Chocolate Labradoodle

Chocolate Labradoodle: What To Expect From This Beautiful Shade

Wondering whether to buy a Chocolate Labradoodle or not? Well, this is a mixed breed dog. Commonly, the blend of a brown poodle Labrador Retriever is called a chocolate Labradoodle. This breed has been developed by typically combining a Labrador with a standard poodle. Chocolate Labradoodles look adorable and usually range between small to average sizes. These dogs usually weigh around 50 lbs to 65 lbs. Did you know that chocolate Labradoodles were the first planned cross-breed that was arranged by the Australian Royal Guide Dogs Association?   

This very cute and adorable dog breed is a very smart and sociable dog. Families with newborn children or older ones should definitely own a Chocolate Labradoodle as this breed is exceptionally affectionate by nature. Maintaining this breed is a child’s play. They have a very low-shedding coat. However, in terms of temperament, this breed lacks consistency. Since its invention, this dog has enjoyed strong popularity and has become every household’s favorite pet. 

What actually is this breed all about?

Unlike other Labradoodles, this breed carries a luxurious chocolate brown color. Chocolate Labradoodles stand to be a very intelligent breed and are very active too. An active surrounding is what keeps this breed motivated.

Socializing is something that comes very naturally to this well-crossed gorgeous breed. This is a breed that just cannot stay alone for long periods of time. They are always looking for human interaction or some fun. Considering these traits, one must assume that this breed is more adapt to be adopted by houses with teenagers or older kids.

Despite the color quotient, Chocolate Labradoodles carry the same traits as any other colored Labradoodles. Some owners have claimed that this breed is characterized by some sheer levels of boisterousness. Chocolate Labradoodles are very enthusiastic creatures. They go well when a house has other pet dogs or an active kid.

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Some Outstanding Characteristics about this breed: 

1. Low Shedders

Yes, you read that right. Unlike any of your other four-legged furry friend Chocolate Labradoodles shed comparatively very less. Due to this feature, this breed is often referred to as hypoallergenic. For individuals suffering from pet allergies, this breed stands to be an ideal pet for them.

Having this pet at your house, one would not require too many clean up calls as even before the sheddings fall on the ground, the poodle’s coat expertly catches it. This feature is also dependent on the ratio of poodle genes in your Chocolate Labradoodle. The more the ratio, the lesser will be the amount of shedding. 

2. Temperament

Just by seeing the dark, luxurious brown color, one can assume how enthusiastic or energetic this cross-breed is. They are also very playful by nature. Chocolate Labradoodles have a very friendly nature and can easily socialize with new encounters. However, there are times when they show off their reserved personality around complete strangers.

Carrying the blend features of poodles, this breed can suffer from personality disorder if left alone for prolonged periods of time. Considering their vibrant personality, this dog breed can serve best as any kind of service dog, including seeing-eye dogs and guide dogs. 

3. Physical Features

The physical features are, to a great extent, dependent on the physical features of the parent dog. To get a clear picture of how your Chocolate Labradoodle will look in the future, check out the size and physical features of the parent dog.

However, there exist typically three types of Chocolate Labradoodles.

  • First comes the standard size. This size approximately weighs between 50 lbs to 65 lbs. The height ranges from 21 to 24 inches. The males are more in numbers in terms of weight.
  • Medium size comes second. They are smaller than the standard size and weigh between 30 to 45 lbs. They stand as tall as 17 to 20 inches.
  • Lastly, comes the miniature size. Their weight and height vary between 15 to 25 pounds and 14 to 16 inches. 
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4. Training

As already mentioned, this breed is friendly, playful, and energetic. Hence, providing them the finest training is not that difficult a task to undertake. Since its puppy stage, this breed requires consistent and positive reinforcement training. This breed enjoys being out on the field. They love exploring new horizons and get you all sweaty to chase them down.

Chocolate Labradoodles were created to be every man’s energetic furry best friend. The positive training must be continued to enable them to flourish in their natural exuberance. 

5. Grooming

The coating of this breed is thick, wavy, and sometimes even curly. Hence, it becomes quite common to notice your Chocolate Labradoodle facing problems such as mats, tangles, debris, and dirt.

  • Shower them at frequent intervals.
  • Use appropriate coat care to smooth out the layer.
  • Regular combing also eases its transition from puppy to adult in regard to its coating.
  • The owners can even visit the parlor at intervals of 6 weeks to keep the coat clipped on exclusively.

If the problem still prevails, then taking expert advice and professional care is the best solution.

Things to consider before getting a Chocolate Labradoodle

If you want a pup that is active and lively, you must get a Chocolate Labradoodle. The color of their coat is beautiful and sets them apart from other dogs. However, they are prone to health issues, and hence choosing the right breeder becomes essential. 

  • Chocolate Labradoodles require proper care and attention. Before you get your pup home, get it tested for probable health issues. Also, you need to devote the proper time and energy to develop healthy food habits and regular exercise. 
  • Get all the background information from your breeder. This will help you in understanding its health issues better. 
  • You can also adopt a Labradoodle from a shelter home. This is a humane act that you must consider. However, you may find it difficult to gather background information from a shelter home. In that case, your pup will require thorough testing and proper care.
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Chocolate Labradoodles shed less and are a great family dog as well as a service dog. They are an excellent choice that you must consider while looking for a friendly companion.

This friendly and enthusiastic breed is very new. It was in the year 1989 when this breed was first created. Just like the Labrador retriever, the Labrador poodle parent also witnesses immense fame and popularity.

From the very initial stage, households have shown open arms to this breed. Some of the households even claimed that having a Chocolate Labradoodles at home always kept things lively and fun all around. The friendly nature and convenient traits of the cross-breed dog made it an asset for every household.

The pet owners became more active, and the kids had a lot of fun having this exceptional pet around. This breed looks gorgeous and adorable at the same time.

However, one must not get carried away by its cute looks. The Chocolate Labradoodle has stood out to be one of the supreme service dogs from the dog family. Over and again, this breed has proved itself as an exceptionally talented guide dog. 

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