Are Pekingese Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Are you searching for a small and adorable dog that takes a smaller space? Pekingese breed dogs are perfect if you have a small apartment. They will fit comfortably in there without any hassle. But don’t get fooled by its size. They are incredibly bold and athletic. There can be many questions popping in your mind before buying a breed.

Are they hypoallergenic? The Pekingese cannot be classified as a hypoallergenic dog breed because they shed a lot. That’s way, Experts don’t recommend them for allergic people.

Dog allergies are not acceptable. You don’t want a runny nose or eyes while you love them. A dog that sheds a lot is not considered to be hypoallergenic. Pekingese dogs are amiable and are the right family breed. They can stay indoors for a long time without even getting irritated.  On the other hand, they are calm and smart and have a lot of confidence.

Want to know more about Pekingese dogs? Continue reading and explore more about them.

What are the characteristics that make dogs hypoallergenic?

One of the most common factors that we think makes a dog hypoallergenic is that they do not shed fur. But there are many other factors too apart from this. A dog has a large amount of fur and is more likely to shed dander and hair.

But according to a study, even a dog having less hair can shed dander. The dander in the air floats and can enter your breathing system, causing chronic pulmonary problems. The protein in the urine and saliva can also be the main factor that does not make a dog or a cat hypoallergenic. These proteins can easily stick on the dander and can cause allergy.

Is Pekingese Dog Considered to be Hypoallergenic?

NO. They are not considered hypoallergenic due to the presence of a massive amount of shedder in their body. Due to this shedding, it is not recommendable to have this dog for allergic people. 

Pekingese dogs come from the Shih Tzu breed, and often people have a misconception of it being hypoallergenic. Due to their heavy shedding, you need to take extra care not to fill your house with all the dog hair. You have to brush, groom and even sometimes trim their hairs continually. But it would be very disappointing to cut their hair because that is their sign of glory and pride. They are often known as the lion dog of China due to their fluffy and luxurious coat.

Hair is not the reason for allergy, dander is. The hair itself cannot harm, but the dander can severely trigger the allergy and cause various problems. Thus, it is crucial to clean your house and clothes daily to get rid of them. It is better to avoid owning such a breed because it can cause you unwanted troubles. 

The Few Signs That Shows That You Are Allergic to Dogs

If you get close to Pekingese dogs and experience any of these kinds of symptoms, you are probably allergic to them. Few of them are:

  • Sneezing
  • Running Nose
  • Itchiness
  • Red Eyes
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing

Few Tips to Keep in Mind to Reduce the Allergy Symptoms

Suppose you are aware that you are allergic to dog hair but still want one. You can follow a few tips and can reduce the intensity of the allergy.

  • Please keep your pet away from the rooms where you spent a lot of time like a bedroom.
  • Please get rid of all the dander from their coat by giving them a weekly bath.
  • Clean your carpet and rugs clean. Wash them a very alternative day, if possible.
  • Make a shelter for your pet in the garden or an open area if the weather is good.
  • Use a vent filter or HEPA to get rid of airborne allergies from the pet.

Grooming Tips for Pekingese Breed Dog

A few of the essential grooming tips include:

  • Brushing their oat at least two times a week.
  • Giving them a proper bath at least once a week. Please do not over bath them.
  • Clean their ears and teeth.
  • Keep their nails trimmed.
  • Avoid rugs, mats, carpet that can trap dog hair easily.

Other questions related to Pekingese Dogs

What is the barking Behaviour of this Breed?

This breed does not bark aggressively until they notice anything strange. So, do not ignore your dog’s barking. Check out whether any stranger has shown up or something else. They prefer to do their job and mind their own business instead of unnecessary barking. This behaviour makes them ideal for apartments or houses with small or fewer rooms because they do not disturb their neighbours.

What is the level of smartness?

The Pekingese breed is not extremely smart, but you can brush them up after a few training sessions. It does not mean that they are not intelligent. Proper routine training can make them smarter than dogs who are much smarter than them. At their initial stages of training, they can be a little stubborn due to their inherent heritage. All you need is patience and extra care and attention towards them.

What is the lifespan of this breed?

Pekingese dogs reach their full height in between seven to ten months after their birth. They can gain weight after that. The possible and average lifespan of this breed is around 10 to 11 years. According to studies, the most common reason for their demise can be heart failure. It is highly recommendable by the vets too often check-up and not ignore any disease. It would help if you cured even small things before they get serious.


By now, it should be clear to you that the Pekingese dog breed is not hypoallergenic. They have luxurious hair, and it can trap dander in it, which can cause severe problems to highly sensitive people. Even dogs having no hair can sometimes be allergic. Do proper research before you adopt any breed, whether you are allergic or not, always follow the grooming process without fail. Lastly, never ignore your dog’s bark. They try to communicate with you in their way.

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