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Can Great Danes Live In Apartments?

Are you hunting for the perfect breed of dog to live along within your apartment? Selecting a dog to live in an apartment is a tough task. It is never as easy as taking a dog to your house. You live up in an apartment with lots of constraints. The same constraints affect the upbringing of your dog as well. The biggest issue with apartments is their limited space. And therefore, people often choose small-sized dogs like Pug, Greyhound, or Bulldogs for their apartment living.

Most of us don’t even give it a thought about choosing Great Danes for apartment living. But in contrast to popular opinion that bigger dogs are not for apartments, Great Danes would be great for apartments. The dogs with a huge size are pretty lazy, and wouldn’t roam around crazily breaking your valuable decors just like a Pug or Bulldog does.

Let us look at why Great Danes seem quite perfect for apartments. Here are some reasons for you to not stay blind to your dream of buying a giant Great Dane. Who wouldn’t love to have a Scooby-doo at home?

Why Are Great Danes Perfect For Apartments?

Great Dane is a German dog breed known for its giant size. The easy-going and loving characteristics make them a good choice for the family dog. They are very gentle with children despite their huge size. Most people have a belief that dogs in a bigger size are very aggressive. In contrary to this opinion, Great Danes are very loving and friendly. They are even known to get along with cats.

People usually choose smaller dogs like Pugs for apartment living due to space constraints. Also, most apartments have already banned living up with massive dogs such as Great Danes. But have you already fallen in love with a Great Dane? Great Danes are great for loving, they will love you until their last breath, once they have started loving you. Living up in an apartment with a massive dog is not as hard as the hype. But to be frank, like everything else, taking a Great Dane to your apartment has some downsides as well.

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Now let us look at some of the reasons that make Great Danes perfect for apartment living:

  • An active doggie, no matter whether it is smaller or bigger in size, it will run around and destroy your thing when living within a limited space of an apartment.
  • Great Danes are actually one of the laziest dog breeds you would ever see. Therefore, the destruction from their part would be comparatively smaller.
  • Great Danes are usually low in energy because of their giant size. They don’t belong to the breed of dogs that would spend their excess energy, destroying your all-new rugs or sofas. Great Danes are not in fact reckless.
  • Some dog breeds such as Beagles require to be regularly exercised to avoid the chances of obesity that would make their life worse.
  • Great Danes have a slow metabolism and don’t require to be much exercised. A brisk walk in the limited space of an apartment is far enough for Great Danes to stay healthy.
  • A dog barking all the time from the neighborhood can be very much frustrating especially when you are living in a complex of flats. That would definitely be a serious issue and is a major reason for worsening the relationship with your neighbor.
  • Great Danes are very reserved and quiet. They don’t bark much violently.
  • Great Danes love doing nothing. They prefer to relax laying back to a corner over everything else.
  • A breed with great shedding habits would not be a great choice for apartments. Interestingly, Great Danes have short hair that doesn’t shed much. Thus, they won’t spoil your very limited space with its fur. You don’t find their hair everywhere.
  • Great Danes are super-easy to train. They would quickly understand and act according to your commands.
  • Above everything else, Great Danes are ultimately loving, caring, and loyal. They would do anything to please you. Great Danes are gentle with kids and are playful. They make a perfect family dog with low maintenance.
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Why People Hesitate To Choose Great Danes For Apartment Living?

As said earlier, there are some downsides in choosing Great Dane for your apartment. Here are some of them:

  • Great Danes are massive dogs in giant size.
  • Most apartments don’t allow bigger dogs like Great Danes.
  • They have a shorter lifespan when compared with other dog breeds.
  • Great Danes living in apartments are prone to obese conditions as they get older. Aging of Great Danes in apartments would be worse with the least exercise they get.
  • The giant size of Great Danes makes them prone to accidents breaking your decors.
  • Great Danes have a long, strong, and wagging tail. Their tail swipe may end up in accidents damaging your things.

Some Tips To Make Your Great Dane’s Life Easier At Apartments

You know well that the big size of Great Danes is a great deal when you choose them for apartment living. However, here are some precautions and tips that would help you make their life as well as yours at great ease:

  • Buying a crate for your Great Dane would help you reduce the mess.
  • Giving crate training would make setting up the boundaries easier.
  • Keep the crate at a place where you socialize so that your doggie never feels isolated.
  • Great Danes are very playful despite their huge size. Buy some toys to engage them.
  • Keep every single valuable thing away from the reach of Great Danes. Remember their long and strong tails and move everything accordingly.
  • Use puppy gates to reduces the chances of accidents.
  • Great Danes are great droolers. Keep your food container far away from their path. Else they would take treats without any grant.
  • Take them out and allow them to socialize with people and other dogs.
  • Engage them in some sort of exercise to let them age gracefully with great health.
  • Great Danes are born to be bred in the interiors. They don’t have a thick fur coat to resist extreme cold weather in the winters. So, don’t leave them at your balcony during winters and monsoons.
  • Don’t leave your Great Dane alone at home when you are off for a vacation.  They have some serious separation anxiety issues.
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Great Danes are without any doubts capable of living in apartments. However, their bigger size demands some. You should really have to take some precautions to avoid the not intended accidents from the side of Great Danes. The huge size of Great Danes makes them prone to accidents. 

A crate or puppy gate can be used to prevent the chances of accidents. Great Danes are lazy enough to lay in a corner all the time. You can check them up with some games to engage them. Also, take them for a walk to keep them healthy and happy.

Some precautions are all you need to live happily with your Great Dane in an apartment. You can make your Scooby-Doo dream into reality with a little care even if you are living up in an apartment. The Scooby-Doo’s are pretty much understanding and reserved enough to be compatible with an apartment.

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