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Everything You Need To Know About Brindle Lab

Labradors are one of the homely and friendly dogs which any amateur pet lover can consider as his first pet. Their harmless nature and cute activities will make you feel relaxed and happy.

But have you ever heard about Brindle Lab? The most common answer which you will get from many pet lovers would be that these are not purely bred Labradors.

But is this true? Well, the answer is not that easy. Brindle is a distinctive tiger stripe or tri-color kind of marking on the animal. This is generally seen in dogs, horses, and cats, etc.

Many people believe that Brindle Labradors are a result of mixed breeding by the non-reputable breeders. But this is not true completely as many of the purely bred Labradors also possess some shade variations.

At the same time, brindle-colored Labradors are indeed not qualified breeds as per AKC norms. But it certainly does not prove that they are not as good pets as others. In this blog, we will try to find out more about Brindle Labs.

Brindle Labrador shade variants

You should not think that the brindle coat will follow the same pattern, it can vary with respect to color and shades too.

Commonly two styles of brindle coats are observed, dark stripes on a lighter coat and the other one which is exactly the opposite which is termed as reverse brindle.

If you ask how does this brindle happens, the answer would be, ‘genetics’.

Anyways, let us not get into the detailed analysis of genetics and its role but explore some more facts about the brindle lab which is easier to understand as an amateur pet owner.

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Are Brindle Labradors prone to health ailments?

There has been speculation of brindle dogs being prone to many health ailments as they are mixed-bred and not a pure breed. How true is this? Well, this is a general misconception among most of us that brindles are not as good as purebred breeds.

They are just as equal and similar to their other mates and it is just a color variation that makes them unique. It all depends on the reputation of the breeder as the reputed breeder will always test for any genetic issues before breeding.

But it is always recommended to get the most common health ailments overruled before getting a Brindle Labrador into your life.

But still, if you encounter any kind of unusual health problems, take your furry pal to the nearest veterinarian doctor for a thorough diagnosis and check-up.

The veterinarian is the one who has a vital role to play in the brindle dog’s life.   

Are Brindle Lab born with unique characteristics?

Not really! Unethical and unprofessional breeders tend to sell brindle puppies stating that they are special and uniquely bred for their color variation.

If you hear anything like this while going to buy a Labrador, refrain from that breeder as he is trying to mislead you in this context.

They might even try to overcharge you for the brindle breeds but be informed that brindle breeds are no different from other dogs and possess the same traits and characteristics.

Buy from ethical breeders

Being a pet lover it becomes your responsibility to boycott the unethical marketing of Brindle Labradors.

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Many breeders in the market are selling these brindle breeds unethically by misleading the customers.

brindle lab

They even do not maintain hygiene and look for any genetic disorders or health ailments before crossing them.

You should do proper research about the breeder from whom you are going to get your furry pal. Refrain from puppy mills as they are one of the places where you can fall prey to such tempting and false claims.

An ethical breeder will always want their puppies to be at a safer place and may even do a contract with the owner for rehoming the dog if they decide to leave him in the future.

Brindle Labradors should only be bought from an ethical and professional breeder to avoid any kind of issues in the future.

Determine dog breed by brindle coloring

Being a new brindle breed pet owner it will always be difficult for you to determine by its coloring as to which breed your new furry pal is. Fortunately, if you have a dog with a brindle coat you have a very good probability of knowing which breed it is.

What you need to do initially is consolidate the list of all the breeds which have brindle coats. You can then subsequently visit the pictures of them on the website and try to match them with the breed which you possess.

To make your search simpler, you can check which size breed you have. This will further streamline your search results by limiting them to only specific size breeds. The next step would be to assess if your furry pal is short or long-haired.

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After this, try to check the body structure of your dog to match the list. Comparing some features like ears and facial structure as per AKC standards will help you find the most matching profile of the breed you have.

Even after all this exercise if you fail to gather the information of your brindle breed, visit a good veterinarian doctor as he will surely help you find the right answer.

Wrap up

This blog must have given you a fair idea about Brindle Labs along with certain tips to determine the dog breed by brindle coloring. If you are one of those who are planning to own a Labrador soon, it is for sure that you will not fall prey to breeders’ false claims about brindle breeds.

In the end, it should not matter whether you are owning a purebred Labrador or a brindle one. In both cases, these furry pals are going to give you the same kind of love, affection, and companionship. Just love them, they will stay by your side for the rest of their life unconditionally.

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