Are Labrador Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

Labradors are intelligent and easy to train breed of dogs that make great family companions. They are quite good and impressive in appearance with their large expressive eyes, broad head, and drooping ears. Labradors with a strong body and love for work also make excellent work service dogs.

Do Labrador Retrievers make good guard dogs? No, actually. They would make better watchdogs. Of course, Labradors are strong and courageous, but affectionate and gentle too. Labradors lack the aggression required in a watchdog. Most of them are very friendly and love the company of people.

However, the temperament of Labradors greatly varies among individuals. And, of course, it is possible to train Labradors as good guard guards if you find them quite aggressive.

Here we are discussing the qualities a good guard dog must possess. And also, why are Labrador Retrievers not considered as a good watchdog.

What Is A Guard Dog?

The guard dogs are trained dogs for protecting their masters and territory.

The guard dogs are usually chosen from large-sized and aggressive breeds. The purpose of the guard dog is to protect its owners or home.

Guard dogs don’t just bark at strangers. They would even bite and attack if they find something suspicious.

Farmers use guard dogs to protect their livestock and crops from invaders and predators.

Actually, any dogs with aggression, strength, intelligence, and comparatively a larger size can become good guards with sufficient training lessons.

Many people still believe that aggressiveness is the only trait they require to consider while choosing a guard dog. But, there are several other traits as well to look for in a watchdog.

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Here are some of those traits you should look for in a guard dog:

  • Playful and energetic nature.
  • High concentration levels that cannot be distracted easily.
  • Highly responsive to the commands of their master.
  • Willingness, energy, and drive to work.
  • Fast mobility.
  • Moderate aggressiveness.
  • Dominant behavior.
  • Loyalty.
  • Alertness.
  • Strong and sturdy body.

Some people look for guard dogs to ensure that their family is safe. When considering a guard dog for your family, make sure that they are loving and affectionate as well.

Are you wondering which are the best breeds to look in for a guard dog?

Here is a list of breeds that would make great guard dogs.

  1. German Shepherds.
  2. Rottweilers.
  3. Dobermans.
  4. Great Danes.
  5. Bullmastiffs.

Are Labrador Retrievers Good Guard Dogs? If Not, Why?

Labrador Retrievers are not usually considered as good guard dogs. They make good watchdogs rather than a guard dog.

Yes, Labradors are large, strong, and courageous, but they are too gentle to fit into the position of a guard dog.

You will find a Labrador easily getting friendly with strangers. Yes, they are very outgoing and friendly to not fit into the position of a guard dog. Labradors love to play with people and cuddling them. And they hardly get aggressive.

The guard dogs essentially need to be aggressive. You will never succeed in provoking a Labrador.

Labradors are not quite good attackers. However, they would defend once they find their masters threatened. But still, they wouldn’t be capable of attacking someone who threatens you and keep you safe and guarded.

However, Labrador Retrievers make great watchdogs.

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Do you know what makes Labradors great watchdogs?

Let us look into that now.

Are Labrador Retrievers Good Watchdogs?

Yes, Labrador Retrievers are quite good for the position of watchdogs.

Labrador Retrievers are quite good at watching people and situations. They are alert and intelligent to know when things get messed up.

But, Labradors will only bark and alarm their owners about dangerous situations. That is why they are good watchdogs and not good guard dogs.

Meanwhile, Labradors don’t attack invaders or strangers when they feel something fishy. And, that is why they don’t fit into the position of guard dogs.

The guard dogs usually attack strangers or invaders if they feel unsafe or something dangerous.

So, now you know the foremost reason why Labradors are not good guard dogs, but a good watchdog.

Here are some of the traits of Labradors that fit them well into the position of a watchdog:

  • Alertness.
  • Intelligence.
  • Loyalty.
  • Easy to train.


As said earlier, Labradors doesn’t fit well into the position of a guard dog. It is because of the fact that they don’t pretty much engage and take efforts to protect or guard you in dangerous situations.

Guard dogs usually fight with invaders and intruders to fulfill the job they are assigned to. Whether it be protecting the livestock, crop, or family, they would fight out their life to keep the things safe and secure.

But, Labradors are quite intelligent and would alert you if something suspicious is happening. Therefore, they are good watchdogs.

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