20 Great Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Dogs are awesome no doubt. However, they ordinarily come along with too high maintenance costs, a fact that drives away many potential dog owners.

Luckily, there are a couple of breeds that are cheaper to make do with. We examine them in the discussions that come along hereunder:

20 Great Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds

#1: Italian Greyhound

These are tiny dogs that similarly take up smaller amounts of space to care for. They are good enough for busy city dwellers. Their main strength is the fact that you do not have to set aside too huge storage and home spaces to be able to care for them.

#2: Whippet

The whippet comes in next. It hardly strolls or requires you to take it for a walkout and about in the open. Thus, they also cost comparatively less to care for in the long run. That they have shorter coats also makes the task of grooming somewhat simpler to undertake.

#3: Border Terrier

If you are seeking a dog that is a fast learner, the Border Terrier, it is! This dog is adept at picking new concepts. That is because it is on the whole trainable and lovable. Moreover, it is also very affectionate with small children. All you have to do is administer a quick brush every week or thereabouts.

#4: Tibetian Spaniel

For a large part, the Tibetan Spaniel does lounge within the vicinity of the home. Also, they love pre-occupying themselves with the toys. Thus, they demand too little attention from you and thus bring along the need for excessive financial resource investments on your part. That also frees you to pursue other vital matters.

#5: Drever

Drevers generally stick to one flawless routine, regardless of how pleasant or not it may be. Upon acquiring one for yourself, all you have to do now is to acquaint them with a specific routine. You won’t have to struggle to repeat the regime every now and then thereafter.

#6: Basset Hound

On the whole, the Basset Hound is lazy, low-key, and very patient. In fact, they do not mind at all whether you are at home or not. Just give it enough feeds and there you go! Further to this, they also tend to be very loyal. Hardly will they slip off and switch allegiance to other owners.

#7: American Staffordshire Terrier

An American Staffordshire generally likes being in the company of other people. You will subsequently find it awesome for playing Frisbee, running around, biking, and pursuing other people-centric activities. For this reason, they will easily blend well with those in your households. That is not to mention the reduced costs of overall upkeep and maintenance.

#8: Tosa

The Tosa is generally a gentle giant. Though big, it is not as cruel and violent as the other dogs of its stature generally are. Due to this, you will find the breed pretty soft, patient, and generally convenient to get along with. Particularly, it is good enough to walk around with from one place to another.

#9: Rat Terrier

Do you love matters of playfulness and activities? The Rat Terrier is the one to look up to. It is on the whole compact, playful, and cute. Even if left at home, it will hardly get lost or mess around with the other things that exist therein. That means limited attention on your part.

#10: Broholmer

Searching for a low-maintenance dog for your family or household? The Broholmer is the one to set your eyes on. It on the whole possesses a relaxed demeanor and undying loyalty to the members of the typical household. Hardly will it bite any member and hence warrant excessive medical or healthcare costs on your part.

#11: Bull Mastiff

Though this breed of the dog seems ferocious from its outward appearance, it is anything but that. On the flip side, it also complies with the family values and gets along well with the members of the typical household. Just train it the various commands you would want it to uphold and there it shall go!

#12: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed is largely renowned to be able to sense and adjust to the unique temperament of the owner. It is hence unlikely to interfere or collide adversely with the owner at any given time. You just have to let it know of ‘your side’ and have it take over from that. That does not cost too much money, does it?

#13: French Bulldog

When all factors are put into consideration, the French Bulldog has a uniform temperament not to mention demanding minimal grooming. In addition to these, it barks less regularly while at the same time adapting easily to the family lifestyle of the household wherein it is adopted. All these require limited financial input on your side.

#14: Doberman Pinscher

Seeking a dog to use for the matters of physical fitness? The Doberman Pinscher is the one to prioritize. Of all the breeds that exist, it is this one that suits such matters fine. This dog is overall truly loyal to its owners and will hardly stray to his commands. That makes it a cheaper and timely companion to work with.

#15: Dachshund

Dachshunds are excellent gamers. They tend to pick up new concepts faster than most other contemporary breeds do. Specifically, they are great for intense and rigorous gaming activities like the ultimate Frisbees and running around the house. Once taught and trained, they hardly require any extra costs of maintenance thereafter.

#16: Manchester Terrier

Of all the low-cost maintenance dogs we have around, it is this Manchester Terrier that stands out in matters of grooming. It is hence great to utilize for those hectic lifestyles that are more likely to inflict dirt and other forms of contaminants on the bodies and coats of the dogs.

#17: Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are small dogs that are playful, multipurpose, and adaptable to all kinds of common household activities. That is because they take a shorter duration of time to grasp new concepts and entrench themselves in a new area. It hence goes that your purchase and use of them are generally able and more inclined to be simpler and cheaper.

#18: Boston Terrier

With their tuxedo-style coats and big brown eyes, the Boston Terriers are truly breathtaking to behold. They mainly stand out in the number of walks they might need per day. You do not have to walk them around every quite often as is the norm with many other dog breeds. That of course translates to reduced costs of overall maintenance.

#19: Bedlinton Terrier

Like many of its Terrier cousins, this one is optimized for the matters of hunting. It is on the whole bolder and good enough for the watching of predators and other imminent dangers. They hardly fall sick and typically maintain an active lifestyle throughout their engagement with the local compatriots.

#20: Velcro Vizsla

This breed of dog is so named because they often tend to want to be quite close to their owners. That aside, they also love jogging around and uphold an active lifestyle. Due to these constant activities, the breed is on the whole less likely to fall sick or be obese. That of course leads to reduced costs of healthcare and overall maintenance.


Our look into the top 20 low-cost maintenance dogs come to an abrupt end there. We now trust that you have what it takes to be able to make the most suitable find for your dog of this kind. Why not take the necessary lead to do so? Ask of us for any further assistance if need be!

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