Mini Beagles: Everything You Could Want To Know

Undoubtedly Beagles are one of the loved and popular dogs among pet lovers. But most of you may not be aware of Beagle breed which is known as Mini or Pocket Beagles. These breeds are 2-inch to 3-inch smaller than the normal Beagles and weigh around 6 kg to 8 kg.

Mini Beagles are no different than the actual Beagles other than the size and weight. They are cute, adorable, playful, and possess a very outgoing nature. Do not get fooled by its size and structure, they possess a lot of stamina and energy like their larger version.

Mini Beagles require a left alone, apart from this require plenty of exercise and work out to release their energy and keep themselves fit. He can become a very good companion if they are provided with good training.

If you are one of those who are looking for a small size pet breed, then these Pocket Beagles are going to be an excellent choice. Like any other dog, you need to be well versed with the characteristics of these mini Beagles before owning them.

These lovable mini Beagles are great with people and other dogs. They cannot be left alone for a longer period as it will lead to separation anxiety in them. Hence, it is recommended to get the pocket Beagles in pairs so that they do not miss out on companionship.

In this blog, we will try to explore and understand everything about mini Beagles which will, in turn, help you make your decision sensibly.

Mini Beagles

Little Bit More About Mini Beagle

In the 13th century, mini Beagles were carried in hunting gloves by the people and known as glove Beagles. The ones with 13-inch height which you see today are the modified version of glove Beagles.

During the attempt of many breeders in producing glove Beagles, they have produced today’s mini or pocket Beagles. Whatever the case may be, you just cannot avoid Beagle’s mesmerizing and expressive hazel or dark brown eyes.

The other important thing about Beagle is that they are scent hound dogs and considered as good hunting dogs. If you notice them carefully you will find their head always down to the ground in search of stimulating smell to follow.

Many breeders might sell you Beagle stating that the same is of mini Beagle breed but you might end up seeing it grow to full size at the later stage. To avoid such kind of situation you should always find an ethical breeder and seek all the details from him about the parents of pup you are planning to own.

In many cases, breeders fiddle with breeding and do not purebred them and cross them with some other small dogs to make its size small. In most cases pet owners hardly care about a purebred quality but in the long run, it might create problems for their dog in the form of genetic and health issues. Hence, always look out for a pure pedigree whenever you plan to own a dog.

You cannot blame the breeders only as they do such kind of cross-breeding to meet the requirements of pet owners many times. For instance, people prefer owning different color variants of pets which is only possible when you bred them with different breeds. In the case of Beagles also they are bred differently to obtain different colors, such as harlequin and brindle.

As stated above when the dogs are not purebred they tend to develop certain health issues and deformities such as in tail, eyes, hip, leg, and so on. You would not be able to see such deformities until they are fully grown and mature. Hence, you should be vigilant and smart enough to gather the required information about your breed from the breeder at the time of purchase itself.

The easiest way to tackle breeders is to get a dog with proper documentation which specifies and states about its lineage and pedigree. Mini Beagles are more expensive than the large-sized version of the same. The price range of mini Beagles varies between $750 to $1000.

Mini Beagles are undoubtedly a great choice as a family pet as they are fun-loving, loyal, and playful. Another good thing is that they are also very good with kids and possess the energy to play with them all day long as a large breed Beagle.

The important factor which needs to be noted here is that mini Beagle being bred for their small size can develop health issues as soon as they grow mature. Hence, you should be prepared well in advance to face such a situation and plan the budget accordingly.


Few Things to Note About Beagle

  • Beagles are a difficult breed to train and usually takes around a year or two to get trained completely. They being more energetic and used to sniff around, do not like to be kept in crates. But ensure that they are crate trained properly as this will be helpful for you in the long run.
  • Beagles cannot stay alone for long and needs company all the time. You cannot leave them in the backyard or garden alone as they being an intelligent breed finds a way to get out of the situation by howling or digging.
  • Beagles are known for their excessive barking and howling which might disturb you as a pet owner and as well as your neighbor. Hence, it is recommended to work on Beagles barking and howling temperament carefully with the help of a qualified trainer.
  • Beagles are soft targets due to their small size for thieves who sell them to the labs performing experiments on animals. Hence, it is recommended to keep an eye on your Beagle while it is outdoor. Getting your Beagle microchipped is another smart step to take.
  • Obedience training is highly recommended for Beagle as they tend to possess a stubborn streak even though they are known for their loving and gentle nature. Obedience training being a tricky business, you should get an experienced trainer who understands Beagle’s personality very well and is capable of handling it.
  • Beagles are overeaters if circumstances allow them. You should monitor his diet chart closely and avoid overfeeding him so that he should not become obese. Also keep all your shelves and cupboards tightly closed as there are chances that your little furry pal will sniff and find out the food items he likes the most.
  • Do not frame your mind as if Beagles are good protection or guard dogs. They are rather very friendly dogs and can get responsive to anyone they meet for the first time.

Personality Traits of Mini Beagle

Mini Beagle is an excellent family dog as they get along with kids and proves to be a great playmate. They are known to be a breed who loves to live in a group hence, they love to be surrounded by people or animals all the time.

The dog breed of this type enjoy chasing other animals and people in the house and outside. Hence, it is always recommended to get them socialized with all of them at the right time so that he can grow mature with the ability of socializing.

Mini Beagle’s noise levels can be categorized into three that are barking, howling, and baying. These breeds are generally less noisy than others and only barks when they are bored and seek your attention. The key to keeping mini Beagle silent is making them entertained by playing with them and letting them release their energy properly.

Mini Beagles do not need to be running fast like other dogs when they are out for a walk or exercise. They rather like to keep their head down and sniff to explore the smells and mysteries around them. All they need to stay healthy is just go out and spend some quality time exploring the smells surrounding their vicinity.

Mini Beagles are a joy to be around due to their bubbly, outgoing, and friendly nature. They are well known for their loyalty and superintelligence among pet lovers. These dogs will keep well only if you pay much attention and keep them entertained.

Common Health Conditions Affecting Mini Beagle

Like any other dog breeds, Beagles are also prone to most of the genetic and environmental diseases. But when it comes to pocket Beagles, they have the most such cases. Agreed that all the dogs are not imperative of such health conditions but it is always recommended to ensure that your mini Beagle has been bred keeping good health conditions in mind by the breeder.

The reputable and ethical breeder will not hesitate in discussing the bloodline and all the health measures taken while breeding. They will also be able to show you the health certificates of your mini Beagle pup’s parents.

It is a standard followed globally that health certificates are not issued to the dogs less than 2 years old as many health issues appear when your dog grows and matures fully. A reputed breeder follows this rule carefully and delivers a healthy pup to you.

Here we are trying to summarize certain common health conditions observed in mini Beagles.

  • Epilepsy which is a kind of brain disorder that causes seizures are common in Beagles.
  • Beagles also suffer from various kinds of eye disorders, such as cataract, retinal dysplasia, distichiasis, and so on. Dryness of cornea and conjunctiva are common eye issues faced by Beagles.
  • Hypothyroidism is another health condition faced by mini Beagles in which thyroid gland dysfunction leading to poor coats, obesity, and reproductive problems.
  • Chinese Beagle Syndrome or CBS causes heart and toe abnormalities in your little furry pal. Also the development of mini Beagle goes fine other than its wide skull and slanted eyes in this condition.
  • Patellar luxation is another health disorder in which kneecap of mini Beagle is dislocated. This creates a laxity in the knee joint with intolerable pain which ultimately leads to a cripple like movement in your dog.
  • Mini Beagles being a drop-eared dog faces problems in the circulation of air inside their ears which, in turn, leads to an infection. Hence, it is recommended to avoid oil and water spills into their ears. You should check their ears once in a week to overrule any kind of infection or wax buildup.

Understanding the Lifestyle of Mini Beagle

Beagles, as you know, are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Their miniature counterpart, the mini Beagle is even more adorable and playful. But these are not their only two characteristics.

Mini Beagles are also highly adaptable, not just to living in a house but also to living in an apartment. If you have little experience with dogs and are worried about how to handle them, do not worry as dogs of this breed are great for novice pet owners as they are affectionate and friendly with other humans and fellow pups, and are also relatively easy to groom and train. Though they are a highly intelligent breed but make sure that you train them with the right level of challenge.

As already stated, mini Beagles are highly playful and are bursting with energy that they would love to release by exercising often. You might find it difficult at times to wake up occasionally from sleep as these dogs tend to bark. You will wonder to see so much noise coming from such a small animal.

Beagles being extremely sensitive to smell, tend to chase around any novel scents that they sniff. For this reason, it is important to keep them on a leash when you are out with them for a walk. This means that you must take the necessary steps to protect your dog when outdoor so that it does not just run off into a dark alleyway.

Now let us talk about food! It’s best to divide your beagle’s meals into two sessions during the day, with 13/8 bowls of the best kind of dog food. Of course, the ideal amount for your dog depends on various factors that are specific to its age, size, daily exercise, and so on.

Similar to their original counterpart, mini Beagles also have a life span of 13-14 years. It is noticed that mini Beagles have a comparatively little shorter lifespan due to their health issues. The mantra to keep your furry pal healthy and live longer is to keep him happy and take him out for exercise regularly.

Mini Beagles’ Chemistry with Children

Mini Beagles, being very fragile and sensitive, is prone to injury while playing with children. Hence, it is recommended to keep an eye on them while they are playing with children. Though Beagles can be playful and great with children, mini Beagles can be a little worry.

Ensure that children do not hold them far from the ground as if they fall, then there are higher chances of them getting injured seriously. They also tend to bite children playfully but that can turn into a problem if children do not understand this trait of Beagle and react badly to them.

Mini Beagles are not considered as an aggressive breed but they get fired up if you fiddle with them when they are eating. They are very much possessed with their food love to have it in peace and do not like anyone messing around during that time.

Shedding and Grooming of Mini Beagle

Most people think that mini Beagle being small will not shed like other breeds. But it is not true, they shed like any other breed, and brushing is the only solution to keep them well-groomed. They shed more in spring after winter but slightly less than their standard-sized counterparts.

Grooming is the time when you can examine your Beagles skin properly for any kind of infection, damage, or lumps. If you come across any such situation, please take your Beagle to the vet without wasting time.

Mini Beagles are hygienic and clean dogs and do not require frequent bathing to keep them clean. They can be kept clean by brushing them with bristle brush once in a week. While selecting a grooming brush you should be careful as bigger bristles may hurt them. Hence, always prefer a soft and medium-sized brush for your little pal. Brushing helps them with good blood circulation and gets rid of dead hair along with decent chances of new hair growth.

Few important things need to be kept in mind while bathing your mini Beagle, such as lukewarm water is preferred for bathing of mini Beagles. Also, protect your Beagles ears from water and subsequent moisture by putting pieces of cotton balls during bath. After the bath you should not forget to take out the cotton balls to avoid any kind of ear infections.

Wrap up

By now you must have understood that mini Beagles are a perfect family dog. This breed is low in maintenance in comparison to others. Mini Beagles with its natural intelligence are good for the first time per owners.

The only thing which worries about them is their boredom. Mini Beagle cannot stay alone for a longer period and need to be kept busy with play, walk, exercise, etc.

Other than the size, the mini Beagle is similar in most aspects to their standard-sized counterparts. Mini Beagles are equally intelligent, loyal, and possess good temperament like as that of the standard sized Beagles. You will enjoy the companionship of this little furry pal but ensure that you go through all the aspects of having it in your life.

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