German Shepherd Temperaments: What Is It Like Owning One?

German shepherds are smart and intelligent breeds that can be employed as powerful military dogs as well as gentle family dogs. The biggest advantage of the breed is that they are easy to train and pick up lessons quickly in no time. These large-sized dogs usually live up to 7 to 10 years. And from the very introduction of the breed, they have been reigning the list of the most popular dog breeds. German shepherds have been bred on a large scale to meet their high demands, and now it is hard to find a dog in the pure breed line.

German shepherds are active and energetic pups. The breed is said to be extremely intelligent and vulnerably loyal. They are actually a fusion of love and smartness. German shepherds are very protective and have a strong commitment to their owners. Traditionally, they were pack dogs, and you can still see that prey drive in many of the individuals.

Let us see more about the temperaments of German shepherds and look at what it would be like owning one of them.

How It Would Be Like To Train A German Shepherd?

German shepherds are easy to train. They are intelligent and grab lessons quickly. These dogs are alert, reliable, and watchful. You can start training your German shepherds at the earliest possible to bring out the best temperament and personality.

German shepherds love to do new skills and can do almost anything. They have higher energy levels and won’t get tired soon while training sessions. These dogs are quite intelligent, and that is why the majority of the police dogs all over the world are from this breed. Their high intelligent quotient makes them learn almost anything at great ease.

However, German shepherds require regular mental stimulation. You might need to give regular training sessions to keep them engaged. Various games and puzzles are far enough if you could not spend much time on your fur friend.

German Shepherd As A Family Dog

German shepherds are very protective and loyal to their owners. Their overprotectiveness can turn into aggression if not properly trained. They are extremely caring and protect their hosts from enemies. Maybe this is why German shepherds are often chosen as guard dogs.

German shepherds show a very friendly behavior towards the family members. They make a perfect companion for your children. German shepherds can get along with children easily if given proper training.

German shepherds will most probably get close to a particular person in your family. They might be very much protective of this person ad would always roam around them.

The breed can also easily get adapted to lifestyle changes. You might not have to give a lot of attention to these large-sized dogs. They are independent and smart enough to take care of themselves. Thus, German shepherds are easy to maintain as well.

Obedience, quick learning skills, and less maintenance make them perfect family dogs.

Socialization Of German Shepherds

Socialization can largely affect the temperament of your German shepherds. It would be better to socialize your dog at a very earlier stage. Adult German shepherds are often considered as less socializable.

German shepherds can easily become frustrated, aggressive, and destructive once they feel uncomfortable in a situation or place. Therefore, you should be very careful while introducing your German shepherds to new places or people.

As soon as you bring your German shepherd home, take them into different places and people. The earlier you start training, the better your dog can socialize.

German Shepherd As Guard Dogs

The overprotectiveness of the breed makes them perfect for the role of the guard dogs. The intelligence and smartness also contribute to perform the task of guard dogs. Moreover, you can easily train them to be guard dogs. They are really fast at picking up new skills.

Also, German shepherds were pack dogs traditionally, and the prey drive still persists in many of them. This trait makes them fit well for the position of guard dogs. German shepherds protectiveness and prey drive will assist in protecting you or your house from enemies and intruders.

German shepherds are also very high in energy levels. They won’t get tired easily. The alertness and large-sized body with lots of energy are far enough for the position of guard dogs. Adding to this, their anti-social behavior makes them aggressive at the sight of strangers and in uncomfortable situations. So, anybody would fear a little for an encounter with such guards.

Can German Shepherds Get Along With Other Pets?

This would be a serious concern if you have another pet at home. German shepherds can coexist with other pets at your house if they are trained well. It would be better to introduce them to other pets in an earlier puppy stage. Such individuals that were exposed to other pets at an earlier stage of their life will get along with any other pets so easily.

German shepherds are strong fighters and extremely loyal to their work. They would not compromise on the security of the herd until their last breath. German shepherds are super aggressive to enemies. What else do you seek from a guard dog?

What Makes German Shepherds Aggressive?

Some German shepherds and can become very aggressive and frustrated. Most individuals of this breed don’t show off aggressiveness without due reasons. Most dogs get aggressive when they are pretty bored with no work to do. Boredom can trigger their aggressiveness. You can engage them in some sorts of games or puzzles to get rid of the boredom.

Some dogs also become aggressive due to the lack of exercise. You can take them for a walk or have half an hour long exercise session with your shepherds. It would cool off their aggressive temperaments and drive them back to normal.

Most German shepherds are antisocial. Such individuals of the breed would behave aggressively at the sight of a stranger and in uncomfortable situations.

German shepherd’s protectiveness and loyalty can be another reason for their aggressiveness. Also, you should always expect the temperament of a pack dog in them. However, proper training and implementation of certain disciplines can help you control their aggressive temperaments.


German shepherds require a good amount of exercise daily to lead a healthier life. They, in fact, require a long session of exercise for at least 45 minutes. German shepherds would get quite aggressive when they are bored or upset without any exercise.

German shepherds are active dogs who need to be exercised mentally as well as physically. Engage them in games and puzzles for their mental being. Take them for a half an hour of walk and make them run quite a lot. Swimming would also be a great choice for exercising your German shepherd.


German shepherds are loyal, loving, and protective enough for being your family dog. They are also smart, intelligent, and easy to be trained as a guard dog. German shepherds pick up lessons easily and are open to new lessons. They would be a perfect addition to your family as well as for guarding needs. You can literally make them learn anything.

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