How To Tell If Your Dog Is A Pure Lab

Labrador is the most well-known and adorable dog breed among others. Its gentle nature and friendly temperament make them a perfect family pet. Labradors are good for amateur pet owners as they are very adaptable and friendly with kids too. Labs come in three different coat colors which are yellow, black, and chocolate. Many breeders also have started selling rare colored Labs such as white, red, and silver. With all such coat variations and above all being an amateur pet owner, you should be more careful about the quality of your Labrador breed. You should be able to know whether you are going to own a pure Labrador or not.  

So, how will you find out as to whether your Labrador is purebred or not? Don’t worry if you are not confident enough whether your dog is a pure Labrador or not as there are various methods to check the authenticity such as physical assessment, DNA test, and a pedigree chart. You can check the genetic makeup by going through the DNA test apart from the physical assessment. If you want to know about the family history of your Labrador puppy, then acquire the pedigree papers.

This blog will help you more to find whether your dog is a pure Labrador along with the characteristics of a pure Labrador breed. 

Examining physically to check the purity of Labrador

To some extent you can assess the purity of Labrador by checking out a few parameters stated below:

  • Water-resistant coat: The coat of a purebred Labrador is very dense which protects it from extreme weather conditions. If the dog is having a soft and silky coat, then it is a cross-breed.
  • Thick and sturdy tail: The purebred Labradors have a very thick and solid tail with a curve. If it is narrow and thin, then the breed is not the pure one.
  • A bulge on the skull: The purebred Labradors have a minor but visible bulge on its skull between its ears. The Labradors with a heavier head are not the pure one.
  • Drooping ears: The purebred Labradors have drooping ears that cannot be raised. If the ears are standing up, then surely it is a mixed breed.
  • Coat color: As already stated, the coat of purebred Labradors comprises of mainly three colors, such as black, chocolate, and fawn or yellow. If the dog is having any other color or mix blend of colors, then it is not considered as a purebred. And the ones which have tiger stripes on their usual coat are termed as brindle Labradors.
  • Physical standards: If Labradors are not able to match their defined physical standards, then they are disqualified from being purebred. Any Labrador dog has to fulfill the set criteria of height, weight, and structure to be qualified under the category of a purebred.

Opting for DNA testing to know the genetic makeup of Labrador

The advanced method to know the purity of your Labrador is DNA testing. DNA identification tests are now available and can be opted for breed authenticity checks. You can either get it done at a laboratory or purchase a test kit from authentic and reliable online stores to confirm whether your Labrador is a pure or cross-bred.

The procedure is so simple that it can be carried out at the convenience of your home. If you have opted to buy a testing kit online, a box comprising swabs for acquiring a sample from the dog will be sent to you by a genetics testing company. You have to carefully go through the instructions provided on the box for its usage. All you need to do is simply put the swab in the mouth of your dog to collect the sample.

After collecting the sample place it carefully in the bottle provided with the kit. Ensure that the swab does not come into contact with any foreign body before putting it back to the bottle as it might affect the final result. After mailing the sample successfully back to the company, the results will be out within the specified time frame.

Acquiring pedigree papers of Labrador mentioning complete family tree

First of all, you should look for authentic and reliable breeders for getting a purebred dog.The breeder is liable to provide you the registration certificate of the purebred dog with its parents’ name affixed on it.

Some breeders also hand over a copy of the pedigree during the time of purchasing a purebred dog which comprises all the information of five generations. If the breeder fails to furnish the copy of the pedigree, then you must obtain a registration document from him. You can then request a pedigree document from the Kennel Club based on the registration certificate.

There is a very nominal fee for obtaining a copy of the pedigree certificate. If you are having the pedigree papers in place, then your Labrador is a purebred one and its authenticity cannot be questioned by anyone.

Wrap up

Labradors are a perfect family pet for amateur owners. If you are already having one, then do not worry about whether it is pure or cross-bred unless you want your Labrador to participate in dog shows. The purebred check is something that should always be initiated at the inception of purchase. Breeder plays a vital role in confirming the authenticity of the breed as he is the one who has bred them. He will be possessing all the documents and details of his family tree, health ailments, and genetic issues. Hence, always prefer a certified and ethical breeder while planning to own a cute Labrador breed.

Though it should be not a matter of concern as to whether your pet has been cross-bred or not but you should be vigilant and not be fooled by the seller. By now you must have understood as to how you can get the authenticity of your Labrador checked. But remember, these are loving pooches and provide unconditional love to their owners, they only need the same love and affection from them in return. After all, the motto should be to keep your dog healthy and happy.

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