Red Labradoodle: A Complete Guide

Labradoodles are one of the most beloved designer dog breeds across the globe that is highly in demand for their affectionate nature and low-shedding hairs. These furry companions are excellent guide dogs and allergy-friendly as well, the credit for which highly goes to their lineages of Labrador and Poodle. The best part about Red Labradoodles is that they come in a diverse range of assorted colors that never fail to mesmerize the people around them.

Being a hybrid dog breed, Red Labradoodles owns a coat that possesses the shades of mahogany. These furry pals resemble a fluffy teddy bear that comes with a black nose. Red Labradoodles are rare to spot due to coat color originated from recessive traits. It is originated from crossbreeding a dark-shaded Poodle with cream or tan-colored Labrador. Also, the coat color of Red Labradoodles might vary from light ginger to a deep burnt reddish-brown.

Red Labradoodles not only look enchantingly adorable but they also possess certain traits that every pet buff searches for in their ideal pet. In this blog, we would explore more about the Red Labradoodle and everything you need to know about this dog breed.

Red Labradoodles Rich Origination History

The need for the Labradoodle dog arose out of inevitability. Since this dog breed was originally bred in Australia, these furry pals are often addressed as Australian Labradoodles. In the 1980s, Wally Conlon, the in-charge of puppy breeding at the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia was the first one to bred these designer pooches.

It is believed that a blind lady once came to Wally Conlon with a request that she needs a guide dog but her husband is severely allergic to dogs. To meet the requirements of the lady as well as her husband, the Labradoodle was born. These hybrid furry pals inherited the characteristic of a great guide dog from their Labrador lineage and low-shedding trait from the Poodle pedigree. Besides being a hypoallergenic breed, Labradoodles are also highly efficient as guard dogs for the visually impaired people.

Size Variants of a Red Labradoodle

Not all the Red Labradoodles need to come in the same size. Some breeders often mate a Labrador either with a Standard or a Miniature Poodles. Depending on the mating criteria, Red Labradoodle can be either taller or smaller.

Generally, this hybrid dog breed comes in three different sizes namely standard, medium, and miniature. However, amongst these three, the medium and miniature Red Labradoodles are highly adaptable and suitable for the apartment lifestyle. The following details would help you to gain a better understanding of the size variation:

  • Standard Red Labradoodle: Their height and weight range around 21-24 inches and 50-65 pounds respectively.
  • Medium Red Labradoodle: They are 17-20 inches tall and weigh between 30-40 pounds approximately.
  • Miniature Red Labradoodle: Their height varies between 14-16 inches whereas the weight stands around 16-25 pounds.

Assorted Coating Patterns of a Red Labradoodle

  • Hair Coat Type: This type of coating is straighter and longer that resembles the coat of a Labrador Retriever. Furthermore, this coat type will shed and is not completely odor-free. Both of these factors can trigger allergies in sensitive people.
  • Fleece Coat Type: This coat type possesses a silky, soft, and smooth texture with subtle curls or waves. Also, the fleece coating might or might not shed depending upon the genetics of the dog.
  • Wool Coat Type: This type of coating resembles the typical coat of a Poodle. The coat texture is thick, curly, and wiry as well. Apart from this, it does not even shed much that makes this coating allergy-friendly. However, this coat type is not easily manageable as the hair gets tangled quite often.

The Grooming, Brushing, and Bathing Necessities of a Red Labradoodle

The grooming, brushing, and bathing needs would highly depend upon the type of coating that a Red Labradoodle possesses. The hair coat would require regular brushing to keep the hairs easily manageable. On the other hand, the fleece coat type would require thorough brushing sessions at least thrice a week. Apart from this, the wool coat type would need light brushing sessions once or twice a week.

Furthermore, you should take your Labradoodle to a professional pet groomer once or twice in a month to fulfill all the grooming requirements. Also, to keep your beloved pet well-maintained, you should bathe him at least once or twice in fifteen days using a good quality pet shampoo.

The Aesthetic Genetics of a Red Labradoodle

Ever wondered where the red coat color of the Labradoodle came from? Well, every dog breed possesses two pigments namely eumelanin for black and phaeomelanin for red color. Due to this, the red and black coats are often referred to as default colors. Although, all the dogs do not have either a black or a red coat as the inherited genes can changes the default color of the coating.

Some genes can even change the black colored coating until it looks grey, brown, blue, or the other color variations. Similar to this color-changing mechanism, some genes would also modify the red color of the coating until it completely resembles colors such as tan, cream, golden, yellow, orange, or other shade variations.

Also, the color of the nose and eyes of a Red Labradoodle would depend upon the Eumelanin. Due to the genetics, the color of the eye can be turned to brown, amber, hazel, or any other closely-related shade. The original hybrid Red Labradoodle would possess a black nose with dark brown eyes.

The Jovial Personality of this Adorable Dog Breed

Red Labradoodles are easy-going pets that have inherited the characteristics from their lineages consisting of Labrador and Poodle. This dog breed is intelligent, loyal, smart, loving, intuitive, alert, and gentle. Besides this, these adorable pooches love to socialize with other people and pets around them.

Also, Red Labradoodles are good with the kids that make them an ideal family pet. These highly adorned furry pals also possess the traits of a great therapy and a guard dog as well. Apart from this, these pooches are quick learners and can be trained easily.

Diet and Exercise Needs

The dietary needs of the Red Labradoodle would depend upon his size and activity level. The ideal calorie intake for your pet would be equivalent to adding 25-30 calories per pound that your pooch weighs. Ideally, for a Red Labradoodle, two cups of a high-quality kibble containing 1200 calories would be sufficient to meet his daily minimum nutritional requirements.

Red Labradoodles are quite active and require a daily physical workout for at least 30-60 minutes. You can take them for a walking or running session to keep them fit, healthy, and active. Besides this, you can even visit a dog park along with your pet and his favorite pet-friendly toys to keep him engaged for a long.

Inherited Diseases or Health Disorders in Red Labradoodles

Being a hybrid dog breed, Red Labradoodles are said to be healthier than purebred dogs due to the hybrid vigor. However, this does not mean that this dog breed would not inherit or develop any health disorder. The inheritance of disease also depends upon the lineages and size of the dog. Make sure to take your pet to a good veterinary doctor every month to keep a check on his health.

Some of the most common health disorders that a Red Labradoodle might encounter are as follows:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Thyroid and Cardiovascular Problems
  • Sebaceous Adenitis
  • Eye-related issues

Wrap Up

With their rib-tickling acts, Red Labradoodles would fill your life with sheer laughter and joy. Being a hypoallergenic dog breed, these furry companions would be nothing less than a pure bliss for the pet aficionados that are allergic to dog hairs. Red Labradoodles are also exceptionally good as family pets that bring home the treasure of endless love.

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