Can Dogs Eat Tofu? A Guide To Dogs And Tofu

Is there ever that time when your dog is hungry and you don’t have dog food to feed them? Nor meat in the fridge. Or pans and pots. Nor any food or equipment at all? Yes!… I know you probably said no… Well, look no further then this article. (A simple guide on dogs and tofu.) On dogs anteflects of them on your little puppies.

Can dogs eat tofu?

While tofu isn’t necessarily toxic to dogs, unlike how chocolate is very toxic to our little furry friends., It does contain soy. So your dog eats tofu. Watch over them to make sure they don’t become bloated, gassy or sick. Or worse, have to visit the vet.

In the history of soybeans, they have made there way of becoming a staple in good ‘ol America, especially in China. For a long time soybeans have been seen as good for humans, perhaps even dogs to. But, now we see them as a blight, and perhaps for good reasons. One of the reasons why soybeans are so bad for you is because 90% of soybeans are geneticly modified. Making them full of pesticides. Soybeans are full of protein and calcium, making them seem as if they’re a good thing to eat over and over. But, it ain’t like that in reality. Especially for dogs.

So why is tofu bad for dogs?

Tofu, of course, are made of soybeans, and soybeans can cause gassiness, bloating, thyroid issues, and in some cases more serious problem. So you could say it’s as simple as avoiding dog foods with soy as one of the ingredients on the label. But it is not quite that simple. Soy is like a ninja, it finds its way into many different food ingredients that aren’t actually called soy. Those ingredients consist of lecithin made from soybeans. Vegetable protein, guar gum which contain soy protein. Vegetable broth, TSF and many more. So watch out for these ingredients in your dogs food, because they’re everywhere. So a good option for buying your pets food is to make sure to check all of the ingredients on the label, otherwise, you might make the mistake of buying dog food that contains soy.

I would recommend not feeding your dog tofu unless…

There are few exceptions to feeding your dog tofu. If your dog suffers from liver disease tofu can be beneficial for your dog, and perhaps a good snack and meat replacement. Dogs whom suffer from liver disease can be harmed from meat protein, but aren’t as effected by soy protein, so tofu can play as a light snack. Other then dogs whom suffer from liver disease, only can tofu be used as a light snack for your dog.

Dogs are naturally omnivores, and not carnivores, nor meant to eat tofu in general. Meaning dogs should still eat a good amount of meat and vegetables. I understand that some of us are vegetarian, so we want our dogs to follow in our footsteps, but it’s not a good idea in general. The protein from an animal will, in general, in the end be a better option for your dog over soy based products. Dogs are best with what they’re meant to consume. Because a healthy dog is a happy dog.

The idea of dogs eating tofu is an interesting one, maybe it has come across your mind a few times and you start to wonder, can my dog eat tofu? So, here are better foods for your dog over tofu.

Red cabbage

This beautiful cabbage can help your dog with many health benefits, and best of all. It doesn’t hurt your dog one bit.


If you want to help your dog out with a little bit of a vitamin boost add a spoon of pumpkin into your dogs food. It helps them a lot.


You can see why apples are so good and delicious to your dog. A dog can eat every part of the apple, other then the seeds. So never let your dog get a hold of those pesky seeds, as well as the core.

So that’s a few foods you can use to help support your dogs health. Because it’s very important to do so.

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