Average Cost Of Buying A Beagle

Beagles are one of the most playful and curious dogs. They make great family dogs as they are good even with children. They are intelligent, gentle, and even-tempered. Beagles are very trainable as well and excellent smellers. The olfactory lobe of a Beagle is forty times larger than human beings. Beagles are very loving, kind and one might also call them to cuddle bugs. 

While all the characteristics of the Beagle are tempting for us to buy, many people have budget issues and they refrain to buy them. If you are willing to buy a high breeding quality Beagle from a reputed breeder, they might get a little more expensive. 

How Much Does a Beagle Cost?

Well, the average cost of Beagle in the United States, in metro-cities especially, is $400-$1,000. The median current price, globally, is $537.00. But if you are looking for a high lineage show quality parents, the prices might go as high as $1,500. 

Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss the average price, the factors affecting the prices of the Beagle, and how to find a legitimate source to buy your perfect dog. 

Costs of buying and nurturing a Beagle

As mentioned above, the prices can vary from $500-$1,500. This price is the buying price. After you make the Beagle your family, other costs include their food, health check-ups, accessories, and care products. 

An active and healthy Beagle might require two cups of dog food per day. If you consider buying high-quality dog food for your dog, it may cost up to $0.4 per cup, i.e. $24 per month. But there is a healthier alternative of providing your dog with home-cooked food.

Health check-ups including the vet’s charge can cost up to $93 for the first year. After that, it is reduced to $40 per year. Grooming sessions in the United States can cost up to $24.5. But Beagles are very low maintenance dogs and can be groomed well at home which will, in turn, save a lot. 

Many people prefer neutering their dogs. It is recommended that if you are not planning to breed your dog any further, then neutering can be done after one year of age. The surgery will cost around $95-$160 in the United States. 

The factors affecting your buying price

Various factors are affecting the buying price which is mentioned below:

Where is the dog from?

The prices are highly dependent on the place or the city you are buying your Beagle from. If you consider metro cities, the prices can range from $800-$1500. But if you are buying your dog from small-town places or smaller cities, the prices can go as low as $300-$500. 

Where do you live?

It is not recommended to buy a dog online, but if you are still planning to buy it online then the transportation charges will add up to your buying price. 

The purity of the breed 

Pedigree and lineage are important to some people. If your Beagle has purer bloodline and ancestral lineage, it is going to cost more than a hybrid. Pure breed dogs are more expensive and rarer than mixed dogs. Therefore, the purity of the breed decides the price of your Beagle. 

When are you buying the dog?

The time of the year when you are buying your dog also affects the price. Most people would want to bring their dogs home near in spring and summer. Therefore, at that time of the year, the prices go higher than the other seasons. 

The reputation of the breeder

The reputation of the breeder affects the most to the buying price of your Beagle. If your breeder is badly reputed, his prices are going to be lower because of the low selling and the degraded quality of the breed. Vice versa, if the reputation of your breeder is high, they will cost you more and pedigree will also be excellent. 

The age of the dog

It is much obvious that the age of the dog affects the price. Younger dogs and puppies are costlier than old dogs because of high demand. 

How to know a legit source to buy a Beagle? 

It is highly recommended to check the source of the Beagle you want to buy before going for it. There are many scammers around and they make up lies to make their sales. How to know that the breeder you are buying your Beagle from, is legitimate? Well, there are various things that they should be able to answer or prove for them to be legit. 

  • The breeder should be able to provide you the details of the parents or rather show them to you. This way, you would know that the breeder is not a scammer. It is very important to know the parents of the dog before you buy it. Scammers usually sell you the dogs which are second hand or which might be prone to developing various health issues in the future. 
  • The breeder who has expertise in only one breed and breeds only a single breed is more legit than multiple ones. Good breeders do not breed a lot of breeds together. 
  • Always ask if the dog is vaccinated or not and try to glance through the vaccination report card. The breeders who do not want to spend money on the dogs might not be taking proper care of them. Since they are doing business only for money, they might not be wanting to spend much money on the dogs for sale. 
  • If the breeder asks you to meet somewhere else and not at their breeding farm, they are likely born and raised in a puppy mill. You must be able to see where and how the dog is raised before buying it. 
  • If the breeder informs you that the dog is semi-trained, then there is the possibility of the dog being not trained at all. ‘Semi-potty trained’ is not potty trained. It will require you a lot of effort if you decide to train it yourself or have to spend extra money if you have to hire professional trainers for training. 
  • If the breeder tells you that the dog’s energy level is high and it needs constant care, it is possible that the dog is not house-trained and it might eat off the things which it is not supposed to.  

Wrap up

It is very important to check the history and the background of the breeder and also the dog before you go for buying it. Beagles demand your attention and love while they can be trained for being alone for a few hours too. Most of the Beagles can have separation anxiety which can be trained and controlled to some extent as well. 

The buying price is affected by various factors which are discussed above. If you want a Beagle at lower prices, you can also go for adoption from an adoption center near you. It is highly recommended not to buy a Beagle puppy from a puppy mill. They do not take proper care of the puppies and also treat them badly.

Beagles are low maintenance dogs. If you fulfill their appetite and exercise needs along with the attention, they would need nothing more.

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