Blue Heeler Lab Mix

Blue Heeler Lab Mix: A Complete Guide

The ever-increasing craze for the hybrid dog breeds amongst the pet fanatics has given rise to the evolution of designer furry pooches. If you are looking for an outgoing pet that is affectionate and heroic as well, then a Blue Heeler Lab Mix would be the perfect dog breed for you.

This breed is very swift in learning things and intelligent as well. The amazing thing about this dog breed is their friendliness, affection, and positive attitude. With the quality which this breed possesses, you will easily identify the characteristics of both Lab and Heeler.

Also, these designer camaraderie pets stand amongst the all-time favorite hybrid dog breeds in the segment. In this blog, we will try to shed light on a few interesting facts that you need to know about the Blue Heeler Lab Mix.

Few facts about Labraheeler

Blue Heeler which is also known as the Australian Cattle Dog is bred with Labrador Retriever to get the Blue Heeler breed. This breed was introduced due to the emerging need of herding dogs during the 1800s when Australians required them to raise cattle. The Blue Heeler is a registered breed with the AKC. This breed is also recognized by Guinness World Records to be one of the breeds which lived for more than 29 years.

Labraheeler comes in a variety of coat colors and inherits traits of their Lab and Blue Heeler parents. The ears of this breed are usually floppy or pointed and in some cases can be regular also. One cannot easily predict the appearance and characteristics of this breed which is generally dependent on their parents.

The height and weight of Labraheeler vary between 18-24 inches and 50-60 lbs respectively. But these parameters can vary according to gender, diet, exercise, and genetic inheritance. This breed has a double-layered coat and comes in either blue, black, red, or yellow coloring in most of their body part. The average lifespan of Labraheeler is about 12-16 years.

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Pros of having a Labraheeler

  • The Labraheeler breed is a friendly and family dog due to its trait of being very gentle and good to children as well. This dog breed is well known for its loyal and smart nature.
  • This breed is very good for pet owners who have a very active lifestyle. These dogs being energetic, require a lot of activities to release their energy by going for a walk and indulging themselves in intense physical activities such as trekking, etc.
  • This breed is perfect for herding tasks and is mostly used to raise cattle.

Cons of having a Labraheeler

  • Mix breed personality issues are one of the major concerns. In this case, you can’t be sure about satisfying personality traits.
  • This breed is not good and preferred for the family which are sedentary. The Labraheeler breed is generally known for its active nature and herding behavior.
  • Labraheelers are hard to train due to their stubborn nature and strong personality.

Raising Labraheeler breed with care

Like any other breed, the basic rule is to get the Labraheeler socialized in its early stage with your family, relatives, and children. They can also live with the other animals in your family comfortably if they are introduced to them gradually in their puppyhood.

This breed is different from its parent breed and requires a lot of care. Labraheeler is very stubborn and hard to train but at the same time very intelligent too. This dog breed requires a lot of physical activity to release their energy and remain fit as well. Appended are a few factors which need to be kept in mind while owning a Labraheeler.

  • Intense physical activity is a must for this dog breed. Labraheeler being bred as a herding dog tends to become destructive if proper attention and exercise are not imparted. The best way to help them release their energy is by getting them engaged in games and other related activities.
  • The Labraheeler breed is a moderate shredder and requires less grooming and brushing. Bathing can also be carried out once in a month to get rid of odor coming out due to its daily activities. The nails of this breed grow very fast hence require trimming periodically.
  • You should feed this breed dry food that contains a good protein level. Labraheelers are energetic dogs and tend to consume a lot of food but you should refrain from overfeeding them. It is good to give them a slightly heavy morning meal in comparison to their evening meal. At the same time, you should also plan the diet as per their age, health, and daily activity.
  • Labraheeler usually does not encounter any genetic problems but comes across some health issues like other breeds. The minor health issues out of them can be cataracts, skin rashes, elbow dysplasia, etc. whereas major ones are arthritis, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and so on. To overcome the major illness in your dog, you should consult a professional veterinarian without wasting time. This will help him regain his healthy and energetic lifestyle soon.
  • Training of Labraheeler is not easy due to its stubborn and dominant nature. If you want to train your furry pal with obedience, you should better get it done at their early stage. The best way to tame and train them is by positive reinforcement techniques. When your pooch obeys your command during the training session, appreciate them by giving their favorite treat.
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Temperament and trait of Labraheeler

The Labraheeler temperament is a mixture of good and bad. Though they are loyal, playful, and social, their rowdiness and aggressiveness can also not be ignored at the same time. It is a well-known fact that Labraheeler breeds are intelligent and protective of their owners.

Due to this trait, they tend to bark a lot which can be problematic to the dog owners living in an apartment. This trait is helpful if you are looking for a watchdog. If you want to keep a check on the nuisance barking of your furry pal, engage him in the physical activities and games. This will help him overcome his boredom and release energy effectively.

Wrap up

By now you must have understood that this Blue Heeler Lab Mix is a highly energetic and stubborn breed. If you are planning to own one, you should be ready to spare enough time for their daily physical activities. This breed is good for the ones who love to stay outdoor the most.

Labraheeler is known to be loyal, playful, and good companion dogs. They are also good with children due to their loving and caring nature. Though they tend to be stubborn during their training sessions and disregard their owners’ commands at times, they rarely misbehave and become violent.

In the end, you should understand that your furry pal is completely dependent on you for their health and happiness. This energetic and lovable breed is no doubt a great fit for your life but at the same time, you should pay the required time and attention to them to lead a happy life. It is for sure that you will enjoy the companionship of this amazing and energetic pooch.

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