Fluffy Dog Breeds

30 Fluffy Dog Breeds

Fluffy dogs have the distinct ability to make your rooms and homes truly beautiful. Isn’t it awesome to get to know more about them? Our loom into the 30 fluffy dog breeds below goes a long way to do just that.

30 Fluffy Dog Breeds

30 Fluffy Dog Breeds

#1: Bichon Frise

This is a small dog breed. It doubles up as a member of the non-sporting group of the dogs. Overall, it is a fairly-balanced and wiry-haired terrier-like toy dog. Its demeanor and intellect match that of a good pet house.

#2: Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff weighs a whopping 175 pounds and gets to the height of 30 inches from the ground. Its face is fluffy whole at the same time it is also ferocious enough to be used as a guard dog.

#3: Samoyed

If you are seeking a scary dog that is more likely to chase away intruders, this is the one to look up to. It is overall big, fluffy, and white in color. These notwithstanding, the breed is also lively and happy for your households.

#4: Rough Collie

As its name implies, this breed is truly rough and aggressive. That stems from the extra fluff that its coat possesses. Also, this breed is quite aggressive yet highly protective in equal measure. It is hence awesome for common household use.

#5: ​Old English Sheepdog

From its designation, you can straight away know that this dog traces its roots from England. It has been used since time immemorial for the matters of shepherding. Its coat contains plenty of fluff that gives it a scary look.

#6: Newfoundland

Popularly called the “Newfies,” this is by far the weightiest of all the fluffy dog breeds. The breed is able to get to 150 pounds when fully grown. Its stature comes about in a fluffy and dense thick fur coating.

#7: Malamute

Its full name is the Alaskan Malamute and it is, on the whole, a strong working breed that is also fluffy. Due to its sheer strength, the dog is extensively used for hiking, sledding, and backpacking in the tough terrains.

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#8: Leonberger

Leonbergers are generally gigantic but silly breeds of dogs. They are also scary by virtue of possessing thicker coats, fur, and fluffy appearances. Use their sheer size and energy to tackle many of the strenuous chores you might have.

#9: Great Pyrenees

This breed of dog is so-called because it originates from the Pyrenees regions of France. It is on the whole truly beautiful, super strong, and quite majestic in size and stature, all because of the fluffy coats.

#10: Eurasier

Though called Eurasier, this breed of dog does not really originate in the Eurasian region of Russia. Instead, it comes from Germany. It is on the whole aggressive, fluffy, and quite gigantic to the naked eyes.

#11: Bouvier des Flandres

You may have already guessed that this Bouvier des Flandres comes from or is somewhat attached to France. It gets to the 10 pounds when fully grown. Then its appearance is also somewhat awesome due to the extra fluff.

#12: Bearded Collie

Just as its name implies, this Collie is truly bearded and contains plenty of fluff and hairy coats. Aside from that, the dog is also intelligent, happy, and quite active in nature.

#13: Bernese Mountain Dog

From the name of this dog, you can straight away know that this breed is highly optimized for the mountainous areas and regimes. To make it warmer, its fluffy coat is thicker than that of your ordinary dog.

#14: Australian Shepherd

Famously called “Aussies” this breed of dog is primarily meant or inclined to the matters of partying. Apart from the matters of partying, this one also contains a fluffy coat that is quite attractive to the naked eyes.

#15: Shetland Sheepdog

The “Shelties” as they are popularly called are good for the matters of farm work. Its appearance is truly fluffy mainly due to the extra-thick fur and the ability to stay warm at all times.

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#16: Keeshond

Generally speaking, the Keeshond is great for the matters of household family and indoor environments. That is due to its wholly sociable character. The outer coat of the dog contains a thick fur that is also fluffy.

#17: Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphunds are generally quite cute and hard-working in equal measure. Further to the aforementioned, the breed is heavily bearded and hence contains a sufficiently high level of fluffy materials.

#18: Chow Chow

You may have heard of the chow chow but just what is it and what sets it apart from the others? Well, this breed looks adorable indeed owing mainly to the cuddly stature and the over-protective fur cover.

#19: American Eskimo

A combination of energy, intellect, affection, and excitement defines the American Eskimo. This combination makes it an awesome family dog. Its physique is strong and characterized by a thicker fur.

#20: Yorkshire Terrier

“Yorkies” as they are popularly called love affection and personality charm. Their exteriors have some soft and charming furs that are great to the touch. Those two combine to make it great for the family.

#21: Toy Poodle

If you are seeking a dog to train to listen to your commands, we ask you to set your eyes on the Troy Poodle. It is on the whole quite responsive to prompts and commands. Its curly fur exterior is also great to the touch.

#22: Shih Tzu

When all factors are taken into account, the Shih Tzu is a laughable species. That is because it is full of charm, playfulness, and overall great demeanor. The coats are hairy and good enough to behold.

#23: Pomeranian

For all practical purposes, this breed is full of confidence and playfulness. Its coat is truly fluffy and requires constant brushing as well as daily maintenance. When brushed, it gives off impressive appearances to the eyes.

#24: Lhasa Apso

Previously used extensively as guards in the royal palaces of Tibet, the Lhasa Apso still continues with this duty to date. It does have a thick coat that is greatly resistant to the menace of shedding of the fur.

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#25: Pekingese

It is a unique breed of dog that traces its origins from ancient China. Unlike many other dogs in this list, this one has soft rather than a hard coat. Moreover, it may also be molded into all kinds of lavish fashions.

#26: Havanese

Out of all the leading breeds that are fluffy, it is this Havanese that has the biggest heart. Indeed, the breed is timid and largely withdrawn for a large part. Its exterior is not as fluffy as many of the leading breeds we have tackled.

#27: Cockapoo

As its name derives, this breed is a half-breed between the poodle and the cocker spaniel. Thus, it blends the traits from each of these base breeds. You will find it fit and welcoming for any family.

#28: Coton De Tulear

The Coton De Tulear generally has softer and fluffier appeals much like the Velcro materials are. Aside from their physical stature, this breed also possesses a calm and sweet demeanor.

#29: Saint Bernard

It is a classic breed that grows to a gigantic size and stature. When fully mature, this one develops some long hairs that subsequently lead to a shaggy coat. The breed gets quite protective when finally mature.

#30: Papillon

Rounding up the list of the leading dogs is the Papillon. It is largely bred for companionship and hence forms a great pet choice for whole families. Its fur varies in color from brown to tan to black.


Indeed, the 30 fluffy dog breeds we have exhausted above are awesome in their own regards. You want to pay a higher level of attention of priority to them when seeking a dog for your use and handling.

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