Take Care Of Your 12 Weeks Old Puppy

Take Care Of Your 12 Weeks Old Puppy

We all know that dogs are human’s best friends. They are always fun, exciting, and adorable when around. Many people keep dogs as their pets. If you are planning to adopt a puppy, it is advisable to keep them with their mothers until they reach 12 weeks.

A 12-week old puppy can bring a lot of smiles to your family. But the main focus should be how they eat, drink, sleep and play. Generally at this age, puppies are ready to be sent home from the breeder. This tender age requires a lot of attention.

Are you someone who just brought home a 12-week old puppy? Then you have come to the right place. This guidebook will help you to understand the importance of training, exercise, and how to take care of your 12-week old puppy.

What are a 12-week old puppy’s behaviors?

Are you planning to adopt a puppy? Make sure that your house is well-prepared for your puppy. Puppies are no less than your own kid. You need to take care of them like your own child. Some of the common behaviors that a 12-week old puppy shows are:

Boundless energy: No matter how much your puppy plays and romps around, he is never tired. Initially, they will run in fast circles. Do not worry, he will gradually get coordinated.

Curious: Take your puppy with you whenever you go out. Give him the chance to explore the outdoors. Puppies are also adventurous.

Possessive: A 12-week old puppy has the tendency to guard/hide this food and toys against other dogs. This behavior is completely natural. Make sure to get this behavior in control when the right time comes.

Separation anxiety: Sometimes, your puppy might feel that he is left alone. It becomes crucial to start training your puppy to be alone.

How to take care of your 12-week old puppy?

Before moving forward, we should know how a 12-week old puppy develops as he grows older. Let us take a look at their development process and what you should do to take care of them.

Bladder control: When a puppy is three-month-old, the puppy can hold urine for about three hours. But when a puppy is 12-week old, you can train them to hold their urine through the night. You need to prepare them for urine based on their activity levels and the quantity of water they drink. Trust us; once you teach your puppy to control their urine cycle, half of the parenting job becomes easy.

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Teeth: A 12-week old puppy starts to lose their baby teeth at this age. They lose their incisors first, then premolars, and at last the canines. It can occur occasionally.

You can visit the vet once your baby puppy reaches three to four months of age. It will ensure that your puppy is not undergoing any bite problems and their teeth are growing normally and gradually.

12 Weeks Old Puppy

Find them chew toys and treats that are safe for their teeth. 12-week old puppy teeth are delicate. Make sure that your puppy is acquainted with brushing the teeth. It can help them to avoid gum problems and relieve sore gums.

Hair: A 12-week old puppy still has soft and tender hair. It sheds very little. Hence, it is advisable to use a very delicate shampoo which has a pH controller.

At this age, you can introduce your puppy to bathing. Make the bathing session fun and positive one. Keep a few dog wipes, especially the hypoallergenic and alcohol-free ones handy.

Immunity: When a puppy is born, the first vaccine is given when the puppy is six to eight weeks old. When he reaches the 12th week, it’s time for the second vaccine. The second vaccination contains Lepto, parvovirus, parainfluenza, hepatitis, adenovirus, and distemper.

How to train your 12-week old puppy?

When a puppy reaches 12th week, it becomes crucial to train your puppy. The training starts at the house. First, you need to house train them before taking them out. Given below are some of the steps that you must follow:

Make a feeding schedule. A well-balanced diet is essential for your puppy too. Your puppy needs to eat on time. It will make him happy and healthy. Remove feeding food in between meals.

Like human beings, puppies need to attend to their nature’s call. The first thing that you should do in the morning is to take your puppy out to eliminate poop. It will keep this digestive system clear throughout the day.

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Slowly make a habit of taking him out to eliminate every 30 minutes to an hour. The best time to take him outside for this job is right after his nap or after meals.

Also, he must go out to poop at night. It ensures that he gets sound sleep. Try rewarding your puppy with a treat when he poops outside, or you can take him for a short walk around the neighborhood.

During the initial days, watch your 12-week old puppy eat his meal. You can gauge his health. If your puppy is uninterested in his food, you can look over it. Sometimes, it can be your puppy’s food preferences, or it can be a medical concern. In such scenarios, always consult your vet and the best option available for your puppy.

Teach your dog to learn the basic commands. For Instance, teach them to sit on your command, or lie down, or come to you.

Crate training your 12-week old puppy is essential. It will curb all destructive behavior and allow you to have a sound sleep. You can also leave your puppy alone without any worries.

What kinds of exercises are essential for your 12-week old puppy?

Always remember, puppies love to play. So it is a great idea to turn the play session into an exercise session. Puppies love to chase, wrestle, tug and romp.

This, in turn, opens up a wide variety of exercises for your puppy. No matter what, consistency is essential. If you are consistent in what you are doing, your puppy might turn out to be a lazy one.

  • You can take out for long walks or runs during the weekend. During weekends, confine it to short walks. Try not to repeat the same activities as it might end up hurting your 12-week old puppy’ growing body. For example, take them on walks on different surfaces such as grass, wooded trails, or pavement.
  • During the summers, you can take them for swimming. It will help them to get used to the water.
  • Play with your puppy. You can make your 12-week old puppy’s dinner time fun by feeding him in a food-dispenser toy. It helps the puppy to keep focused and also complete his exercise session.
  • You can also play hide and seek and retrieving games to keep them engaged.
  • Besides physical exercise, it is equally important to focus on mental training.
  • Introduce them to travelling. 12th week is the right age to take your puppy out with you in your car. Make sure that you associate the car with good things. For example, before going out of the vehicle, give treats to your puppy. So the next time he won’t hesitate to come in.
  • Introduce the, to sights, smell, and sound. Make them a part of your living. Please include them in your day-to-day experiences such as people you meet, the traffic, trees, cats and other animals.
  • Slowly introduce them to their harness.
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Why is exercise important?

To ensure a healthy life for your puppy, a little exercise is essential. Exercise is a great way to build a strong bond with this overall health.

  • The regular exercise controls your puppy’s weight and prevents obesity. Obesity opens up various health risks.
  • A proper potty-training session helps your puppy to fight against constipation and also reduces the chances of inheriting digestive problems.
  • It increases its agility.
  • Exercise helps your puppy to build confidence and trust with you.
  • Your puppy becomes more social with people and other dogs.
  • He can easily cope with your absences.
  • Exercise can also strengthen his muscles and cardiovascular health.

If your dog is not properly trained and is inconsistent in his exercises, he can acquire some of the destructive behaviors such as:

  • Restlessness at night
  • Hyperactivity
  • Excessive barking
  • Excessive whining
  • Predatory behavior
  • Biting
  • Raiding the garbage

A 12-week old puppy does not require more exercise than an adult dog does. Do not overdo. Excessive exercise can lead to exhaustion and joint damage. Try to avoid forced exercises. Some injuries can create a lifetime of health problems for your 12-week old puppy. Keep the games short and sweet as part of the exercise. Try to include ball games, rolling around, or just playing tug with you or your kids.

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