Are Dobermans Hypoallergenic

Doberman is medium to a large-sized dog with a compact and muscular body. The life expectancy of this breed is 10-13 years. They are found in various colors such as white, fawn, black, red, fawn and rust, blue, black and rust blue and rust and more. It has a sleek coat with a regal appearance and athletic built. It is one of the best protective breeds in the world. Doberman, as a whole breed, is intelligent, alert, and smart. They are considered to be a mixture of many breeds including rottweiler. 

Allergies can be damaging the immune system due to some substances called allergens that can be food, atmosphere, pollen, fur, etc. Many people in today’s time have allergies to different things as immunity, on average has gone lower than before, due to pollution and other reasons. In such cases, people can get allergic to a dog’s shedding and hair can lead to allergic conditions for some people.

Are Dobermans Hypoallergenic? Doberman is not considered to be a hypoallergenic breed. For sensitive people, they might trigger some allergic reactions due to shedding. Dobermans require daily to weekly grooming for better care. They are known to be moderate-heavy shedders. 

In this blog, we are about to discuss the reasons for allergy, what is hypoallergenic, what can you do to make a Doberman less allergic to you, qualities of Doberman, and what are the other breeds more hypoallergenic to allergic people. 

How your Doberman can cause you an allergy?

There are various reasons your dog can cause you allergies, except the shedding too. 

  • Shedding 
  • Drooling or the saliva 
  • Dander levels
  • The size of the dog
  • Urine

The fur of your dog which is shed can cause skin irritations. Their fur is thick and short with heavy shedding habits. The fur pierces the top layers of the skin and they can shed even while walking or hugging you or when anything pokes them. 

Dobermans, generally, do not have higher levels of dander but it also depends on the genetics of the dog. This generates more opportunities to react to the allergens. However, it should be noted that Dobermans are usually clean dogs and not known for excessive drooling. Not all dog breeds are hypoallergenic and that is a plus point for the people allergic to saliva. The shedding also depends on the size of the dog. The larger the size of the dog, the more is the shedding capacity. 

What is hypoallergenic?

The definition of hypoallergenic is simple. It only means that your dog is less likely to cause you allergic reactions. It does not mean that your dog can not cause you allergies but the possibilities are less. People suffering from severe asthma can still be allergic to hypoallergenic dogs

What can you do about it?

There are various things that you can do to lessen the possibilities of allergic reactions. You always brush your dog outside regularly. Regular brushing can help take off their coat which was going to shed. Therefore, if the grooming habits are proper, there are fewer chances of your dog causing you allergic reactions.

The type of food which you provide to your dog affects their coat. So, you can try different types of foods and see what suits them the best. Most people say that they got adjusted with the new dog within 6-8 weeks. Tick and flea medications can be used on their coats. To avoid a various number of environmental allergens, you can clean his fur with baby wipes. 

Also, you can wear full-length clothes to protect yourself from skin irritations from the fur. You can stop your dog from licking you. Also, do not let them near your mouth and nose. 


Although Doberman is not hypoallergenic, various plus points may be tempting. They adapt very well to apartment living and known as best apartment dogs because they have less tendency to bark or howl. They are highly sensitive and protective of their owners. This breed is suitable for warm weather. They would need your adequate attention and love.

But they can be trained to live alone for a few hours too. They are intelligent enough to understand commands easily. They are very friendly and good family dogs, also with children. However, they might take some time to adjust to other dogs.

This breed is very easy to groom but their grooming needs are high if you are allergic. They have the potential to gain weight through the life span. Their physical exercise needs are high because of the size. They can be great guard dogs.

Other breeds

As Doberman is not hypoallergenic, you can try other breeds that are less likely to cause you allergies. There are various breeds with less or no fur which might be better for you if you have an allergy to fur. 

  • Italian Greyhound: It is the best for those who are allergic to dander. 
  • American hairless terrier: They are known to be the best breed for the people who suffer from allergies. They are medium-sized dogs.
  • Xolo: They are known as Mexican hairless dogs. They can look like small Doberman and are better watchdogs and loyal. 

Wrap up 

As mentioned above, the Doberman breed is not hypoallergenic. But if you are passionate about getting a Doberman, there are several ways you can try to make your dog hypoallergenic. Most people get adjusted with the dander and shed fur within 6-8 weeks. Doberman is not known as heavy drooler and thus, it is less likely to cause any kind of allergy to you. 

You can use a vacuum cleaner daily and can keep the rooms clean in which your dog is not allowed so that you can escape if you need to. You can keep him/her off the hard drapes and carpets. It should be kept in mind that not all dog breeds are hypoallergenic. Some produce proteins that might be hyperallergic to some human beings. Any dog that you get, all they require is your love and attention. 

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