Can Beagles Live Outside?

Beagles are playful, gentle, kind, and make great family dogs. They are known for being so close and loyal to their owners. Beagles prefer to stick on to their oner and family. They would really get attached to humans and pour off love. That is one of the reasons why people select Beagles to be their family dog. In addition to their attachment to humans, they are also extremely gentle and playful with kids. Beagles are mostly raised inside the houses. Can beagles live in exteriors?

Beagles are not a great choice for outside dogs. They don’t have a thick and long fur coat like a Siberian husky or German shepherd. Therefore, beagles wouldn’t be able to withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations outside. However, buying a dog house would help you sort out the majority of the problems in leaving your beagle outside.

Although you love to keep your beagle inside the house, there might occur instances in life when you have no option rather than leaving your beagles outside. And essentially, every beagle owner should know why beagles are not a great breed to live in the exteriors. Knowing the reasons would help them deal with the situation accordingly and make a better house for beagles outside the home.

Why Is It Not Safe To Leave Your Beagles Outside?

Dogs living outside in the courtyard are actually as a protection for your house. But, you should know that all dogs are meant to be bred in the exteriors of your house. If you really want a dog outside your house for protection, you can go for dogs from the breeds such as Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, or Mastiff. The dogs from breeds such as Beagle, Greyhound, Bulldog, and Pug are ultimately for interiors.

Wondering why beagles cannot live up outside your house? Let us look why beagles are not meant for exteriors:

Short Hair And Thin Fur Coat

Beagles don’t have long hair or thick fur coat. This body characteristic of the beagle is one of the top reasons why they can’t live outside. Dogs with short hair and thin fur coat cannot withstand extreme weather conditions outside the home. Beagles can’t withstand cold conditions and may start to shiver leading to dangerous health conditions.

If you intend for a dog to keep outside your house, you should look one belonging to the breeds with long hairs and thick fur coat.

Pugs, Greyhounds, and Bulldogs are some other dogs with short hair and thin fur coat.


Your dog would get affected by hypothermia if they are left outside during winters. The disease may become severe especially if you are living in an area prone to snowfall and chilly winds.

Dogs like beagles are very prone to be affected by hypothermia due to their short hairs and thin fur coat.

The symptoms of hypothermia include muscle stiffness, difficulty in breathing, and weakness.


Frostbite occurs in dogs living in cold regions. It occurs even if your dog has a double and thick coat of fur. Therefore, beagles might be severely affected by frostbites if they are living outside in the winters.

Frostbite occurs in extremely cold temperatures. The skin of your dog might turm=n into white and pale, and would eventually end up being dark.

The skin under paws and around the nose of beagles are very much prone to frostbites.


Beagle would sneeze all day with tear-filled eyes and running nose if they are left outside your home in winters. These are the symptoms of a cold. The chances are high that your dog might be affected by a viral cold. This will weaken the whole immune system of your dog.


Beagles are very much prone to heatstroke when they are left outside in summers for too long. The symptoms of heat stroke include dehydration, fatigue, and dizziness.

Separation Anxiety

Beagles always love to cling onto their owner and family. They are naturally pack animals and see the family they live with as their pack. Therefore, they love to stick on to the family and live inside the house.

Leaving your beagles alone outside your house may pave for the development of separation anxiety in beagles. Eventually, they would end up in depression and other mental illness if they are not given proper attention and love.

Great Escapers

Beagles are great escapers. They would be triggered to get out of your courtyard if they are left alone outside. Beagles are also great chasers. They may also chase behind a cat, crossing all the boundaries and will eventually be lost.

Beagles also have great nasal sense. There are also chances that they would follow their nasal instinct and get lost somewhere if they are left alone outside your house.

Does A Dog House Help Beagle To Live Outside?

A dog house helps beagles to deal with its limitations of short hair and a thin fur coat. Dog houses are insulated safe spots that will protect your beagle from extreme weather conditions.

There are different types of dog houses available in the market. An insulated dog house helps your beagle to live outside comfortably in extreme cold conditions in the winter season. The air-conditioned dog house available in the market protects dogs from heatstrokes that may occur in peak summers.

Dog houses are safe and comfortable for dogs. You can now get them in a variety of materials like wood and plastic. They are also available in different price ranges. Lots of features can be incorporated into a dog house according to your requirements. You can also try making a dog house of your own referring to some YouTube videos. There are also travel-friendly dog houses that you can easily take away while you are traveling.


Beagles are not the right breed for living outside. They have physical as well as mental constraints to live outside for a long period.

It would be better to consider some dogs in bigger sizes such as Siberian husky, Golden retriever, and German shepherd. These breeds would be more comfortable and maintenance-free to live outside.

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