Can Dogs Eat Vinegar Chips?

Are you a dog parent? Does your dog have a habit of sharing your chips? Then you might be aware of the struggle you face as soon as you open a bag of chips in front of your dog. But if you are unsure whether your dog can eat vinegar chips or not, you have come to the right place.

Can Dogs Eat Vinegar Chips?

Vinegar chips are not entirely toxic or harmful for your dog. When you give your dog an entire bag of chips, it could lead to several health risks in the long run. Hence, it is essential to feed your dog with one vinegar chip at a time in a moderate amount.

We all know that chips fall under the junk category and are bad for humans. But did you also know that junk is nasty for your dogs too? Before opening a bag full of vinegar chips, you must learn a few things that would keep your dog safe.

Health risks related to vinegar chips for dogs

Chips that are fried with salt and vinegar are always an unhealthy option for you as the owner of the dog and your dog. Letting your dog have it once in a while won’t pose any real health issues. You often end up sharing the crunchy and loaded with flavor chips with your dog, but there, the problem arises.

Let us look at the health risks a bag full of vinegar chips can do to your dog.

  • Human bodies are adaptive to diets that are high in fat and sodium. It is okay for humans to have it without getting any health risks imposed. Unlike humans, the high content of sodium, saturated fat, and oil are not suitable for your furry friend’s health. The salt content in vinegar chips can lead to dehydration and excessive thirst.
  • As a result of dehydration, the dog’s kidneys tend to work overtime. Eventually, the dog can end up having excessive urination problems. It is a sign of long-term kidney problems, which can be dangerous for your dog’s health.
  • The unhealthy oil in which vinegar chips are cooked can upset your dog’s stomach. It follows with excessive vomiting or gastrointestinal irritation.
  • Vinegar chips contain a large amount of unsaturated fat. The fat can lead to weight gain. It will make your dog unhealthy, and being a pet owner; you wouldn’t let that happen. Hence, try to keep your dog away from the bag of vinegar chips.
  • Sodium-ion poisoning is a common problem that comes along with a bag full of vinegar chips. This dangerous health problem can cause lethargy, loss of appetite, abdominal fluid accumulation, brain swelling, and depression.
  • If your dog has heart problems, it is advisable to avoid sodium and vinegar in his diet. It can damage your dog’s heart as well as other organs. It can lead to cardiac arrest and then to death.
  • Other health problems that might be visible are tremors, diarrhea, seizures, or high temperatures.

Tricks to know whether your furry friend is allergic to vinegar chips

Know that all dogs are different from each other. Some might have a terrible experience after eating vinegar chips, while others might not show any adverse reaction after eating vinegar chips. But for some pet parents, it becomes difficult to figure out if the vinegar chips are okay for your dog or not? Let’s find out how.

  • Before letting your dog have the bag full of vinegar, try adding a few drops of vinegar to his regular food. It will help you to see his reaction. If the results are negative, he will vomit, become weak, and show gastrointestinal symptoms. In such scenarios, you should immediately stop feeding him vinegar.
  • You can also try by giving him one vinegar chip in his evening snack. If he shows any of the symptoms, immediately stop.

Ensure that before doing any of the experiments on your dog, it is recommendable to contact your vet.

Alternatives and substitutes

Once you have figured out that your dog is allergic to vinegar and shows adverse reactions, do not worry. There’s always an alternative option. Being a dog parent, you would never want to compromise on your dog’s snack time.

Try feeding them with a few unbuttered popcorns or the low-sodium potato chips. There are many brands available in the market that manufactures low sodium snack items for dogs. It is wiser to select those brand’s products. You’ll notice how your dog will enjoy the substitute or the alternative option.

Vinegar comes in two different types.

  • The first type is white vinegar. It consists of 7% acid and 96% water. It has a clear and transparent color. Studies have shown that white vinegar has a sour taste and is unhealthy to consume.
  • The second type is the apple cider vinegar. Made with freshly crushed apples, the apple cider vinegar has a brown color and has a murky texture. Apple cider vinegar is high in nutritional value compared to white vinegar. Try to buy potato chips that are made with apple cider vinegar.

Dogs are an excellent example of those who follow their owner’s instructions. They like repetitive routines as it makes them comfortable. Cutting down vinegar entirely from his diet at one time can be a challenging task. Instead, you can try feeding him one chip at a time. For example, you can use phrases like “That’s it,” or “All done.” These phrases will help your dog to understand that they won’t get extra after one bite. Hence, they would stop begging further.

Apple cider vinegar also provides several health benefits. The above mentioned three tips serve as a great alternative option, but it is also essential to not overdose your dogs with vinegar chips.


Never forget the one golden rule – “Moderation is the key.” Being a dog parent, you have to be extra careful when you open a bag of vinegar chips in front of your pet. They might lure you into feeding them with their beautiful eyes, but do not fall into the trap.

Vinegar chips contain some unhealthy ingredients that can risk your dog’s health. Instead of keeping those unhealthy and salty vinegar chips, it is wiser to stock up the healthier doggie biscuits. It is recommendable to treat them instead of fruits, vegetables, and vitamin blends beneficial to their health. Your primary concern should be to keep your dog healthy.

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