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Can German Shepherds Stay Outside In The Heat?

Being touted as the heroic living creatures, German Shepherds show exemplary courage and bravery in distressing times.

This dog breed is intelligent, attentive, and loyal, along with a reserved personality.

Apart from this, they are highly active pets and relish being outdoors. They need a regular workout to remain fit, healthy, and well-maintained.

For this, many pet owners prefer to leave their pets outside, be it summer or winter. In this blog, we are going to conclude whether German Shepherds can stay outside in the heat or not!

German Shepherds can stay outside in the heat for a few hours if the proper arrangements are made to ensure a safe and comfortable outdoor stay for them.

It is recommended to make your pet sit under the shade and always keep a bowl of water alongside. However, you cannot leave these furry pals for prolonged hours in the heat as it dehydrates them or can even cause heat strokes.

During summers, most dog breeds relish being outdoors and they tend to dig into the underlying surface of the moist earth to cool and rejuvenate themselves. Besides this, German Shepherds love to roam and play freely in open-air as it helps them to release their energy.

The following are a few factors that you need to consider before keeping your furry pal outside in the heat.

The Diversity in Coating of a German Shepherd

The Diversity in Coating of a German Shepherd

The coating of a pet dog plays a major role in determining whether he can stay out in the heat or not. Generally, it is believed that the thick and long coating of a German Shepherd helps him to survive cold temperatures during winters but is the same coating also good for the summers. Let us find out.

If you are thinking that all the German Shepherds possess the same coating across the world, then you are completely wrong. There are two types of coating that vary from region to region. The German Shepherds that are bred in Eastern Europe have a longer coating, also known as long stock coats.

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On the other hand, German Shepherds that are bred in Western Europe have a shorter coating, also known as long stock coats. There is a misconception among many people that for summers short stock coats are good.

Ideally, during summers, the longer coat of a German Shepherd is more suitable as compared to the shorter ones, which helps him to resist heat temperatures. This is because longer coats have a thick underneath coating that keeps the body of the German Shepherd insulted whereas the outer coat acts as a protective shield.

However, it does not imply that you should let your German Shepherd be outside in the scorching heat temperatures. It is always advisable to take several preventive measures to keep before keeping your German Shepherd outside in the heat, even for a shorter duration.

Grooming and Brushing

It is very essential to keep your German Shepherd neat, clean, and well-maintained, especially during summers. Brush them daily to maintain the quality of their furry coating as it would help to get rid of the extra loose hairs present in the coating.

Apart from this, dogs tend to shed a lot during the summers that can deteriorate the texture of their fur. To overcome this problem, you should groom your furry pal at least once in a week using a dry pet-friendly shampoo to keep him refreshed and rejuvenated during summers. There are also pet-friendly fragranced mists available that you can use to keep your German Shepherd smelling good all day long.

Frequent brushing and grooming also play an important role in keeping a check on the presence of ticks and bugs in the fur. During summers, German Shepherds tend to dig into the earthen surfaces to cool themselves down.

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It exposes your pet dog directly to the bugs and ticks that stick to his furry coat. It would cause discomfort to your pet, making him prone to tick fever. That is why, it is necessary to thoroughly examine the coating of your German Shepherd, especially when he comes from outside.


Summertime is for indulging in outdoor play activities that can make the furry coat of your German Shepherd dirt and unhygienic. For this, bathe your furry pal at least once in a week using a good quality pet shampoo.

If the coating of your German Shepherd is too dry, then you can even use a pet conditioner after shampoo to improve the texture of the coating. Apart from this, bathing would help to soothe, refresh, and hydrate your German Shepherd, thereby eliminating all the accumulated dirt from the fur.

Diet during Summers

During summers, German Shepherds tend to get exhausted and dehydrated quickly as compared to the winters. That is why it becomes important to give nutritious food to your dog to keep his energy levels on the rise, especially when he is out in the heat.

However, you should feed a high-protein diet to your German Shepherd in the summer season as it is very beneficial in keeping the coating of your furry pal cool and healthy. Refrain from the sugary treats and human food items. Also, make sure to give your German Shepherd plenty of water to stay hydrated all day long.

Dealing with a Heatstroke

Dogs are prone to getting heat strokes during summers, especially when they are kept outside in the heat. Some common symptoms of this are weakness, vomiting, lethargy, excessive panting, seizures, and bloody stools. If you notice any of the symptoms in your German Shepherd, then it is advisable to consult a good veterinary doctor at the earliest.

Measures to be taken

You cannot leave your German Shepherd outside in the heat without taking the basic yet essential preventive measures to ensure a comfortable and safe stay for your beloved pet. For this, the following mentioned tips would help you out!

  • Place a dog house outside to protect your German Shepherd from the heat. It enables your pet to seek refuge inside the dog house whenever he feels uncomfortable in the heat
  • Keep a bowl of fresh water along with some dog food inside the dog house or the temporary shelter placed outside for your pet
  • Get plentiful of durable, attractive, and pet-friendly toys for your German Shepherd to keep him engaged
  • Apply a dog sunscreen to your German Shepherd on his nose and under-eye area to protect him from the sunburns
  • Always make sure to provide shade to your German Shepherd when he is out in the sun. For this, either you can plant trees in your backyard or can even place an umbrella to insulate your pet against the heat
  • You can even use wet wipes to wipe the face and body of your German Shepherd to make him feel refreshed and rejuvenated in summers
  • Do not indulge your German Shepherd in intensive exercise and workout sessions in the sunlight as it makes your pet feel exhausted
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Wrap Up

Summers are for spending a good time outdoors but exposing your German Shepherd in sunlight for too long could affect his health adversely. If you are keeping your pet out in the sun, even for a few hours, do not forget to take the necessary measures to protect your furry pal. It would also enable your German Shepherd to relish the time to spend outdoors without feeling dehydrated or uncomfortable.

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