Are Schnauzers Terriers? [Know The Truth!]

Terriers is one of the categories of dog, which are highly preferred all over the globe. They are the perfect toy dogs, as they have a small size. In the present era, there are hundreds of terrier breeds and mixed breeds in the world.

However, sometimes, it is challenging to put a breed in a particular category. For instance, you will find that there is a huge debate on Schnauzers. Some put them in terriers, while some do not.

Thus, in this debate, you must know the correct facts related to the Schnauzer breed. There are three types of Schnauzers all over the world, i.e. miniature, standard, and giant. In this blog, we will discuss, whether Schnauzers come in the category of Terriers or not.

Are they Terriers?

Among the three types of Schnauzers, the miniature breed comes in the category of terriers. However, the other two types of Schnauzers do not come in the category of terriers. Many people believe that all Schnauzers have the same personality, but it is not true.

Thus, a miniature Schnauzer does not have a similar personality as a Giant Schnauzer. Due to this, you will have to be extremely careful, while choosing among them.

Moreover, you also need to understand your expectations of the dog. To simplify things for you, let us discuss the personality of each type of Schnauzer briefly. 

Miniature Schnauzers

The most basic feature of this dog is its small size. These dogs usually grow up to a height of 14 inches at max and weigh around 18 pounds at max.

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Miniature Schnauzers

They are counted among one of the most intelligent dogs all over the world. This also makes it easy for you to train them without much effort. They are extremely social and love to interact with humans and animals.

You will not face any issue with this dog when guests are at home. They are family dogs and not aggressive. However, you need to make sure that you keep them away from animals smaller from them.

You also need to keep an eye on them, when they are with kids. Why? You may think that due to the small size, they will get along with kids. However, they have a huge personalities as compared to their size.

If anything comes over their pride, then they can get a little aggressive. Irrespective of that, if trained properly, then they have a playful nature. They also like a lot of attention, especially from their owners.

This type of Schnauzer is only for those, who can invest a lot of time raising it. Due to high intelligence, you will find them to be manipulative too.

Standard Schnauzers

In terms of physical features, you will not find much difference between a miniature and standard Schnauzers. These dogs are just large than miniature ones, as they grow up to 20 inches in terms. They can also weigh around 40 pounds. However, you will find a little difference in terms of personality.

First of all, these dogs are less intelligent, as compared to the miniature Schnauzers. This also makes the training a little challenging. However, after proper training, you will find them as great family dogs. They can get along with kids, but you need to be around them.

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Unlike miniature Schnauzers, these dogs are highly protective of their loved ones. They can keep barking for a long duration on a stranger. Yes, this can affect their manners in front of guests. However, once they get along, they are extremely friendly.

Miniature Schnauzers usually do not require a lot of exercises. However, a standard Schnauzer requires daily exercise to maintain a healthy body. Thus, half an hour of exercise daily is considered good with standard Schnauzers. Moreover, these dogs are not highly adaptive to small areas like apartments.

Therefore, if you do not have enough space, then you must go for the miniature Schnauzers. They also have the least health issues, as compared to the other two Schnauzers. In terms of training, you need to ensure socialization from the beginning. Why? Well, without socialization they can be aggressive towards other animals and strangers.

Giant Schnauzers

These dogs have a height of around 26 inches and can weigh up to 80 pounds. They have a hunting instinct, as they are prey-driven and energetic. Unlike the other two Schnauzers, these dogs require a large amount of exercise. How much? Well, the exercise duration should be at least 2 hours daily. Due to the large size, they are not comfortable with small places like apartments. Thus, you need to have a large space to raise this dog.

Moreover, it is recommended to keep this dog away from kids and other pets. Why? It is because of the huge size they are a little bit aggressive. However, they are extremely loyal to their owner and will not think twice before defending their family.

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You also need to make sure that you do not leave them alone for a long duration. If you do that, then they can get difficult to handle. You may also find the grooming annoying and time taking, as they have a huge amount of fur on their body. Irrespective of that, they are the perfect hunting dogs and watchdogs for the house. Make sure that you train them from puppyhood.

Lastly, if you are a beginner, then you must not choose this dog. Choose this dog only if you have experience with raising dogs.

Wrap up

In conclusion, only the miniature Schnauzer comes in the category of terriers. The other two Schnauzers do not come in this category and have completely different personalities. You need to make sure that you choose based on your expectations from the dog.

For instance, as a watchdog, the standard or giant Schnauzer will be better. However, if you are looking for a dog for kids, then miniature Schnauzers are the best choice among the three. Also, you must be patient, while training a dog. Never scold or hit them, as it can lead to negative personality traits like aggression.

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