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How To Teach Your Rabbit To High Five And Spin Around

Rabbits are cute creatures and are perfect for pets as well. They are jovial, fluffy, and you can carry them anywhere you go. This is the reason why they have become so popular as pets.

Also, a lot of people do not have big homes or spaces in which they can keep pets like cats or dogs as they need a decent amount of space to roam around.

Getting a rabbit is a brilliant choice for them, as rabbits need a small amount of living space. But there are many different ways to train a rabbit as well, which will make them able to play with you and make your life brighter.

Thus, if you are not getting a rabbit due to the lack of training knowledge, we request you to get one as you will be amazed at how playful a rabbit can be after reading this article. 

How can you teach your rabbit to give you high five and to spin around?

We all know about different training methods of dogs, cats, which is why most of us opt for them as pets. Rabbits are very intelligent and motivated animals. You show them a treat, and they will perform every trick they learned. The two most popular tricks for rabbits, teach them to give a high five and let them learn to spin around. That is why we will talk about these two tricks, step by step, to understand it in detail. 

Training your pet rabbit tricks like this not only keeps you entertained, it also keeps them fit. Rabbits do not move around the house that often, and they need enough amount of daily exercise to remain fit.

If you have a small space, then it is a great idea to train your rabbit with some tricks. Although every rabbit breed is different from the other, they should regularly get a certain amount of activity.

We recommended consulting your vet before teaching them these tricks to them as your vet can tell you the amount of daily activity your bunny needs and the safety measures you should take while training them. 

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With the above-mentioned things being said, let us dive into the process of teaching your bunny to give you a high-five and to spin around. 

Keep them away from any distraction 

The initial step of teaching your fluffy friend is to keep them away from any distraction. Bunnies get distracted quickly. Hence, when you teach them a trick, make sure to take them to an open space or an empty room of your house. It will enable them to focus on the thing that you are teaching. 

Encourage them with treats and gestures 

Rabbits love treats and are always eager to get one. Hence, you can train them by treating them at regular intervals. It will encourage them to learn the trick faster and keep them motivated throughout the learning process.

Make sure to have enough treats with you as you do not want to go bring some more as they will get distracted and will run with you around the house. Also, make sure to provide them with enough treats each time they do the trick or task. 

Teach your rabbit

Teaching your bunny to give you a high five 

Letting your bunny give you a high five is a bit tough compared to other tricks as it involves both of your complex actions. It will take some time to let your bunny understand what you are expecting him/her to do at that very moment.

All we can say is, you need to have patience and encourage your bunny with some treats each time he/she is making an effort to understand you.

Flat palm high-five: Here, you either use a toy or a treat to begin the process. You can keep the treat on your hand and let your bun get it first. This will create an instinct in them that he/she should get the treat from hand.

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Keep your palm flat and do not take the palm close to his/her mouth. This will allow him either to bring the mouth or the paw on your hand. Initially, they will bring their mouth as it is the common food intake, but if you discourage that, they will begin to bring the paw on your palm.

We understand that this process is a bit complex, but with time and consistent trail and errors, your bun will bring the paw on your palm. When they put their paw on your palm, make sure to encourage their behavior by giving them another treat. It will create another instinct in them that they get rewarded whenever they put their paw on your palm.

Advanced vertical high-five: Now comes the advanced learning stage. Flat hand high fives is pretty basic and is not considered as a complete high five. After your bunny has mastered that, you should level the trick up a notch and keep your palm in a vertical position.

You need to point your fingers upwards and point it upwards while holding the treat. This will direct your bunny to reach out for the hand of yours and get the reward. The communication is necessary between you two, and after some trials, it will get accomplished.

You can keep the treat outside your palm in a hanging manner to lure him/her as well. Once your bun hits your palm with the paw, reward him with the treat. Rewarding will encourage their activity, and they will make a habit of giving you a high-five.

After your bunny accomplishes the vertical high-five, you can train him/her in different ways of improvising the high-fives. You can add the spinning motion to the high-five in which he/she will spin first and will high-five you. You can also let him learn the jumping high-five trick.

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Teaching them to spin around

First, you need to guide your bunny by using a treat. You can move the treat in a circular motion but at a slow pace, which does not confuse them. Begin by holding the treat in front of them and slowly create a circle by making the treat your frame of reference. This will enable you to create a full circle, and your bunny will follow that path and revolve around itself.

Once they have completed a single turn, do not forget to give them a treat. This will encourage their behavior.

Although your bunny will not follow the complete circle immediately once they start following the motion, it will become instinctive, and they will link the motion with getting the treat. After they have learned to spin around, you can increase their movement speed by spinning the treat quicker or faster. You can also make the circle smaller or use a different liking pattern to make it unique.

After a few days of training, your bunny will learn the complete process, and you do not have to treat them while spinning around the process but always treat them after they have performed the trick as it will boost their mood and enthusiasm.

So, these were the complete processes of teaching your rabbit to high-five and spin around. We have tried to elaborate on every step of the process and also talked about the advanced versions of these tricks.

We request to encourage your bunnies all the time with treats and toys whenever they are performing a trick. Also, never forget to treat them even if they fail as it will keep away any feeling of sadness among them. All the best!!


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