15 Dog Breeds That Look Like Wolves

If you’re looking for a pup that’s not just cute, but can also protect your family and friends from intruders then look no further than these 15 dog breeds that look like wolves.

These are the perfect companions to go on hikes with or patrol your property.

15 Dog Breeds That Look Like Wolves

1: Northern Inuit Dog

The Northern Inuit Dog is strong, ferocious, and has a pretty huge makeup. These make it a great companion to look up to for the matters of hunting, surveillance, and other wild gaming activities.

Thanks to its gigantic size, this breed similarly requires heavier attention from you, its owner. That may come in the forms of constant monitoring and upkeep that definitely cost more to come by.

2: Siberian Husky

This one is largely abundantly present in the Siberian region of Russia. Its body features traits that are largely similar to that of the wolf in many regards. These stem from its stay in cooler areas.

Thanks to its sheer gigantic size, the Siberian Husky requires plenty of exercising to stay afloat and to retain its proper health in the best shades and forms attainable at any given time.

3: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

As its name implies, this is truly a dog that resembles a wolf indeed. It was developed in now-defunct Czechoslovakia as a police dog and targeted at the German Shepherd characteristics.

Though tough and gigantic, this species has an even temperament, a fact that makes it pretty cool for use as a family pet or household applications. It is also highly responsive to matters of training.

4: German Shepherd

The German Shepherd has for a very long time been relied on to hunt, capture, and intimidate potential predators. All these are made possible by its gigantic size and largely ferocious character.

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On the whole, this breed is generally quite eager to learn and adopt newer concepts. For this reason, you can easily tame and vary its stature to your unique needs and expectations.

5: Alaskan Malamute

Found mainly in the Northern Hemisphere, the Alaskan Malamute is largely bred as for matters of snow towing and ice conquering. It also doubles up as a fearless guard dog.

The thing that makes it resemble a wolf is the blend of the strong and the muscular body build. They are the ones that give off the structural support you need to leverage the benefits that the dog offers.

6: Canadian Eskimo Dog

If you live in Canada or the far-flung areas of the North Pole, the Canadian Eskimo Dog is the breed to go for. It truly resembles the wolf and is also quite stubborn.

Its big and strong makeup also makes it bear some similarities to the dogs. To maintain this bigness, you have to exercise this dog consistently for a longer duration of time.

7: Saarloos Wolfdog

This breed looks much like the wolf and has stronger canine features. Of all the leading species, it is the one that is the most recent, by virtue of tracing its roots to as late as 1935.

For all practical purposes, this breed is loyal, loving, and family-friendly. Then again, its will is stronger while its temper is more uniform than that of the many dogs we have around.

8: Shikoku

Unlike many of the common wolf-like dogs, the Shikoku was not naturally bred to be a sled dog. This is something it has assumed only in recent times. That does not make it lazy either.

On the flip side, the breed is stronger, pretty agile, very active, and well able to tackle many of the common activities with absolute perfection and sheer strength.

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9: Seppala Siberian Sled dog

This one also traces its roots from Siberia. As a matter of fact, it resembles the Siberian husky in many regards save for the endless energy and vitality it boasts of.

A combination of its gigantic size, ferocious look, and weighty character all make it seem much like the wolf you would come across while in the wild.

10: The Greenland Dog

Just like its name suggests, this one is largely based in Greenland. It belongs to the Spitz-family breeds but stands apart in the sense that it resembles a wolf rather than a wolf.

It is on the whole reliable and strong enough. You have to administer plenty of physical exercise to it to be able to maintain this stature and overall strength though.

11: Kugsha

This Kugsha is bred and kept for much the same reasons as the Utonagan, Malamute, and the Husky. It is for a large part a working dog that is stronger, more stable, and better placed to tackle many strenuous chores well.

As pertains to its resemblance to the wolf, the dog is active and likes to stay in the outdoor environment most of the time.

12: Utonagan

As hinted above, the Utonagan is much like the Malamute and the Husky. Like them, it is also bred for harsh winters and the working conditions respectively. That is besides its stronger build.

You will generally find the dog huge and ferocious indeed. Other than that, you will also have to exercise it extensively to be able to maintain a strong body.

13: Tamaskan

Immediately you behold the Tamaskan, you will notice that it resembles a scary wolf. This notwithstanding, it has almost no connection to the wolf as a breed.

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On the contrary, it is generally calm, big, alert, and composed all the while. These traits combine to make the breed great for general family use and handling. You will have to administer basic training to obtain the necessary outcomes.

14: Finnish Lapphund

It is a medium-size dog that looks much like a smaller and hairier variant of the wolf. However, it tends to enjoy plenty of human company thanks mainly to being friendlier and calmer.

Its face is largely scary, whereas its coat and fur are shaggy when fully grown. These are what make it take the shape and the form of the standard wolf.

15: Pomsky

Rounding up this list is the Pomsky. This is basically an interesting mix of constituent breeds. The breed is generally younger and involves the Husky and the Pomeranian for a large part.

Though it possesses the stamina, strength, appearance, and energy of a wolf, it is smaller enough to fit your apartments and cramped-up spaces with absolute ease.


Just to recap an earlier point, knowing about the 15 dog breeds that look like wolves we have highlighted and explained above is by all means critical. Not only does such knowledge enable you to appreciate them deeper but also aids you in making the best choice.

What more could you possibly demand from us? Have we not done the much we ought to in order to help you start out? Well, we now leave it to you to carry on from where we have left off. Implement the insight the best way you can within the shortest time possible!

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