10 Great Games To Play With Your Labrador

Labradors are one of the homely and playful dog breeds which can make your life stress-free with their cute activities and expressions. Being a Labrador owner is not an easy task as it requires a lot of care and attention.

Labradors are very active and like to be playful all the time. Be it be your clothes, newspapers, or bedsheets, they will take everything into their mouth and run in anticipation of you chasing them. This is a kind of playful scenario they tend to create on their own when they get bored or want to release energy.

Being a responsible and caring pet owner you should try to explore activities and games which can make your Lab happy and fit. The right approach to handle this situation is to discover some great games which can be played both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor games are important because you need to keep your furry pal engaged even if the climatic conditions outside are extreme. In this blog, we will try to explore and list 10 great games that you can play with your Labrador.

Tug of War

Tug of War is one of the favorite games for all dog breeds and Labs enjoy it more than anything. This game is more engaging and involves a lot of physical activity allowing your dog to release his energy at his best. It is a myth that this game will make your dog aggressive and make him dominant.

In fact, this game helps him learn some mannerisms and obedience. The only thing which you should keep in your mind while playing this game is that you should immediately release the tug if your dog’s teeth reach your skin and start hurting.

Dogs in their excitement will be unaware of the fact as if they are hurting you or not.

Hide and Seek

This is going to be an absolutely exciting game for both you and your furry pal. If your Lab is trained to listen to your commands, then this game is worth a play. You should initiate a “stay” command to your dog and ask him to wait till you call out his name. He will try to reach you by following your scent.

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To add more fun to this game you can keep your scented clothes and accessories at various corners of your house. This way your pooch will find it difficult to see your hideout, making the fun last for long.

Sniff the Treat

This is another simple and grooming game for your Lab. Labs are known for their exceptional sniffing ability. Due to this ability only they are mostly preferred in defense services to sniff and find out mines. If you want to groom your Labs sniffing efficiency, you can do it by this fun game.

Try to hide your dog’s favorite treat at the different corners of your house and let him find it. Initially, he might find it difficult but gradually he will get hold of his sniffing capability and start finding the hidden treats.

This game rewards your Lab with his favorite treat when he finds the hidden ones, hence, he will enjoy playing this game.

Go and Fetch the Right One

Go and Fetch is a game that involves both mind and body of your Lab. In this game, you will try to make your Lab distinguish between his various toys. The ultimate objective of this game is to make your dog pick the right toy when you call out the name.

At the inception of this game, you should take all the toys of your dog to an open area and start throwing them one by one by calling out its name such as “ball”, “duck” and so on. If your dog gets you a wrong one, throw it back again by calling out a name that you want him to pick.

Repeat this process until your furry pal succeeds in getting the one that you desired. This will not only make your furry pal release his energy but also explore his mental ability by recognizing the name of his toys.

Let them Play on their Own

Sometimes your dogs want them to be left alone to play on their own with their toys which include food dispensing toys, chewable calcium toys, and bones, etc.

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Let them Play on their Own

You should be careful while choosing toys for your Lab and ensure if they are safe for them. Food dispensing toys are good ones for them as they keep them engaged for a longer period and help fight boredom. Do not leave your Lab unsupervised if you have given him a new toy to play with.

Set Your Lab Free with Frisbee

This game is no different from Go and Fetch but this is more fascinating for dogs as they can satisfy their natural drive to chase by following the Frisbee in the air.

Frisbees being hard should be introduced safely to your Lab as it should not hit your dog hard in the process of chasing the same.

Gradually you can increase the distance of throw to make your furry pal chase hard. Reward your Lab with his favorite treat when he successfully chases the Frisbee and brings it back to you.

Water Games to Quench Your Labs Gaming Thirst

Labs are very fond of water as they were originally bred for helping fishermen in hunting fishes. That is why they have been named as Labrador Retrievers.

Water Games

If you are living nearby beach area, you can take your pooch there for letting him play with the waves. Don’t worry if you are deprived of the beach where you live, you can create a water pool for your furry pal in your garden and toss him a few floating toys to play with.

Labs are also playful with the sprinkle of water coming from a hose, try to wet him with the splash of water especially in summers, this will rejuvenate him for sure.

Win the Race

If you are a proud owner of Lab pairs, you have a great advantage of engaging them both together in activities. In this context, you can let them race to win by keeping a treat at the other end and asking them to chase and get it.

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The one who reaches the spot first is automatically rewarded with a treat that he was chasing whereas the other one can also be encouraged with a treat from your side for his effort. This will motivate him to get prepared for another round soon.

Game to Relax

Many times a game can be a grooming session for your dog and this is one of such games. Here you will train your Lab to remain quiet and calm when he sees a mat or blanket on the floor.

This can be difficult for highly energetic and active Labs but can be accomplished by spending more time with them to learn and understand the game. This game will prove helpful when you want your Lab to relax and rejuvenate.

Let Him Chase You

This is the game that will keep both you and your furry pal fit. In this game, you need to pick up your Lab’s favorite toy or treat and tease him to chase you.

Start running fast when your Lab begins to chase you to get his favorite stuff. When he is about to reach you, drop it, and wait for him to pick it up. Once he picks it up, try to take it back from him, he will run away from you.

Now, it is your turn to chase him down. This is going to be real fun and a medium of energy release for both of you.

Wrap up

That’s it. These are some great games that you can play with your Lab. This will not only help your furry pal in its mental as well as physical development but also a bond between you both.

Not every game needs to be an energy burner. Many of them can be good for obedience, mannerism, relaxation, and so on.

All your furry pal needs from you is your time, love, and care. Being a responsible pet owner you should not refrain yourself from playing with them and nor should you keep them deprived of the playful environment as well.

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