Can Dogs Eat Pork? A Complete Guide

As a responsible pet owner, you love and take care of your dog as your family member. This furry buddy is around you whenever required. Moreover, he stays along with you not only on your good but also bad days as well.

Being a responsible pet owner you must always be trying to do everything which is in his best interest. You always keep him clean, take him for a walk and exercise, also to the vet in case he is not well to seek medical attention. One of the most vital things is to make sure that your pet is consuming his meal properly.

It is very essential to start healthy eating habits for your furry pal in its early stages itself which is crucial for his health. The results of giving those food items to your dog which are not safe can be hazardous.

Now, the question arises can they eat pork?

Dogs can consume pork but in a regulated manner. However, it also depends on the digestive system of your dog. It has been observed that pork is hard to digest and some dogs with a sensitive digestive system might suffer from stomach pain. If you are feeding pork to your dog, then avoid serving it raw and cook thoroughly. You should also avoid using flavors, color, or other additives.

This guide will brief you on various kinds of pork and whether they are good or bad to be consumed by your dog. It will also discuss whether there is any nutritional value in pork to heal the health ailments of your dog.

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Can you serve raw pork to your dog?

You should not give raw pork to your dog as it consists of a parasite named Trichinella Spiralis which leads to a Trichinosis disease. It is also known as the ‘pork worm’ as it is found in undercooked pork. If your pet has a weak immune system, then the chances of getting infection increase manifold.

You should immediately take your pet to the vet if he has consumed raw pork and there are symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, fever, lethargy, etc. However, some dogs do not indicate any kind of symptoms. The vet can perform some tests to rule out the possibility of trichinosis in your dog.

Can you serve cooked pork to your dog?

You can give cooked pork to your dog and it is extremely safe for him to consume but remember to serve the regulated quantity of the same. It is very important to cook the pork thoroughly before serving it to your dog as it destroys the parasites completely.

cooked pork

Prefer to serve him in small quantities as the pork is rich in fat and may be difficult for your dog to digest it properly. This can cause pancreatitis as well as inflammation. As processed ham or bacon is high in salt contents, you should abstain your dog from consuming it.

Can you give seasoned pork to your dog?

You should feed only plain pork to your dog. Avoid giving your four-limbed friend seasoned and spicy pork as it will be toxic to his health. A seasoned high-fat diet such as pork can cause gastrointestinal problems, inflammation, pancreatitis, etc.

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Can you give ham and bacon to your dog?

You should not give ham and bacon to your dog as these are preserved pork food items that are rich in salt. These products, being high in fat, can lead to pancreatitis in your dog. Bacon is also high in salt and excessive salt consumption causes dehydration in your dog.

As soon as your furry pooch becomes dehydrated, he will consume plenty of water which makes his stomach bloat subsequently creating pressure on other organs. Bloat can also be very lethal for your dog. Bacon is also not good for the dog’s heart as it is high in grease.

In the case of excessive bloating and inflammation, you should immediately rush to the vet to seek medical care.

Can you give pork bones to your dog?

You should not provide pork bones to your dog as it is not always safe. Pork bones while cooking turn delicate and fragment. If your dog swallows the same then it can cause harm to his throat, mouth, and other internal organs. Sometimes a choke can also be fatal for your dog.

On the other hand, when you offer uncooked bones to your dog then it can lead to the breakage or fracture of a thin enamel layer on your dog’s teeth. This happens due to the fact; uncooked bones are much stronger. 

It is recommended to buy calcium bones or dental sticks that are extremely safe to offer your dog to develop healthy bones and jaw. If your furry buddy is consuming enough calcium then it will result in healthy bones, teeth, a dense coat, along with an active nervous system.

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Can pork help in curing health ailments of your dog?

Although pork comprises several nutrients it does not treat any health or hygiene issues in dogs.  It is only a delicious treat for the dogs.

Can a dog be allergic to pork?

There is a possibility of your dog being allergic to pork. To overcome this problem, you should feed a small portion of cooked pork to your dog and keep a keen eye on the way he reacts. Make sure that he is not showing any kind of unusual reaction. If everything goes fine, you can then keep feeding him the same in moderation.

Wrap up

This guide has shed light on various advantages and disadvantages associated with the consumption of pork for your dog. It is very difficult to make a perfect choice for your loving pooch and the same entirely depends on your discretion to choose the safest kind of pork.

However, it would be better for you to consult a vet to seek his opinion on the right kind of pork to feed your dog. The vet is in a better position to provide his valuable guidance in this regard.

The health of your furry buddy is very important for you as he also demands the same kind of affection in return which he offers you during your lifetime.

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