Merrick Vs Blue Buffalo: Food Brand Comparison

When we get a dog, our most important concern is what will we feed them? What is best for them? What foods will boost his/her growth? What should not be given and what should be? While there are several items in the market, which serve the best for your dog? Several things are important in the context of the nutrients of the dog.  

There are so many products for the same claiming the best food for dogs. In those, Merrick and Blue Buffalo dog food brands have been pretty much in competition. They are known as the best of all dog food brands. Many people are confused about which one to buy.  

Merrick and Blue Buffalo, both claims to be serving the best dog food. But if we have to choose between one of them, the answer would be Merrick. It contains more proteins and a lesser amount of carbohydrates and has a better quality of ingredients.   

In this blog, we are going to compare two of the biggest dog food brands: Merrick and Blue Buffalo. First of all, we will discuss what are the basic nutrients which are essential for a dog in their diet and what are the ingredients and flavors available in the dog food brands mentioned above. Also, what are the reviews of the people who used both brands? 

Basic nutrition essential for your dog 

There are six basic nutrients required for your dog in their complete diet. They include water, minerals, proteins, fat, vitamins, and carbohydrates. The water requirements of your dog are based on the temperature, age, and environment around your dog.

Proteins are more important than carbohydrates. For proteins, the best and highest source is the whole egg. Carbohydrates are known to be bad for health if given in excess amount and hence can cause obesity. Vitamins play a very important role in your dog’s metabolism. The best source of vitamins is dark leafy greens.  

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The calcium needs of a puppy are double than of the adult dogs. Iron, Zinc, Sodium, and Magnesium are other essential nutrients for dogs for better oxygen transport and physical development.   

Dry food vs wet food 

There are benefits to both types of food. Dry food can be stored for a longer time and does not create a mess in your house. While wet food has higher nutrient values, it cannot be stored for a longer period and creates a mess as well. You can always choose to mix both kinds of food for a better proportionate diet.   

Merrick dog food brand 

Taking Merrick into consideration, they have plenty of flavors and ingredients. The Merrick food is almost 70 percent meat-based and 30 percent plant-based. It has a mixture of fresh chicken and chicken meal. It contains healthy fats that are rich in omega 3, omega 6, chondroitin, and glucosamine.  

There are various pros and cons of this dog food. The small kibbles provided are good for both, small and large breeds. It serves as a good product for pets with allergies or sensitive stomachs. Chelated minerals and vitamins are easier to absorb than non-chelated ones. While, in some of the products, protein content might be more to digest than required. A few pet owners, which are in minority, have complained of loose stools or indigestion after switching.  

Other food advisers have rated the products of Merrick with an average of 4.5/5 and 8.8/10 ratings. Most products of Merrick have an average of 9/10 ratings too.  

Blue Buffalo dog food brand  

If you need high-quality wet dog food for your pet, then Blue Buffalo dog food brand is recommended. It is one of the top manufacturers of natural dog food. This dog food brand is grain-free and protein-rich.

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For retinal function and cognitive development, DHA, a fatty acid found in mother’s milk is added. Delicious deboned chicken and high-quality proteins are transformed into a small bite kibble, with all the essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, and phosphorus. 

The food advisors have rated products of Blue Buffalo with an average of 4.3/5 ratings. Whereas many sites give less than 2/5 ratings too.  

Merrick vs. Blue Buffalo

Merrick contains natural local ingredients with FDA approved kitchens and a lot of products are available. Blue buffalo contains organic and natural ingredients too. But the prices of Merrick are higher than Blue buffalo brand.

Again, Merrick has better value because of the higher quality ingredients. Merrick has the fiber content of 8.6 percent whereas Blue Buffalo has the fiber content of 7.5 percent. The main ingredients of Blue buffalo are deboned turkey, turkey meal, and potatoes. While the main ingredients of Merrick contain deboned duck, turkey meal, and chicken meal.  

The ideal ratio of protein to fat constituents is 2:1. Meat by-products should be avoided at any cost. The fat percentages of both the brands are almost equal and the difference is almost null. The Merrick has higher protein content than Blue Buffalo.  

Flavor comparison

Both of the brands, Merrick and Blue Buffalo have a variety of flavors available in both wet and dry foods. Blue Buffalo has blends mixes like salmon, fish, venison, and other kinds of meat mixed with peas, sweet potatoes, and other veggies. 

Merrick has chicken, beef, turkey meat well mixed with brown rice. It depends on the choices of your dog and if they are picky eaters or not. Some dogs are very picky with their food and therefore, you should try and test all the flavors and see what suits your dog. 

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Reviews from the people 

As per the reviews on various sites and personal descriptions of the people who have used both the products, Blue Buffalo dog food brand has a chemical odor. The dogs went sick and the company did nothing to help them. It has been noticed that the Blue Buffalo brand has not been accepted by dogs and dog owners. A suspicion of the presence of lead in the dog food of Blue Buffalo brand whereas, dogs gobble up the Merrick food.

Though the majority of the reviews support Merrick, it is a trial and test method. It depends on your dog and what he/she likes. 

Wrap up 

In conclusion, it should be noted that at last, it all depends on your budget for the food for your dog. Choosing the right food is important for your dog’s growth and mental health development. Blue Buffalo has a lower price with a slightly lower quality of food. Vice versa, Merrick has higher quality at higher prices.  

Choosing the food which suits your dog and his stomach is also equally important. You should always keep in mind that the best quality of food does not need to suit your dog. It may or may not. So, let your dog choose his/her food. It is highly recommended to not force your dog on anything, as it creates a negative impact on your dog.  

Merrick provides the best food for your dog and also, it has 3rd level SQF certification. If your dog is active and has high energy requirements, it is recommended to use Merrick as it contains high protein content. Blue Buffalo does not meet many needs of most people.

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