At What Age Do Beagles Stop Growing

Beagles are one of the most favored dog breeds across the world. They are known for their iconic big silky ears. They have a very inquisitive and fun-loving nature. Their immensely cute eyes can win over every heart at once. They have been one of the most popular dog breeds since long. From Queen Elizabeth to US President Lyndon Johnson; every person from royal lineages has been a fan of the adorable breed. They have been voted as the 5th most popular dog breeds in the United States. Beagles have one of the most sensitive noses in the animal kingdom. They are known historically as natural hunters. Beagles can follow every scent to its exact origin. Also, if they sense something wrong, they will never let you go there. This is also one of the protective characteristics shown by them. These cute little munchkins have a very fast rate of growth. That is why sometimes we think that they have some growth-related anomalies. But there is nothing to worry about in these cases. Their genetic makeup enables them to have a fast growth rate naturally.

 If you are new to the whole “petting a dog” situation, then it might be difficult to guess the exact age. Generally, the age at which a Beagle achieves maturity is 1.5years. Their rapid growth rate starts slowing down by the age of 1, and by 1.5 years they become fully grown and weigh around 20-24 pounds.  

So, let us learn more about their journey from the beginning until they reach maturity and the various related growth phases.

0-2 weeks old: 

This is just the beginning of their lives. In this early stage, they weigh only around a pound. They can stand on their adorable wobbly paws. Like most other pups, they are also born with their eyes closed. They do not have teeth either at this stage. They make attempts to walk by the end of this time period.

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3-4 weeks old:

After around 2 weeks, they are able to see things in a rudimentary manner, as their eyes just start to open up during this time. Besides, they start making sounds and whimper at times. It is just their way of expressing the imprinted characteristics such as barking. After 3 weeks, these little munchkins develop the ability to hear and respond.

Towards the end of the 3rd week, their vision becomes clearer, and they begin to develop a better sense of alertness. If you clap your hands all of a sudden, they will get startled at this point. The developing hearing mechanism makes them confident and inquisitive about their surrounding environment. They start exploring and cannot get enough of it. They weigh around 1.5-2 pounds during this period.

At the onset of the 4th week, they are able to let out their first puppy bark. Weighing around 3 pounds, these pups start socializing with their siblings and humans. This is a perfect age if you want to adopt them. However, they must be familiarized with humans more so that they do not feel lonely after leaving their mother. Always remember that you are all they have once you take them home. Hence, you need to provide every possible care in order to raise them. They are very tender and prone to get startled repeatedly. Be gentle and give them all the love they need.

7 weeks old:

After they cross the 6 weeks age mark, they become immensely curious and inquisitive. You may see them running and jumping around the house almost all the time. They weigh around 4 pounds. Moreover, they start exploring every corner of the house. So, prepare to find your bud at exceptional places in the house. By this time, they are familiar with every sound of your house. That is why they have no fear of roaming around.

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8 weeks:

You can start puppy proofing your house, at this point. After 8 weeks, they begin to become extremely hyperactive. They do not sit or lie down at a single place for more than 10 minutes. Breeds of this kind might hurt themselves during their over-exciting-house-venture. That is why it is better to apply some cushion-based material on sharp surfaces or objects. Also, you should not leave them alone during this period. They have not developed the sense of judgment yet. Hence, they might jump on to certain things, which might hurt them. Their average weight becomes around 6 pounds by this time.


After 16-weeks, your Beagle should be able to learn simple commands like; “Sit” or “Run”. They also respond to names promptly. They weigh between 10-12 pounds at this age.

6months old:

This is the age where you should change their diet. You can shift from puppy food to adult dog food. Your pup will be requiring a high-calorie diet now. Also, there are changes in their nutrition requirements. Hence, switching to an adult dog-food diet is the best choice. Keeping them on the puppy-food regimen will make them overweight. Also, we suggest you not to let them eat any fatty food or food containing high amounts of carbohydrates. It will make them bulky.

This is also the age when your Beagle begins to slow down their growth rate. It might take one or two more weeks to slow down in some cases. They weigh around 12-15 pounds during this period of time.

1 year old: 

Wish your pup a warm Happy Birthday! It has been an amazing journey to see your pup grow. Completing 1 year is one-step closer towards maturity. Your Beagle can now begin training for routine exercises. You can take them for walks. Their skeletal system is also developed almost completely by this time.

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Completion of development: 

The 1.5 year mark demarcates the completion of growth for your dog. They are now fully grown. Skeletal system, muscles, and barking abilities are matured now. They weigh roughly around 22-24 pounds. You need to maintain their weight by taking them out on regular walks. Also, let them exercise by running around your garden for at least 1hour every day. It will keep them lean and fit. Adult Beagles will be 13-16 inches long. Males generally are 15-16 inches in length whereas females are 13-14 inches.

How To Make Sure If Your Beagle’s Growth Is Sound:  

We have mentioned some growth milestones in the previous section according to their age. Their weight is a major factor to know if they have a healthy growth rate. The weight of your Beagle generally arises from the muscle mass and the skeletal mass. You should give priority to their regular diet.

Diet is the principal component, which stabilizes their growth and keeps them healthy. Also, regular exercise makes their bones and muscles stronger. Beagles are hyperactive dogs, but over-exercise might affect their overall growth rate.

So, do not overdo anything. Always maintain a balance between their diet and training. Follow everything that is going to give them a healthier lifestyle. Take care of your Beagle in the warmest way possible, and they will always be with you, protecting you from every mishap to the best of their ability.

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