal one. 

3. Absorbent pads like a bed for dogs

Dogs who are sick and senior dogs are benefited from disposable or washable absorbent pads. These beds are beneficial for you as you won’t have the struggle to wash them. You can dispose of such pads, and your dog will also like the fresh absorbent pads each time. 

Special dog beds for senior dogs with medical requirements

If your dog has undergone some surgery or your dog is under constant doctor observation, there are some special medical beds available for those dogs.

We have listed some of them below: 

1. Cot -style beds

Dogs who require constant limb support can find such beds very soothing. These beds keep your dog away from the ground and it supports joints. It is done so that the pressure of the joints and the limbs are evenly distributed. 

One of the remarkable features of such beds is that you will be able to travel with your dog with no hassle. 

2. Traveling beds

Traveling beds are extremely suitable for you to have one for your dog if you have to move a lot. You can’t keep your dog out of your sight as he needs constant attention. For such situations, traveling beds are the rescuer. The travel beds are well equipped with security while on the road.

Dogs also suffer from nervousness and feel uncomfortable due to traveling in new places. These nicely built traveling beds will make your dog feel safe and homely. 

3. Orthopedic Beds

For senior dogs, orthopedic beds are equal to comfort. With the growing age, older dogs may have muscle pain or joint pains. This is especially very common among larger dogs. 

Such dogs generally have veterinarian recommended beds like a box spring construction or medical grade foam. 

4. Heated beds

Another necessary type of medical bedding is heated beds. Heated beds are beneficial for maintaining the body heat of your dogs. These beds are primarily known to keep your dog warm. 

These beds are best for dogs that are adversely affected by the weathering changes, especially cold weather. Also, dogs who suffer from arthritis often get worse by catching a cold. 

Being a dog owner, prioritizing your dog’s comfort and safety should be the ultimate aim. Your little furry friend has all the right to have a night of better sleep and a room for himself.

Try to get your dog to know better so that it helps you to choose the right bed for your dog that can be put in the crate.

Helping you to get your puppy that perfect bed is our only aim. 

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